The mobile phone number 0888 888 888 killed all its owners

The number 8 is usually considered auspicious, and is particularly prized by the Chinese who see it as a symbol of wealth.

But it seems that what should have been a lucky mobile phone number had instead placed some sort of curse on its owners.

The mobile phone number 0888 888 888, issued by the Bulgarian telco Mobitel is now being suspended after it killed all three men who had owned it within a short 10 year span.

First victim

The phone number's first victim was Mobitel's CEO himself. Vladimir Grashnov died of cancer in 2001 at just 48 years old.

Although Grashnov had a spotless business record, there were persistent rumours that the CEO's cancer was caused by a business rival using radioactive poisoning.

Second victim

After his death, this phone number was used by a Bulgarian mafia boss, Konstantin Dimitrov. He too died two years later, gunned down by a lone assassin while in the Netherlands to inspect his drug smuggling empire.

The phone that held the cursed number was with him when he was dining out with a model. Dimitrov was just 31 when he died.

Russian mafia bosses were said to be behind the killing.

Third victim

The jinxed number was then given to crooked businessman Konstantin Dishliev.

He was gunned down two years after Dimitrov died, in 2005 outside an Indian restaurant in Bulgaria's capital Sofia.

The estate agent had been running a massive cocaine smuggling operation.

Dishliev had apparently died after a huge amount of the drug was intercepted by police on the way into the country from Colombia.

Jinxed number now suspended.

The number was only ever assigned to these three people and all three owners had been killed within two years of each other.

Now the jinxed phone number is understood to be either suspended or dormant.

Callers who try dial it up will only get a message recorded in English and Bulgarian that says the phone is either turned off or is "outside of network coverage".

The phone number can be reached internationally at +359 888 888 888.

You can try dialing it, if you dare.


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Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
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