Recipe - Fish Fillet With Rice Noodles

100g white fish fillet, sliced into 5mm thick pieces
A dash of salt, sugar and pepper
A little sesame oil
A sprinkling of Hua Tiau wine (optional)
4 stalks spring onion, cut into 5cm lengths
5–6 slices young ginger
250g flat rice noodles (hor fun), cut into broad slices and loosened slightly with your fingers to separate
2–3 tbsp oil

Sauce ingredients – (combined)
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp abalone sauce
A few drops thick soy sauce
A pinch of pepper
½ tsp sugar
½ tsp chicken stock granules
1–2 tsp cornflour
100ml chicken stock or water

Heat oil in a wok (make sure that the whole wok is well greased, then drain excess oil).Fry hor fun, tossing lightly until slightly burnt for about 1 minute. Dish out onto a serving plate. Heat wok with remaining oil, stir-fry ginger and half portion of spring onion until fragrant. Add in fish and pour in combined sauce ingredients. Bring to just a quick boil. Add remaining spring onion and add a little more oil to glaze the sauce. Pour the sauce mixture over the pre-fried hor fun and serve immediately.

Serve the dish with mix Waldorf Tuna Salad.

Order Waldorf Tuna Salad Mix
Ingredients: Raisins, onion flakes, apple nuggets, corn starch, garlic, spices, paprika, sugar and salt.

Orders are shipped to the 48 Contiguous United States (USA) Only and within 2 business days of receipt of your order. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery depending on your location.


Healthy Food Delivery

Mostly Healthy food delivery programs are designed for dieters. Athletes must know about the ingredients of delivered food via healthy food delivery program to make sure that the food is having all the nutrients necessary that their body needs. There are two main types of Healthy food delivery programs:

1. Organic food delivery: Organic food delivery is mainly used by group of people who are very cautious about the calorie value of the food or who are on dieting.

2. Zonal food delivery: Zonal Food delivery is a very popular in USA and only served in areas where they are prepared.

Healthy food delivery programs are great for:

1. Busy people who have no time to shop and prepare their meal: in today’s fast life people have no time to prepare their lunch and dinners. So healthy food delivery programs are great for this category of people.

2. New cooks who do not know how to cook food. These healthy food delivery programs are for them to overcome the burden of cooking.

3. New moms and pregnant ladies who want to take proper and balanced diet: they can use healthy food delivery. For this purpose of they must know about the ingredients of food ordered by them.

4. Athletes who need to focus on training.

5. Experienced cooks who are looking for new flavors and ingredients.

6. Dinner parties where it is not possible to prepare a meal for many people according to their taste and diet requirements, in this type of cases Healthy food delivery program can be used.

Athletes should be cautious that most Healthy food delivery programs are aimed at dieters. So if they wish to order, then first they must know about the ingredients and calorie value of that specific item.


Faster Home Delivery Food Service In Australia

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By linking each individual user to a central ordering account, Menulog can provide a corporate accounting program allowing businesses to monitor spending by all employees and effectively account for all food purchases.

Benefits to the company
Complete control - manage staff access and expenditure.
Reporting function - comprehensive reporting in real-time.
Time saving - eliminates the need for receipt collection and processing of tedious expense forms.
Happy employees - reward staff for working back late, or give them a salary-sacrifice option.

Benefits to the employees
Wide variety of choices - over 400 restaurants to choose from
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Effective Anti-Aging Formula That Works

The aging process begins when we enter the world and the effects of aging are evident in our bodies through out our lives. Beginning in our 20's, the signs of aging start to become noticeable. Genetically programmed chronologic aging causes changes in collagen and elastin, the connective tissues that supply firmness and elasticity to the skin. The genetic program of individuals is different, so the loss of skin firmness and elasticity occurs at different rates and different times in one individual as compared to another. As skin becomes less elastic, it also becomes drier and underlying fat padding begins to disappear. With the loss of underlying support by fat padding and connective tissues, the skin begins to sag; it appears less supple and wrinkles form.

Although wrinkles, lines and age spots are formed by the natural effects of getting older, one way to prevent them from appearing early on in life is to avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreens with SPFs 15 or higher. And, although most of us have some form of sun-damaged skin, there are ways to regain healthy, smooth skin. After many years of research, scientists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons have discovered that a variety of natural ingredients and vitamin extracts significantly help slow down and even reverse the signs of aging skin. These ingredients are now found in many physician developed and physician recommended anti-aging skin care products, which are specified below.

Vitamin A (Retinol) - Topical Vitamin A has been suggested to help build collagen fibers within the skin in addition to its more superficial exfoliating property. This is the basis for its use in minimizing the appearance of fine wrinkle lines. Vitamin A or Retinol is the main ingredient found in TYK Young Again, M.D. Forte, DDF and SkinScience products.

Vitamin C - Vitamin C or ascorbic acid acts as an antioxidant and is considered vital in wound healing because it aids in stabilizing collagen. When applied topically, vitamin C can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and may lessen the severity of sunburns. This healing ingredient is found in SkinCeuticals, Cellex C and Obagi Cffectives skin care products.

Vitamin E - Vitamin E is another antioxidant that shows to have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. When applied topically, vitamin E has been shown to improve moisturization, softness and smoothness and also provides modest photo protection. Vitamin E is found in Cellex C, Exuviance and MD Forte products.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) - AHAs are designed to smooth fine lines and surface wrinkles, to improve skin texture and tone, to unblock and cleanse pores, to improve oily skin or acne, and to improve skin condition in general. AHAs are the main ingredients found in MD Forte, TYK Young Again, Super Skin and SkinScience products.

Glycolic Acid - Glycolic acid is the most active and beneficial of the Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHAs) in skin care. Once inside the cells, the acid triggers new formations of collagen to plump cells and the ground substances in the skin to reduce wrinkles on the skin's surface. Glycolic acid is proven to be very effective in the treatment of acne as well as in cosmetic uses. Glycolic acid is found in products by Gly Derm, MD Forte, Z. Bigatti and Super Skin.

N-6 furfuryladenine (kinetin) - The nature-identical plant growth factor, furfuryladenine, retards the aging of plant cells as well as in vitro human skin fibroblasts. This natural, anti-aging ingredient has been proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and is exclusively found in Kinerase creams and lotions. This is a proven alternative for people with sensitive skin or people who are sensitive to products containing Retinol and Vitamin C.
Copper Peptides are the latest scientific breakthrough in skin rejuvenation. Copper has been found to naturally firm the skin, enhance elasticity, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Copper is the main ingredient in products by Neova and Osmotics.

Pal-KTTKS - Pal-KTTKS is an effective ingredient for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It's found to promote a smoother, younger complexion quickly, without with out expensive and painful chemical peels, surgery or injections. This patented peptide solution is found in StriVectin-SD.

Green Tea Extract - Green tea's anti-inflammatory and anti-growth qualities are found in many skin care products designed to reduce the appearance of puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines and large pores. Green Tea is found in the Dr. Brandt skin care line, Z. Bigatti and Gly Derm products.

TNS - The biotechnology of the skin's natural healing process has arrived with the first tissue repairing complex containing growth factors found in normal, healthy skin. Unlike anything else currently on the market, TNS is the next level of skin rejuvenation that delivers dramatic results, for smoother, softer, younger looking skin. TNS is found in SkinMedica's TNS Recovery Complex.

Many customers ask which anti-aging product is best and we always respond by saying that there is no best product. Since every individuals skin is different, the results of using anti-aging products will be different as well. We recommend that you consult with a skin care professional prior to use of any new skin care product to determine your skin type, skin condition and possible sensitivities to active ingredients. Your skin care professional may recommend specific products, or you can try a few on your own based on your consultation. If you are not happy with the first product you try, try another one. It's important that you choose a product and skin care regimen that makes you feel 100% comfortable with the look and feel of your skin.

Customers also inquire about when they should expect to see results from using anti-aging products. Again, we respond by saying that results will be different for each individual, generally due to the condition of ones skin prior to use. However, across the board, we say not to expect a miracle, as there is no anti-aging product on the market that provides overnight results. Whether you are trying to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness or age spots, the process is gradual and takes anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the severity of your problem areas. After allowing the products time to take effect as well as following product directions, you can be sure to notice significant improvement in the appearance of your skin.

To see the quickest results, you will have to undergo professional cosmetics procedures. While procedures such as laser treatments, injections and dermabrasion produce the fastest, most noticeable improvements, they are all are somewhat painful or uncomfortable and very costly. In addition, pre and post treatment plans are required to achieve maximum results, which consist of using skin care products, that are also proven to be safe, effective, painless and less expensive alternatives to professional cosmetic procedures.

Please note that with the use of any new skin care product, it is highly possible that your skin will react to the ingredients. You may experience irritation, redness, dryness or a mild breakout, which should only last for the first 3-5 days of use. If you experience any of these reactions for a longer period of time, please discontinue use and consult a skin care professional. It is also recommended that prior to using any new skin care product to consult with a skin care professional.


Photos Of The Month (Jan 2008)

Red Carpet Spread All Over

Go Red For Women's Day

Fat Dancers In Red

Red Mannequin

Ski Holidays In France - Last Minute Deals


These ski holidays represent top VALUE for MONEY!
All Last Minute Deals are priced per person per week and generally include**:

7 nights accommodation (generally Sat-Sat)
Board as booked
6 days lift pass - 7 days skiing often possible
In-resort tour rep
Ski and snowboard lessons & hire can be booked as extras

* "Last Minute" is defined as all offers from 2 weeks before travel departure
** unless otherwise mentioned in the holiday description.

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Apr 5, 2008
Apr 12, 2008

Switzerland Ski Holidays

Snow up your Life!

Not only is Switzerland home of beautiful alpine scenery like the Jungfrau region (Grindelwald), the Kantons also define themselves through famous skiing areas like Verbier, cosy ski holiday destinations and the beauty of untouched nature. Families will feel at home here being welcomed with the typical Swiss hospitality.

Wallis and western Switzerland: Impressive setting of the mountain peaks, snow and ice: Here the highest mountains of the Alps are located here – amongst them the king of the mountains – the Matterhorn. The most spacious glaciers of the Alps can be found here too. Snowy forests beneath a blue winter’s sky in contrast to the old wooden buildings.

Berner Oberland: Mountains of distinction – with nearly 4000 metres, spectacular view of the icy high mountain scenery.

Switzerland is well-known for excellent skiing areas with a rich histories. If you enjoy your winter holidays in Switzerland you will find lonely huts, skiing resorts without cars as well as luxurious flair.

Switzerland has 74 mountains towering above 4000 metres, 12 of which are located in the Wallis Alps, amongst them the world famous Matterhorn (4,478 m) with its glamorous skiing village Zermatt. Nearly as well known is the triumvirate of the Eiger (3,970 m), Mönch (4,107 m) and Jungfrau (4,158 m) in the Berner Oberland. Every year the famous Lauberhorn world cup ski race takes place here (Wengen). You can get to the Jungfrauen Joch (3..54 m), the highest train station of Europe, by cog railroad from Grindelwald.

The skiing region Les Portes du Soleil, located south from Lake Geneva, isn’t only a guarantee for skiing enjoyment (union of 12 Swiss districts), but is also, next to „Les Trois Vallées“ in France, the largest skiing region of the world and offers 650 kilometres of piste and 211 lifts.

In 1956 Switzerland achieved eminence at the Winter Olympics in St. Moritz. The famous skiing destination offers glamorous flair, as well as an excellent skiing area.

The Swiss have a great tradition in the production of sweets, confectionaries and chocolate. Inhabitants of the German-speaking part of Switzerland prefer milk chocolate, whereas the French speaking part of Switzerland enjoys dark chocolate most. The traditional shape of chocolate in Switzerland is the bar of chocolate.

The Swiss like a large variation of bread. Even small bakeries normally offer around dozen different kinds. The Italian- and French-speaking Swiss eat a lot of white bread; the German-speaking Swiss tend to go for brown bread. Of course cheese is an important part of the Swiss cuisine. The favourite cheese of the Swiss is the Gruyère from the Waadtländer Alps, closely followed by the Emmentaler with its big holes. The French-speaking Switzerland is home of the Cheese Fondue (Waadtland) and the Raclette (Wallis) which are still very popular in Switzerland.

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Sat, 5 Apr 2008
Sat, 12 Apr 2008


The Highest Pay Keywords For Adsense

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Britney Is Still Wearing Her Wedding Ring

It appears that Britney Spears cannot let go the image of being a wife as she is still wearing her wedding ring, it seems. Or maybe it's because, she just love the ring and refused to take it out. Who wouldn't if it is very expensive and has a sentimental value.

Just look at this ring. It is lovely in every way, this dainty wedding ring has just enough sparkle to complement an engagement ring rather than overwhelm it. Precious princess-cut diamonds rest within mirror-finished 14k white gold for an absolutely gorgeous ring. It also available in 18k gold & platinum.

A glistening diamond set heart always brings a smile to the wearer's face when gazed upon. Sweet dreams, cherished moments, love and passion all roll into one in this fabulous 14k white gold ring.

14k White Gold, Diamond Heart Ring (0.12 ctw)


Do I Have The Intelligent To Make Money?

Most people wants to know whether they are smart and intelligent. Some people believe they are, genuinely while others don't think they are smart enough. What element governs intelligence?

It's Water. Water represents wisdom in the study of the Five Elements. Water's shape changes a thousand form. Water is formless and shapes according to whatever condition it is presented with. Water is deep and the bottom is unseen. Just like a person's thoughts cannot be seen - water is deep and infinite. Water is always on the move. Even in a still state, its particles move.

Yang (Ren) Water people like the water of the river and sea, are always on the move. Adaptive, intelligent and usually unable to stand or sit still. They are also usually extroverts, always have something on the boil but run the risk of becoming easily distracted and lacking focus. Ren Water types are adventurous people who enjoy robust activities. When they put their mind to it, Ren Water people are unstoppable! They are however often rebellious and dislike being made to conform.

Yin (Gui) Water people like the clouds and mist that drift and move, are usually also not the type to sit still. They make good teachers, since Gui Water's role is to water the plants, feed and grow a new generation. They are however usually introverts. Frequently imaginative and creative, they value principles and often think of the greater good. Gui Water people have one disadvantage and that is the lack of staying power with any endeavour.

And for other people who don't have water in their birthchart, their alternative element are as follows:

Self-Element/Intelligent Element
Earth - Metal
Metal - Water
Water - Wood
Wood - Fire
Fire - Earth

If you have at least one element of the intelligent element in your chart, you still have the capability to make money during your lucky years or during your 10-year lucky pillars, even though your ancestors were not buried at the right location.

Smart Women Finish Rich: 9 Steps to Achieving Financial Security and Funding Your Dreams (Revised Edition)

Why Am I Not A Millionaire Like Bill Gates?

One question that often get when it comes to Bazi is this: if two people are born on the same year, month, day and hour, does this mean that they all have the same Destiny?

If you happen to have the exact birth data, down to time, as say Bill Gates or Donald Trump or Warren Buffett and you are reading this article, then you have the answer.

There are additional XX Factors in play that impact on the level of greatness a person can achieve assuming they have a superior Bazi chart to begin with.

Yin and Yang House play a great role in determining how much of the potential contained in your Destiny Code can be unleashed. You might have the same date and time of birth as Bill Gates, but if you aren't living in the same place he is living, knowing the same group of people he knows, meeting the same people he has met, you don't get to maximise your potential as much as he does. Nevertheless, since you still share the same Bazi, you might enjoy similar greatness, just on a different level.

Then there is a Yin House factor. Yes, you have the exat same birth data, even the time of birth as Bill Gates, but are your ancestors buried in the same place as his? Yin House Feng Shui is the most powerful form of Feng Shui and plays an extremely important role in determining the quality of a family's fortune. Ancestors who are buried in good locations with powerful Feng Shui give their descendants an added edge, icing on the cake that enables their descendants to enjoy good luck or power or wealth or all if the location is truly superb.

Your Doorway to a Rich Life: And It Begins In Your Home

When Will I Be Rich?

Many individuals who are often desperate to know, when they will be rich? And not just rich, but millionaires! Of course, money and wealth are not everything in this world but it is an important consideration for many people today.

One of the reasons why the 'When Will I Be Rich' question is difficult to answer in Bazi because the meaning of 'Rich' or 'Wealthy' is difficult to define. How much money is enough? Or how much is a lot? Indeed, how much is too much?

Donald Trump once remarked that when he owed hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to the banks at one point in his life, he considered the beggar who had $2 in his begging bowl richer than him. It's all about context.

Unfortunately your Bazi is not read like a bank statement. It does not tell you how much money you will have in exact figures or net worth. Instead, what a Bazi chart tells you is whether or not you have the capacity to amass great wealth and whether or not this wealth will last or will simply be a flash in a pan.

How do you judge your Wealth capacity? We need to see whether there is any wealth element in your Bazi, if it is not present, you already start out with a disadvantage, money-wise in life.

Assuming the wealth element is present, the next thing we have to evaluate is whether the wealth element is strong or weak. Even if it is strong, we still want to check your Luck Cycle to determine if you are going through Good Luck or even better, going through Wealth Luck. It's also not enough to just be able to make it, we must also look at whether a person will be able to hang on to his wealth or will he make it and lose it just as quickly?

Finally, we need to look at issues of personality and career. You have to enter the right career in order to maximise your wealth potential but you also need the right personality and attitude to amass the wealth. You can have all the wealth potential in the world but by being a lazy bum isn't going to help you get rich!

Your Money and Your Brain: How the New Science of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make You Rich

Popular Images Of Britney Spears

2 hours ago - Britney Spears was reportedly screaming and crying for 2 hours long. She was traumatised after being committed 2 days ago at Los Angeles hospital for a second time. She was admitted after her mother, Lynne Spears, called the police and medics, fearing her daughter was suicidal. The court had apparently named her father as a legal guardian on her welfare and money. Apparently she was up most of the night screaming for her British boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib.

Britney Is Under Evaluation? - After being admitted to the hospital for the second time in a month, Britney Spears underwent a psychiatric evaluation Thursday morning to determine whether she should be held for the maximum time period of 72 hours.

Britney Committed Herself In - For the second time in a month. Britney Spears has been taken from her home and forcibly admitted to a hospital. A source close to the Spears family told E! News that the singer was due to be evaluated at 10 a.m. on Thursday. "Britney was a threat to herself," another source told E! News. "She's finally been committed."

Britney Is No Longer A Hostess? - Britney Spears is heading back to the unemployment line. Though considering what else is going on, termination is the least of her worries.

Britney Spears was advised to hide herself away for a while and lock herself up in an isolated island, away from media and papparazi. They promised her that when she comes back to the limelight, her fans will all be waiting for her. Juicy!


I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear