Who Are The Popular Bloggers Making Big Money?

Well, as expected they are mostly men. Their blogs are ranking in higher position in Technorati and they are making Big Money!

Who are they? I have some list here and you may view their blogs and jugde yourself, why their blogs are so popular.

John Chow at JohnChow.com
Liew CF at Liewcf.com
ProBlogger at ProBlogger.net
Gobala Krishnan at GobalaKrishnan.com
and Guy Kawasaki (a new comer)

These men are making huge some of money from their blog through Google Adsense, Affiliate programs, Review Me, Vibrant IntelliTXT, TTZ Media, Text Link Ads, FeedBurner Ads, Direct Ad Sales, E-Books and other Free Stuff.

They are doing full-time blogging and they are really enjoying their life. I really envy these men, they are doing the things they like and at the same time earning money. They don't have to meet people like direct-selling or keep sending email-marketing with opt-in list that make people put them as spam, they just communicate with them through their blogs. It's really amazing, isn't it?

I hate working, so I'm trying so hard to achieve the same result like them, at least at par???...be the same level as them? and earning six figure income like Problogger, who claimed that is what he earns monthly from Google Adsense. Is it possible? Yes, I think it can be done, maybe by following some of their techniques and apply some of my own techniques.

And one more thing, these guys are very intelligent, full of marketing ideas and create their own techniques to get people to read their blog...including me. What they are writing in their blogs are all about computer stuff and internet, which bloggers need...like me.

Men are so different from women, they are more into facts intelligence while we are more into emotional intelligence.

But it is already proven that by using method of emotional intelligence can also bring success to big companies around the world.

So awesome! Check it out...
My PocketPC


Top 20 Tips for Beginner Bloggers

By: Mario Sanchez

Choose a topic that you know, like, and are passionate about. This way you will never get bored and will keep your audience always interested and asking for more.

Pick a topic where there is not a lot of competition. If your topic is too common, try addressing it from a particular angle or focus on a specific niche. For example, there are many sites that talk about cars, but few that specialize in only one brand, and even fewer that focus on only one model. The key to be successful is to find a specific enough topic with a large enough audience.

Open a Blogger account. It is free and easy to use. That way, you won’t have to invest in costlier platforms like MovableType or TypePad before you have the chance of finding out if blogging is for you.

Use a minimalist template, preferably one with a white background. This format is easier to read and pleasant to the eye when you combine it with color pictures.

Use pictures to dress up your blog entries and give your blog a more professional appearance. You can find excellent pictures at a very low cost in istockphoto.com, or even free in Flickr (don’t forget to ask the owner of the picture for permission before you use it).

In one of your blog’s side columns, list six or seven links to authoritative sites related to your topic. When the search engine robots visit your blog, they will find these links and your blog will benefit by association.

Write in simple language, short paragraphs and using bullet points. These are essential guidelines for writing on the web, and will make your posts easier to read and understand.

Always link out to the sources you use to document your posts. This is not only good etiquette but also a way to promote your blog and get links: when the people you link to find out that they’ve been linked to, they will most likely link to your post from their site or blog.

Check your posts for spelling and grammatical errors. This will make your blog look more professional and will increase the probability of other people linking to it.

Use labels to categorize your posts and keep your blog neatly organized. Blogger recently modified its software to allow the use of labels.

Participate actively in forums and discussion groups related to your topic. Find what are the most common questions and provide the answers in your blog. Then, direct forum readers to your blog. Try to also direct forum readers to other resources, or answer without necessarily linking to your blog, sometimes. If not, you may be perceived as self serving and only interested in promoting your blog.

Use HitTail to research topics to write about. HitTail gives you a list of the search terms used by those who came to your blog through a search engine. This search term list will give you ideas for future blog posts.

Allow your blog readers to email your posts to other people. Also, give them the option to bookmark your posts using del.icio.us, furl, or any other social bookmarking service. You can go to AddThis to download a smart button that makes it easy to bookmark your posts. You can find instructions on how to add the button to Blogger here. The easier you make it to share your blog posts, the more relevant traffic your blog will get.

Use Technorati tags at the end of your blog posts. Technorati tags are a way of classifying your blog posts by topic and have them added to Technorati’s index (Technorati is the most important search engine for blogs). Use this automatic Technorati tag generator to avoid having to create the HTML code manually.

Syndicate your blog allowing your visitors to subscribe to your feeds through their favorite aggregator. This way, they will be automatically notified every time you update your blog. You can use this tool to generate attractive syndication buttons, which you can then place in a side column of your blog.

Post frequently. It is the only way to keep your audience interested and coming back. Two or three times a week is ideal. Once a week is the borderline minimum that I recommend to keep your audience engaged and maintain adequate visibility in the search engines.

Keep a large number of posts in the main page of your blog. Search engine robots usually won’t crawl and index all your blog pages, however they will visit your main page frequently. The more content you keep in your main page, the bigger the chance of it popping up in the search engine results pages.

Use Google Adsense to monetize your blog. Blogger lets you add Google Adsense easily and seamlessly in several locations within a page. The best locations are within the content, and on top of the page simulating a navigation bar.

Don’t use Google Adsense excessively, at least at the beginning. Your initial focus should be not to monetize your blog, but to build your audience and establishing your blog's reputation as an authority within your topical community. A blog that is deep on content and lean on ads is more likely to attract the kind of links needed to become relevant to users and search engines.

Once your blog is established and generates abundant, relevant traffic, you can monetize more aggressively, not only with Adsense but also with affiliate links and, why not, maybe even by selling your own products.

Mario Sanchez publishes The Internet Digest , a growing collection of Internet marketing articles, tips and resources, and Resource Box ("http://resourcebox.blogspot.com), a small business internet marketing blog.

Increase Your Blog Visibility

To advertise your blog and to make more money from Google Adsense, you really need to have traffic as usual. But how to increase traffic?....Is to increase your blog visibility.

Many important factors have to be considered for your blog to be seen by the world. As there are billions of websites out there, how to make sure that your blog can reach them?

1. If you think by posting 10 articles is enough in your blog, well, it's not enough at all. If you really want to make other people read your blog, you really need to consider updating by posting regularly, either daily, once a week or twice a month. The velocity of your posting is the main key to increase its visibility.

2. You need to convert your website into new setting call the Feeds or RSS Feeds. The validity of your RSS Feed is the most crucial for your Blog. You can convert your web with Feedburner and get the RSS Url. And make sure that your Feed is valid.

3. Your Feeds should be in multiple formats such as RSS, XML, Atom, OPML or Myst because some directories only recognized certain format to create blog.

4. Make sure you do a proper submission of your blog to RSS and Feed Directories such as Yahoo!, Weblogs, blo.gs and Technorati.

5. Tagging your site with as many keywords as possible. The best is to have about four words tagging, because one word alone is not going to be enough. Don't just use keyword like marketing, internet, or income. Use words such as create money from blog, internet marketing made easy or generate income from blog. The chances of your blog to be appeared and get click is much higher with more keyword tagging.

6. Ping your blog to notify directories whenever you update the content of your blog. You can also ping your blog automatically with the provided script if you want.

7. If your blog has a Podcast, it will be an added advantage using RSS Feed. Many bloggers, advertiser, publishers are using Podcasting now, as there is an increase demand and is getting more popular in the internet market.

There are more additional best practices that are much too detailed which I will write in the future post. For now, the above will work for new bloggers as a kick start for your blog to become more visible to others.

Good Luck Always!


Which Lucky Job Gives You Good Money?

It is very easy to find what is your lucky job actually. As a Feng Shui enthusiastic for 10 years, I have found out the best and easy solution to choose your suitable career and bring you luck and money through your favourite colors.

You may have many favourite colors but there is one and only color that you always choose since childhood until now. And that is your main lucky color.

Feng Shui basics are from the Five Elements Theory; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each element described colors on its own.

Fire : Red, Pink, Purple, Muroon
Earth : Cream, Khaki, Yellow, Orange
Metal : Gold, Silver, White
Water : Black, Grey
Wood : Brown, Green, Blue

And from this color, will derive the industry in which you should pursue for your career.

Fire Industry
Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Pilots, Air Hostess, Computer, Electronics, Energy, Petrol, Oil, Lighting, Gadgets, Financing, Remisier, Stock & Shares, Chef, Restaurant, Speech, Public Relations, Speaker, Forex, Sales, Fashion, Shoes, Begs, Glass, Plastic, Chemicals,

Earth Industry
Real Estate, Building Materials, Minerals, Stone Craft, Tiles, Marble, Antique, Trust Fund, Insurance, Recruitment, Human Resource, Accounting, Secretary, Accommodation, Maid Service, Crystal, Consultant, Farming, Leather, Massage,crystal,

Metal Industry
Armed Forces, Police, Lawyer, Jugde, Gold, Coin, Pewter, Grills, Aluminium, Automobile, Engineering, Silver, Security, Weapon,

Water Industry
Transportation, Courier, Tourism, Travel, Raring Fish, Mineral Water, Water Filter, Research Analyst, Mathematician, Scientist, Laundry, Shipping, Reporter, Detective, Money Changer, Pearl, Hotel, Super Market, Seafood, Fishermen, Spa, Swimming, Tele-communication, Astronomy, Trading, Import, Export, Cleaning, Rubbish Collector, Drinks, Pub, Snow, Ice, Driver,

Wood Industry
Carpenter, Fashion Designer, Clothing, Timber, Plantation, Furniture, Health, Herbal, Pharmacy, Training, Education, Hair Salon, Boutique, Cotton, Silk, Bookstore, Paper, Stationery,

So if you are already in the suitable industry, you must be making money now. You will also find that there is no obstacle in your job and you find easy to make money. If you find that you feel suffocated with your job or not making good money, you should consider to change your line.

Through experience with friends and relatives, the above is quite accurate. For example, one of my good friends likes muroon color, which is Fire, and in fact she is involved in plastic business and her business is quite good. You can try analyse it with your friends and find out whether they are truly in the right career.

Good luck and be prosper always!

Don't forget to check the latest update on Chinese-Astrology for more information on Feng Shui and to increase your luck in terms of money, love, career, skills and knowledge.


Google Adsense

How can you earn money from Google Adsense? I have tried several times using my websites but failed to earn a cent. My account was rejected twice because of stupid mistakes and I got really fed up with adsense. But I still wonder, how so many people out there can make huge sum of money from it. I guess, they might have secret techniques or maybe they are computer genius, I don't really know.

It is so frustrating to find out that in order for us to know the secrets, we have to buy the information through e-books which will cost us a fortune. I won't buy them because I am not confident that I can make money using their complicated techniques and also because I'm not a computer genius. All I know is to type and to click.

Surprising to know that many bloggers can also make good money from adsense. If you are reading this blog, I'm sure that you are not one of them. Some of them have 20 blogs which give them money just from adsense alone. In fact, through blogging, which is free if you register with blogger especially, is the cheapest way to earn money from adsense. I spent hundred of dollars creating websites but earned zero income from adsense.

My advise to you all, please do a thorough research on adsense, study relevant sites and techniques before you want to decide making money from it. Furthermore Google is quite strict with all sorts of violation so you must be very careful not to get blacklisted by google on your adsense account.


I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear