Unclaimed Money

Do you want to make money online faster? Cashunclaimed is one of the best affiliate marketing programs where you can earn up to 50% commission on every sale. Their top affiliates are making thousands of dollars every month. It is very easy to sell as there are extremely high conversion rates from click sent to the trial offers. The 50% commission comes from unique sale of 40% and 10% additional bonus made by 2nd tier affiliates (your referral). In another words, you will be paid 10% on every sale made by your referrals. Furthermore it is 100% money back guarantee.

Do you know that there are billions of dollars waiting to be claimed by anyone who is living in United States? It is estimated that 9 in 10 Americans are owed cash that sits unclaimed year after year. Cashunclaimed contains the largest database not just for unclaimed money, their database also cover unclaimed property, accounts and assets from all 50 states and several Federal agencies. So people are curious how can they claim these money. They are wondering maybe they are eligible to claim or maybe they know someone who can claim the money, so the chances are higher that they will sign-up for the trial offer. Isn't that simple?

Life Insurance Leads

Attention to all insurance agents! Make money and your job easier with hassle free Life Insurance Leads. Forget all the leads from yellow pages, newspaper ads, unreliable postcards advertising and high-cost telemarketing. Life Insurance Leads provides more than a dozen companies selling cheap insurance leads just for you. Don't waste your time calling on bogus insurance leads or buy insurance leads that are old or were already closed. This is a real time insurance leads. Off course you do not want to hear that 10 other people called before you. They know that good closing ratio is more important than lower prices of lead, so the Quality Control is their main focus. Life Insurance Leads is committed to providing you with fresh qualified insurance leads. They are leading the industry in developing insurance sales leads in senior market.

And why should you waste your time trying to figure out how to create insurance leads? Life Insurance Leads also offer the largest selection of insurance lead types in personal and business lines of insurance, with the greatest variety of filters on board to customize leads to your preference. After insurance agents make a purchase, insurance leads are consistently delivered to your email in the sufficient volume and quality you can count on every day. You can choose from auto, health, Medicaid, life, home, long term care, group health, disability, cancer, final expense, self employed, small business benefits, annuity, and other types of qualified insurance leads.

Poker Table

Cardroom Supply Inc. (Poker Table) has one of the internet largest selection of high quality poker tables and poker supplies. You can find any poker table and chair set which is perfect fit for your game room. Most of the sets are priced with four matching chairs and you can always add more chairs to your set during the order process. There are also three type of designs of poker table tops available which can be used anywhere to make any card game more enjoyable. The tops protect the surface you are playing over and make playing cards easier to handle during play. You may also join and subscribe as their selected Customer List and receive new offers, discount coupons and news in your mail box each month. From time to time you may take the advantage on their clearance sale which is cheap and below market price.

At Poker Table, you can make any purchase through the internet, they will make it easy and very convenient. Shopping on the Internet can be a scary experience and that is why Cardroom Supply, Inc. wants to provide its customer with the easiest and safest experience possible. They are using Yahoo! Store for the checkout process and use the industry standard SSL encryption to ensure the privacy and security of your information. Furthermore it offers free shipping for orders over $100.00. So shop with confidence!!!


The Anatomy of Credit Cards

Why do you need a credit card? Is it for convenient? Is it because everybody has it, you also have got to get one? Well, there are so many reasons why people need credit card. Some may think it is for convenient because you don't have to bring cash around in your pockets, especially if your country only produce small notes. Others may just like to overspend because they love to live in luxury although their income are not even enough to pay their bills.

For whatever reasons, the use of credit card is actually depends on the individual needs. If you are rich and wealthy, credit card is a necessary. For normal people, it is just an extra money available during emergencies where you can pay back the bank later. It is also the easiest way to get money for starting-up business or for capital investment.

The bad thing appears when people become addicted to spending. The desire to buy things that they do not actually need, have made them eager to have as many credit cards as possible. Many people became broke and bankrupt because of this addiction. Money can make people crazy and blind. Almost everybody has the temptation to overspend for unnecessary things. So be cautious if you want to use your credit card. Apply only one card with minimum credit if you think you are that person. It will help you from ending-up in a big debt.


Megaglobe - The New Search Engine

Well, this is going to be a really great news for all internet users around the globe. The new international search engine called Mega Globe will be available and launch on May 28, 2007. Mega Globe also offer "Pay Per Click Program" with new technology to prevent the click fraud in order to protect its advertiser. The search engine will be available in 45 languages and accept 50 currencies plus they will also accept PayPal. All I can say is that Mega Globe will be a strong and direct competitor to Google and Yahoo. Webmasters who want to make money with Mega Globe will have to sign up with Mega Globe Publishers Program and they will receive $50 per referral, which is the double of what Google Ad words is offering. Isn't that great?

How is the crawling works? The patented algorithm will allocate each search result for ranking known as a Mega rank which is based on analysis of the quantity and quality of pages which link to the search result. The algorithm then creates a structure of importance to the sites based on their relevancy. With its ability to crawl over a billion pages quickly and efficiently, the technology will also allow users to view a site picture and text containing information about a site in a separate window without first clicking into the web page.

Mega Globe Ads program is going to give a high commission to webmasters as they will have sponsor listings that detects and eradicates click fraud. This is a new concept created by Mega Globe and they will be the only search engine representing the whole world with that concept. Even though Google is the biggest search engine right now, they do not represent every country, Google have around 140 while Mega Globe has 304.


Make Money Blogs

You may find there are a lot of blogs giving tips how to make money online including my blog. Well, the question is.....Can you really make money online? The answer is yes you can.....provided that you give a lot of effort to it. The one and easy way to make money from the internet with zero investment is from the affiliate marketing. There are so many products and services provided online where you can become their affiliate. But how many sites can really give good information regarding the affiliates scheme and advantages? Well, look no further, you can have everything you want at Make Money with Super Affiliate Zac Johnson. This site received many comments and that shows it receives a lot of traffic. Furthermore this site even get a good review from John Chow Dot Com. The owner, Zac Johnson has been making money online for the last 10 years. His blogs is visited by many bloggers (some are my regular visitors) who want to make money online. I also found many tips from Rich Jerk, Google Adsense Video, eBay, AuctionAds and many more so I definitely sure, this blog really has many information and excellent tips on how you can make money online and maybe you can even make more money than him.

Personal Finance

I just want to let you all know that this is the blog that I find most informative on money making online and off line. Actually it is a Personal Finance blog where the webmaster shows how he makes money and at the same time shares some insights on how you too can achieve financial freedom like him. Isn't that what everybody wants? Financial Freedom? I want that too. From his articles I find that his ways of making money are very interesting indeed. He is making money not from one source but from plenty of resources. There are so many ways to make money from investing to retirement plan to recycling. The best is there are also lots of tips on saving money too. We can really save money from a lot of things in our daily life from the hair cut, energy, gas and from checking our account. What I do not like about this site is just the color. It looks so outdated but the layout is fine. Anyway, the information is great and I really love reading all the articles, interesting, funny and have many new things that you may never think of it before. It is the amazing best money ideas of all time and a good site of moneymaking opportunities for us. So lets us make money working from the comfort of our own home with Personal Finance at MoneyNing.

Learn also how to earn $1 Million from Google Adsense by blogging.


Make Money By Saving Money

All of us are already knew that there are so many ways to make money either by conventional or unconventional ways. But have you considered saving money is one of the good ways to make money? In fact many people are getting rich because they know how to save their money and do it constantly throughout their life. One good tip how you can make money is by saving the interest rate from your credit cards. At 0 APR Credit Cards, you can transfer one or more of your credit cards balances to a new or existing credit card account with a lower interest rate and you can save a lot of money. 0 APR Credit Cards also offers 0% Credit Card Balance Transfer where you can transfer your high interest credit card balance(s) to a new credit card, with the added feature of paying no interest on the balance(s) transferred for a set period of time, usually between 3 and 18 months. The longer the 0% balance transfer period and/or 0% Intro APR period you get, the more money you will save. If you have credit cards with very high balances, 0% balance transfers can mean savings of hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Anybody can participate in credit card balance transfer offers, so why should you wait any longer?

Balance Transfer

Transferring your existing credit card balance(s) or opening a new credit card may seem the best thing to do when faced with mounting credit card debt. This may make sense and wind up saving you a lot of money as well. Credit cards are a big business today, with many companies making a fortune off finance charges. The average annual percentage rate is about 16% on most credit cards. With that kind of interest, it's tough to pay down a credit card, because it is consistently charging interest and adding to the principle. Even hot stocks are pressed to grow at 16% a year. Luckily, company like Balance Transfer was invented. Balance Transfer provides a grace period where you will be charged far less on the transferred balance. In fact they are offering 0% APR Credit Card Balance Transfers while others may offer one or two percent interest. This introductory rate lasts for around three months to eighteen months after the balance transfer takes place. For a savvy consumer, this can be an excellent method of reducing credit card debt. It leaves the person free to pay down the balance on a credit card without incurring interest charges. Using this strategy, a person could potentially open a new account that offers a balance transfer when the old one expires. Then transfer all of the balance to the new card to begin a new grace period of low or non-existent finance charges. If you plan to do a balance transfer, be sure to close your old account immediately; having more than two credit card accounts open may damage credit scores. Making a balance transfer work for you is the practical way to save your money.


Grace Kelly The Legend

Grace Kelly The Legend

Grace Kelly A Rare Beauty

Grace Kelly The Fairy Tales Princess


Make Money Blogging

I just received an email from REVIEW ME that finally my site is accepted. I totally forget about it and the email really surprised me but at the same time it makes me very very happy indeed. It shows that my site is being recognized after all the hard work. I'm so proud of my site and I also hope all of you have the same opportunity to make money from your sites at REVIEW ME.

Here's how the email looks like.....

Your website was accepted! Your site http://pro-adsense.blogspot.com has been accepted and we are now ready to begin accepting review orders. The price for a review will be $60.00 per review. You may accept or deny any reviews that are ordered. Please note final pricing is set in this range by Review Me based on current market demand. Your check will be mailed to you the 1st of every month. You can login to your account at any time to monitor earnings.

Reality Wired

Realitywired.com has good articles on how to make money online like my Blog. You will find many articles about making money from contextual advertising especially Adsense and YPN. There are also articles about affiliate marketing and blogging. You can get a lot of great tips from this site especially if you really want to improve your income from Google Adsense. Apart from that, I think that the webmaster is also someone who has many interest in a lot of topics, things like gadget, computing, cool stuff, digital photography, electronics, gaming, Microsoft, news, tips on photo shop, software, technology, reviews and many more.

So I guess, this site is like one stop center for you to get all kind of information on those things from the internet. You sure will find things that you do have interest in this particular site. I also found it quite informative especially on the Adsense, and definitely the articles written will help you to improve your Adsense earnings. Although I have a choice to write either positive or negative review on this site, I personally prefer to write on the positive part. I am a positive thinking person, and I hardly comment anything negative about anybody or anything because I just don't like 'negative' unless people ask me specifically to give negative opinions on certain things.


I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear