A Ring For A Wedding

The men's Principle celtic ring pictured is made in 9kt yellow gold with 9kt white gold weave and measures 9mm wide. The price displayed is for the ring pictured in an average finger size. Prices for smaller and larger ring sizes are shown in the ring size selection. You can order this ring as it is pictured or you can customize the metal used for this ring by choosing a different metal for your ring . On this page, you can choose either 9kt yellow gold, 9kt white gold, 9kt rose gold, 9kt yellow gold band with 9kt white gold weave or 9kt white gold band with 9kt yellow gold weave. If you would prefer a 14kt ring or an 18kt ring, please see the 14kt and 18kt Principle celtic rings shown in the 'we also recommend' section below. To customize this ring, please select your preferred 9kt metal type below before adding the product to your shopping cart. The prices for the options are indicated in each option. The total price for your ring including any customized options will then appear in your shopping cart.

The ladies diamond Dreams celtic ring pictured is made in 9kt white gold and measures 5.4mm wide. This lovely ring is set with diamonds all the way around the band. The TTLB (top top light brown) Si1 clarity diamonds have a combined weight of .26ct.  The price displayed is for the ring pictured in an average finger size.   Prices for smaller and larger ring sizes are shown in the ring size selection.   You can order this ring as it is pictured or you can customize the metal used for this ring by choosing a  different metal for your ring . On this page, you can choose either 9kt yellow gold, 9kt white gold or 9kt rose gold. If you would prefer a 14kt ring or an 18kt ring, please see the 14kt and 18kt Dreams celtic rings shown in the 'we also recommend' section below. To customize this ring, please select your preferred 9kt metal type below before adding the product to your shopping cart. The prices for the options are indicated in each option. The total price for your ring including any customized options will then appear in your shopping cart.


Wealth Luck And Financial Success

Do you have a destiny to be rich? And if so, at what age it will start to happen? And how rich exactly you will be?

How does the wealth come about? Is it through your own efforts, your intelligence and creativity, through a brilliant marriage or through the help and patronage of someone, a relative, a boss or a powerful mentor?

In the study of book of life, there are two kinds of wealth:
1. Direct Wealth
2. Indirect Wealth

How long do you have to wait and what signs can there be to indicate when you are about to strike it big? There are so many questions in our heads relating to this subject alone. Getting reasonably rich is something most of us aspire to and the good thing about elements in your Birth Chart is that besides revealing the likelihood of wealth, it can also analyse the remedies and cure related to the Five Elements that we can put into place to help the Wealth Luck along. This is the most exciting - that we can indeed give our wealth luck a boost.

More about your destiny (Bazi) can be found at Chinese Astrology Blog.


Roses Flower Pictures

Send your loved one a bouquet of roses for this Valentine's Day. Purchase conveniently online....


How Much Is Britney Spears Worth To US Economy?

It is estimated that Britney Spears worth $120 Millions to US economy when she is not touring, reported by Portfolio Magazine. Those include are the tabloids, paparazzi, record companies, promoters and licensers. $30 to $40 Millions alone are from the endorsements, record sales and other business.

One paparazzi is reported to receive $4 Millions just by selling her photos. The tabloids, web traffic and other media make an estimated $75 Million in a year.

Her ex-hubby makes $1 Million just by being her ex. He also receives $35,000 a month from spousal and child-support payments. K-Fed reportedly gets $30,000 from nightclubs just to show up.

Beautiful and sexy Britney

Classy & Charming Britney

Creating Leads Generation

Let's face the facts here. In order to achieve big in any sales, you will need a lot of leads. To be a millionaire, you need enough leads to drive your millionaire target. To get this you need to follow the right model to generate leads. Without any suitable model for your business, your goal cannot be achieved.

The model based on marketing is the most crucial. To generate the high level of numbers, follow the highly leveraged lead-generation plan that is marketing based and prospecting enhanced. Marketing based is a leveraged activity, prospecting alone won't be enough. Only marketing actively can give you the leverage you'll need to generate a large number of leads.

Then, you might ask, why do prospecting at all? You will need to continue to do a certain amount of prospecting because this is your way of keeping business in active vs. reactive state. By regularly prospecting, you will continue to keep your hand in proactive customer-creation activities that will be critical to your ability to hit your numbers when the market shifts and you're in period when attracting through marketing does not generate any leads. If you wait until the market shifts to get back to some prospecting activities, the lag time between when you start and when the leads come in could be longer than you want.

Books Recommended To Motivate You!

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

Lead Generation Handbook: 63 Ways You Might Not Have Thought Of To Get More Prospects, More Quickly, At Less Cost


Investing Tip

What If Everything You Believed About Investing Was Wrong?

Do you believe . . .
• High P/Es make stocks risky?
• Rising oil prices drive stocks down?
• Big budget deficits are bad for the economy?

Then you need the 3 Questions.

Ken Fisher’s new book debunks these and other widely-held but incorrect investing beliefs.

Why you should listen to Ken Fisher:

• Long-running Forbes Portfolio Strategy columnist for 23 years

• CEO of Fisher Investments, a $45 billion* money management firm he founded over 2 decades ago

• New York Times best- selling author of 4 investment books

• Top ranked market forecaster as measured by an independent 3rd party**

• Self-made billionaire on Forbes 400 List of Richest Americans in 2007

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Hypertension Caused Blood Pressure

Aside from medication, a change to a healthy well-balance diet coupled with a reduction in alcohol intake are often top of the list on a doctor's recommendations for high blood pressure. Indeed obesity and excessive alcohol consumption are both important causes of hypertension.

Avoiding alcohol leads to a prompt fall in blood pressure in some heavy drinkers, and overweight people suffering from high blood pressure usually show a similar drop, as long as they lose weight gradually. Rapid weight loss followed by weight regain may increase the risk of hypertension.


Vitality Robbers

In excess, alcohol can interfere with the quality of your sleep. Stick to safe limits and have one or two alcohol-free days a week.

Nicotine stimulates the brains initially, but then acts as a depressant. Smoking also increases the rate at which the liver uses up microntrients, especially the B vitamins and vitamin C. It also makes extra work for the antioxidants that help to detoxify the body.

Anxiety And Stress
Make a habit of doing something everyday that takes your mind off the problems, whether it is exercise, meditation, listening to music or gardening. Do it until you feel relaxed.

Fatigue can be the only sympton of intolerance or allergy to particular foods, which may be worth considering as the cause of unexplained lethargy.


The Healing Gemstones

I am really into the spiritual and healing stuff this year. In about 3 weeks time, the energy of the world will change into a new water energy - Rat Year. Hope, it will be a good year for me and to you as well. But it will be a hostile year for those who were born in the Horse Year, i.e accident, death, relationship problem, divorce, bankruptcy....who knows? Thank God, I don't have Rat in my birth chart because the clashes between Rat and Horse, is the worst clash ever....really painful!

But the interesting part of my life now is the healing stuff. I did not believe on it at the beginning, but the experienced that I have, changed the whole of my perception on these stuff - the healing gemstones!

I have a problem with nervousness, I hate when that feeling comes, it's really killing me. It is some kind of phobia..I've got nervous about the height, public speaking, exams, meeting VIPs, fast driving. It was just a hunch when I bought the Amethyst bracelet supposedly healing the skin problem, but it turned out to be totally different result. It kills my nervousness instead! My heart does not pound fast anymore when I'm stuck at the traffic jammed on the hillside, it suddenly dissappears, and now I feel I can talk confidently in front of the crowd and no need to keep on going to toilet before any speech. So I did some research on this beautiful gem. It can eliminate negative vibrations in you, balancing your central nervous system and improve your communication..isn't that great? This stone has many benefits but they said, it creates different result on different individual. So it's no harm to try if you have certain problems that haunting your life for so long, maybe this stone can help.

Have A Look At Beautiful Amethyst Jewelry Here!
Memorial Jewelry

And another gemstone which gives a great result - the Rose Quartz. The powerful stone of attracting love, self-love, platonic love, children love and all sorts of love. It really works! And it gives a new dimension for those who have been married long but lost the love touch between couple.

Rose Quartz - A Stone Of Love


3 Big Tips Making Money On Internet

Some people may find it easy to make money from the internet and have become millionaires from internet business. While some of us may find it hard and totally give up on that idea.

So how can you make money from the internet? Here are the 3 big tips making money on internet just for you.

1. Selling information on products that you think many people want. If there is a demand for any particular product, you should find more information about it especially if the product produces effective result. People do buy because they need this type of information.

2. Selling your skill service. If you have any particular skills, you can offer service based on your skills to people who need such service. People normally search online looking for service which can help them do things that they can't do for a fee. People look for web designers, graphic designers, article writers, copy writers, script installers and more.

3. Selling advertising space like Google Adsense, Yahoo, Prog Ads, Adbrite, Chitika, Bidvertiser or Text Link Ads but make sure your site has a lot of traffic.

So try one or two or all of them, whatever you like, I'm sure you can make money from the internet.


Britney Spears - The Next Anna Nicole Smith?

Paparazzi Got Arrested Because Of Britney Spears?

Britney Spears has to face the reality that she is not comfortable being with herself. It looks like that she wants to emulate other female celebrities. Many of us grew up wanting to be our TV idol and almost everyone has a celebrity to admire with. The problem with Britney is that she is choosing the wrong celebs to model herself after.

Her problems rest in her constant need for fame. Another celebrity that was famous for almost nothing had the same addiction. Her name was Anna Nicole Smith. Fame is the drug that killed her. Smith simply couldn't get enough of herself. She just had to be in the spotlight. When the positive spotlight ran out she had to turn to the negative spotlight. That is where she remained for a decade before dying. Smith loved her fame. She didn’t like the jokes, the criticism, the painful comments people were making about her, so she turned to drugs to ease the pain. She was once famous for being somebody. She was a play boy model. Once it was some one else’s turn she had to be pushed to the side. Now she is known for something completely different…Her sad sad story.

This is road that Britney Spears has turned on and it is a dangerous path filled with hazards. The problem with her addiction to fame is that it is an unsubstantial addiction. Her addiction is different from alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. Hers is more in line with a §exual addiction.

She is in a rehab and doctors can tell her which addictions are the hardest to overcome. They will tell her it is easier to break an addiction to drugs and alcohol than it is to break the addiction to §ex or pΦrnogrΔphy. Addictions that have no substance are mental addictions. They stay in a persons mind, always there suppressed waiting for the moment to materialize. In an instant that person can degenerate back to that addiction.

She has a horrible addiction and if it is not dealt with soon, she will end up dead. It would be okay if she is addicted to positive fame, but for some reason she wants any kind of fame she can get!

Britney Spears, was once famous for something. She still is, famous for singing. If she really wants fame, she should release another new album. Go on tour. Start a reality TV show with K-Fed on MTV and do something positive.

There is also some kind of Social Linking Illustrated by Britney Spears. Britney Spears and her "people" have employed the power of social links to put and keep her on top of the media. Initially, they linked to the folks in charge of what we see on the web, what we hear on the radio and what we watch on TV. Most probably using the oldest and most powerful link builder which is called CASH.

So what will be the next thing happen with Britney Spears?


Britney Spears Was Rejected By Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil has crossed the line? He betrayed people's trust? He's trying to build his show's rating by engaging Britney Spears?

We're not really sure, what will be the next thing with Britney Spears. It seems like she's living in a chaotic world but at the same time exciting. She's earning big money from her latest album and the media are following her butts. She is really in a mess of her life, drugs, alcohol and problem with her kids. She just need to control her life, be balance in everything, then her good luck will come. She just follow her hearts which at this moment is not good. She should have patient and to think straight. She needs help!

And the latest news is about Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil McGraw, a famous physocologist on Television has decided to cancel his plan on an one-hour show with Britney Spears about her latest public chaos.

In his statement posted last Monday on his Web site, Dr. Phil mentioned the Britney's situation and condition was too intense for him to proceed with the show. But he did not say anything about his plan to reschedule the show.

Britney was devastated and hospitalized at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center Thursday night after a child custody dispute with ex-husband Kevin Federline resulted in an hours-long standoff with police. On Friday, a court commissioner gave sole physical and legal custody of 1-year-old Jayden James and 2-year-old Sean Preston to her-ex. McGraw said he met with Spears for an hour Saturday before she left the hospital.


Britney Spears Makes Us Crazy

Do you believe in aura? I do believe in it, this aura or some people called 'the energy' or 'chi' in Chinese are all around us. It can be a thing, a place, an animal and the most important is the human being itself.

And at this moment, in a celebrity world, the energy is highly concentrated on Britney Spears. Just months ago, the same energy was with Paris Hilton. There are 5 categories of energies inside human; money, knowledge, relationship, love and fame. This year, it seems like the highest energy of fame is on Britney Spears. People are juicy wanting to know everything about her and so am I. And there is some kind of power that pushing her to do things and make the media and all of us crazy.

Normally, the highest energy only lasted for one year but the impact can be felt for about 5 years and sometimes it can be up till 10 years. Have you ever thought why the same people win the same trophy or the same award every year? Michael Schumacker, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, George W. Bush, Jr?


Britney Spears Arrives For Deposition

Just In: About thirty minutes after BRITNEY SPEARS showed up for a court-ordered deposition at the Los Angeles office of MARK VINCENT KAPLAN, lawyer for her ex-husband KEVIN FEDERLINE.......more


I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear