Britney Blackout Album - Review

What do you think of the response? Yes, she's finally doing great for this album, it exploded. It was really a good week for Britney Spears. All of us might think that it was going to be a day with a lunar eclipse covering the sky, but it actually turned out to be a kind of a big celebration.

Within a period of 24 hours after the album launched, the woman who yields roughly 100,000 results if you Google her name along with the phrase “troubled singer”, has been granted temporary visitation rights to her children and seen her new single Gimme More leap into the British chart's top three.

Now, if Britney’s record company is to be believed, a good week just got better. Apparently, “unprecedented popular demand” has prompted Sony BMG to bring the release date of her comeback album Blackout forward by three weeks.

So she is finally back to the top again and we still want to listen to her great voice and wanting for more.

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Britney Spears - Her Mom's Parenting Book Is To Be Released

"Britney Spears used to be so beautiful"

Lynne Spears, Britney Spears' mother, will publish her book on parenting despite her teenage daughter becoming pregnant recently.

Lynne's 16-year old daughter Jamie-Lynn recently announced she was 12-weeks pregnant and doubts were raised if the book Pop Culture Mom would ever be released, reports contactmusic.com.

A statement from the Christian publisher Thomas Nelson confirmed that the book will be published. It said, "Lynne's memoir will provide a window into the real-life world of fame, including the toll it extracts from some who aspire to it. It will provide a much-needed corrective to a world obsessed with the wrong priorities. We believe in redemption. Therefore, we are standing with Lynne and her family during this difficult time. Though the book has been delayed, we believe God is at work."

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Wangsa Maju Area
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Desa Villa, Sec 10, 1814sf, 3r/3b - RM500K
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Sri Kinabalu, Sec. 10, 1750sf, 4r/2b - RM250K
Villa Wangsamas, 1300sf, 3r/3b - RM285K

Other Areas
Bukit Antarabangsa, Bkt. Mewah Bungalow - 6,236sf, Built-up 3,500sf
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Ukay Perdana Semi-D, Ampang - 4BR/2B, 4,400sf, RM690K
Keramat AU1 2-sty Terrace - 4r/3b, 20x75, Behind LRT Setiawangsa, RM475k
Seri Maya Jln. Jelatek - 1200sf, 3r/2b - RM450K

Seri Maya Condo, Jln. Jelatek - 1,200sf, RM3,800
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Death of Marilyn Monroe

On August 5, 1962, LAPD police sergeant Jack Clemmons received a call at 4:25 a.m. from Dr. Ralph Greenson, Monroe's psychiatrist, proclaiming that Monroe was found dead at her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California. She was 36 years old. At the subsequent autopsy, eight milligram percent of Chloral Hydrate and 4.5 milligram percent of Nembutal were found in her system, and Dr. Thomas Noguchi of the Los Angeles County Coroners office recorded cause of death as "acute barbiturate poisoning," resulting from a "probable suicide". Many theories, including murder, circulated about the circumstances of her death and the timeline after the body was found. Some conspiracy theories involved John and Robert Kennedy, while other theories suggested CIA or Mafia complicity.

On August 8, 1962, Monroe was interred in a crypt at Corridor of Memories #24, at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Westwood, Los Angeles. Lee Strasberg delivered the eulogy. The crypt space immediately to the left of Monroe's was bought and reserved by Hugh Hefner in 1992.

In August 2009, the crypt space directly above that of Monroe was placed for auction on eBay. Elsie Poncher plans to exhume her husband and move him to an adjacent plot. She advertised the crypt, hoping "to make enough money to pay off the $1.6 million mortgage" on her Beverly Hills mansion.The winning bid was placed by an anonymous Japanese man for $4.6 million,but the winning bidder later backed out "because of the paying problem"

In her will, Monroe left Lee Strasberg her personal effects, which amounted to just over half of her residuary estate. She expressed her desire that he "distribute [the effects] among my friends, colleagues and those to whom I am devoted."[136] Instead, he stored them in a warehouse, and willed them to his widow, Anna. Inez Melson successfully sued Los Angeles-based Odyssey Auctions in 1994 to prevent the sale of items taken by Monroe's former business manager. In October 1999, Christie's auctioned the bulk of the items, including those recovered from Melson's family, netting US $13,405,785.

Anna Strasberg then sued the children of four photographers to determine rights of publicity, which permits the licensing of images of deceased personages for commercial purposes. The decision was worth millions as to whether Monroe was a resident of California (where she died) or New York (where her will was probated).

On May 4, 2007, a judge in New York ruled that Monroe's rights of publicity ended at death. In October 2007, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 771.The legislation was supported by Strasberg and the Screen Actors Guild, and established that non-family members may inherit rights of publicity through the residuary clause of the deceased's will, provided that the person was a resident of California at the time of death.

In March 2008, the United States District Court in Los Angeles ruled that Monroe was a resident of New York at the time of her death, citing that the executor of her estate told California tax authorities as much, and that a 1966 sworn affidavit by her housekeeper quoted Monroe as saying that she considered New York City her primary residence.The decision was reaffirmed by the United States District Court of New York in September 2008.


Britney Spears Is Pregnant?

Britney Spears Latest News

Even by the low standards of gossip journalism, In Touch magazine's Britney Spears scoop this week is amazing for its departure from standard norms of reporting.

In skyscraper-size cover type, the magazine claimed Spears was pregnant and that "the father of Britney's third child confirms it's true." But the putative father, music producer J.R. Rotem, quickly issued a statement denying ever confirming such a thing.

Oh yes you did, said In Touch. As proof of Rotem's confirmation, the magazine posted screen images of a BlackBerry conversation that In Touch says it had with the music producer. That conversation went as follows:

IN TOUCH: They are saying britneys pregnant and you're the father...
JR: Its true
IN TOUCH: OK, awesome, do u think Britney will keep it? She's already talking about it to people
JR: No clue on what she will do. She is unpredictable.

Yeah, OK, awesome, but seriously, In Touch, you can't report stories on your BlackBerry! You just can't. You use the BlackBerry to set up contact with the source, and to mark a date in your calendar for when you plan to speak with the source.

But you can't confirm a scoop on your BlackBerry. There's no emotion there, no way to assess authenticity -- no way to know whether the person on the other end is the person you think it is, or, if it is that guy, whether what he means is what you think he means. (And as the Huffington Post's Danny Shea nicely points out, In Touch's pictures prove even less; you can give a BlackBerry contact any name -- Britney Spears, Pope Benedict, Beelzebub -- and take pictures of you pretending to have a conversation with him.)

Obviously this Spears thing is not a serious issue, but it brings up a journalism-circle chestnut, the old rumination on how technology changes reporting.

Though reporters increasingly rely on e-mail and instant messages, most of us recognize the limits of these things. Any technology that removes you from your source brings in doubt.

When you talk to someone on the phone, there is a possibility that the person isn't really who he says he is, or that he'll say something sarcastically but that you won't get the sarcasm because you can't see his face.

E-mail and IM are even trickier. Studies show that the absence of both audio and visual cues increases the chances of miscommunication -- what people mean when they write an e-mail is not always what recipients read.

This doesn't mean you can never use an e-mail and IM in your reporting. Sometimes a source can only talk to you this way. On the morning of 9/11, I wrote a short piece about a conversation I had with a fellow trapped in a building in Lower Manhattan -- our conversation was over IM, as phone service had been disrupted.

But IM and e-mail are best for adding color or tertiary information to a story. A dashed-off text message from a source -- "its true" -- is not sufficient to break a story.

I'm guessing most real reporters know this. We could not ever come to this, right?

WOODWARD: They are saying the white hous covered up breakin @ watrgate....
DP THR: yeah right
WOODWARD: OK awesome, do u think prez new about it?
DP THR: yeah, dick knos.

Correction: I originally credited Rachel Sklar with the Huffington Post piece; the author is actually Danny Shea.

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The Facts About Britney Spears

Britney Spears will be bankrupt soon if she lives beyond her mean.
Britney Spears is hospitalised and is advised to be in rehab.
Britney Spears caused trouble with papparazi.
Britney Spears divorced K-Fed and paid a big sum of alimony.
Britney Spears behaves like a Comedian nowdays.
Britney Spears look dull by being bald.
Britney Spears is truly mad as she appeared talking to herself in front of the mirror most of the time.
Britney Spears used to be a se>< symbol.
Britney Spears lost her virĝinity at 12 or 14?
Britney Spears tried to attempt suicide twice!

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Somebody has put Britney Spears in Obituary Section Isn't that bad?


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Well of course none of that was true, Google Adsense is still quietly making lots of people money, and I am here to tell you that you still can too.

I have bought some of the courses and ebook myself, learned some and employed some of the so-called “tricks” and tips, I have a few sites that are making around two or three dollars a day, nothing great, but it rolls on in without much more effort.

These sites took time and effort to assemble and promote, but they certainly prove that Adsense is not “dead”.

Many are still creating sites and sticking in their Adsense code, and hoping to make some extra cash. This takes a lot of work and returns are usually iffy.

I have been looking for a better, nay an “easier” way to make some profit from Adsense, and I think I have found a way.

The longer I have been on the Internet, the more I see that a powerful trend is evolving, and that is the power of video. The increase in high-speed Internet connections and growing ease of putting video on the web is really speeding this trend along.


A friend of mine recently made a simple home video showing how to strip a wooden floor and then refinish it yourself. He placed a few links on some home repair type forums and a blog, and has now sold about 17 of them for $20.00 apiece.

I do not know what kind of video setup he used, but it was pretty simple. Still, I do not want to spend the time making videos on some “subject” edit and then try to sell them on the net, I want something that is easier and will still make me some moola.

After searching around, I stumbled into this brand new and really interesting site, where some British chap has come up with a really neat way to cash in on the “video craze” that is sweeping the ‘net.

He basically is providing a way for people to create their own personal “You Tube” type of site and then spread the word to others. The really neat part is that he embeds your Adsense codes on all of the pages, also on all of the pages that your referrals have as well. I do not know all of the technical goings on about that, but if you want to check out the sight, the link is in my bio at the end of this article.

I am pretty much a complete newbie to all of this video stuff, but am finding out that it is the fastest growing aspect of the web, with no stopping in site.

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21 Things About Britney Spears


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Britney Spears - A Hot Cake

Britney is still making a big news even after 3 months from her performance at VMA. The search for Britney Spears in Google is the highest compare to other celebrities. She is still a hot cake. People want to know what is her latest news. And they are hungry for more. I wonder, what would be her next crazy behavior in order to create more havoc in her life?

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SEO Website Prep

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Keywords: Obviously this is the big one. The best way to find the most appropriate keywords is to go to Google.com and sign up for their AdWords program. You don't have to pay and they have a cool Keyword Tool which allows you to see the search volume for keywords you are interested in using. This will help you use the keywords that are the most popular. Keep the keywords between 200 to 250 characters & use a keyword density between 2% to 7%. The keyword density is simply the number of keywords divided by the number of total characters.

Title: The title on the index page should be between 10 to 150 characters long. The title should be short & accurately describe what the website is about and include 3 or 4 keywords.

META Tags: The two main META tags in your index page should be "Description" & "Keywords". The keywords that I have described above should be in the "Keywords" section. The "Description" should be broader than the title, but you still don't want to overdue it. Keep it between 1 & 2 sentences long and include a couple keywords, in this, as well.

Completeness: Search engines hate broken links. Make sure every link is connected properly.

Updates: Make sure to update your website fairly often. Search Engines don't like outdated pages.

Submit To The Main 3: While there is some debate whether or not you need to submit to search engines, it's best to submit them to the big 3 (Google, Yahoo & MSN), in order to get the ball rolling. Most search engines (including the big 3) have "spiders" that "crawl" the internet daily for web pages. It can take up to 12 weeks for sites to get fully indexed once you start submitting your site around.

The SEO Work

Once your site is complete and SEO ready, you now must do the actual SEO work. In a nutshell, you've got to get your link out there to as many sites as possible. Here are some tips to help you with that process:


First and foremost, try to stay away from sites who say they will submit to thousands of directories. Most directories have a way to prevent automated submissions and must be handled manually in each case. If you do decide to try one of these sites, make sure they are manually submitting to each directory. Go to Google and type in keywords like "free directory submission" or "directory list" to find directory sites. Make sure to find the proper category in each directory, because relevance plays a big role. Use the keywords, description & titles from your website when submitting.

Only sign up for free submissions and NEVER use reciprocal links. Directories will sometimes tell you that your link will be accepted faster if you do a reciprocal link, meaning you take their link and put it on your site. This is bad because 1) too many links to outside sites will bring you down on the search engines & 2) if the links are not relevant to your site, this can bring you down as well. Even if free submissions can take months, it'll be worth it in the end.

Start a spreadsheet, and with each submission, make sure to put the URL of the website it was submitted to, date submitted, the category submitted to & the current status. Use this to go back to the sites to check on the status. Some sites will notify you when your link has been accepted, and some will not. If it has been longer than the time they said they would review it, go ahead and submit it again.

Link Exchanges

While this practice doesn't have the same effect as it used to, it can be helpful. If you find sites relevant to your site, ask them if they would like to exchange links (putting their link on your page in exchange for having your link on their page.) Try to target websites with page ranks of 3 or above. You can easily find sites on the internet in order to find a website's page rank. Some may want you to have a page rank above a certain point as well, so it may be best to come back to them as soon as your rank goes up.

Press Releases & Articles

There are tons of free sites that allow you to submit your press releases and articles. Doing PR & articles will scatter your link through MANY websites who use RSS feeds. Submit to as many free sites as you can.

Always Use a "Live" Link

The most important thing is that anywhere you go or any site you go to, to submit your site using a live link. www.website.com won't get picked up in search engines. Always use a live link with the "a href" tag that visitors can click on. These are the links search engines are looking for.

That about wraps it up. This will help build your pagerank up in the beginning. Over time, more & more visitors will visit the site, and even if they don't know they are contributing, when they go on a message board, etc. and use your link, it's helping your SEO! While I have given the steps to get you started, SEO is a process that should never stop. There is always going to be fierce competition, so you should never let up, even if you are receiving outside help from your visitors.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi - Her Beauty Is A Legacy

Said To Be One Of Prince William Preferred Brides.

The granddaughter of late Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco.


How To Get Your Blog Noticed By Your Comments?

Comments on the blogs? How to comment effectively and let all the people notice them? Wow! That's a good question! I never thought on that before, that comments can be noticed and get crawled by Google. Now I notice, because many people gave bad remarks on my comments and appeared in Google. The thing is, only bad comments came out, the good ones don't.

So in order to comment effectively in people's blog and to get notice by Google is very easy...by giving stupid remarks, angry remarks or bullshit remarks. Then other people will click that blog and noticed your blog. Isn't that simple?

But sometimes, the blog's owner will not link your remarks to your blog because maybe he hates your remark or consider it as spam. Another thing is, I noticed that all good remarks have a link, but bad remarks only have a link if the commenter (s) are well known among the bloggers.

So what shall we do? Give bad comments on your owns blog da.....


Make Money with Domain Parking

Domain parking can be classified as monetized and non-monetized. In the former, ads are shown to visitors and the domain is 'monetized'. In the latter, an "Under Construction" or a "Coming Soon" message is put up on the domain. This a single page web site that people see when they type the domain name in a web browser. This is one quick way for getting an Internet presence. Domain names can be parked before a web site is ready for launching.

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Talking in dollars and cents, that’s around $65 - $100 per day. It took me around 9 months of Search Engine Optimization to get this kind of traffic, but again, much of its weight stands on the quality of your domain name.


Testimonies On Google Adsense Free Ads

There are so many e-books and secrets techniques are up For Sale in the internet on how to make money from Google Adsense. Many claimed all of them are scammed. Only a small percentage claimed them as real, as these people actually do make money using the so-called Secret Techniques.

I personally think that all the techniques may work if there are many people click your ads. So how can we get the clicks? It is from 'The Traffic' which is back to the basic and the major thing on making money on the web. No Traffic, No Money, as simple as that.

So the secret technique that you should consider is 'How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Website?' Another word is that, the actual secret of making money in the internet is.....How to manipulate the search engine? Or...How to get people notice your site and click it?

From many advertisements on above, I found one that sells 'The secret on how to get free Google Ads...and its cost about $47 for that kind of information, which is so bullshit! Here are some of the testimonies from the ad.

Testimony 1
"I love your secret for placing PPC Google ads for free. I have grown my business now to earning for me a passive $600 a day profit! Before I was just getting by, but now using your secret technique for getting free pay-per-clicks at all search engines my business has been able to take off.

I am so grateful to you for releasing your secret to the rest of us who have been
struggling just to make a buck online.

Many, many thanks!”

Jordan Fuller

Testimony 2
"What can I say but way to go! I’ve been online since the big dot-com explosion of the mid-90s and have made just a tad of wealth, but never anything as of late like this (and thanks wholly to your secret method for getting PPCs free!)

My costs have always been rather high, and a tough balancing act to say the least. Now with your help I’ve been able to dissolve nearly $2 million a year that ordinarily would have gone towards advertising (but which now will go to profits!)

I was beginning to give up, but now I have the goose that lays golden eggs all day long thanks to you!"

Richard Cook

Testimony 3
"I made good on the Net last year, but didn’t get rich by any means. But THIS YEAR is very different as after applying your secret to getting highly targeted Google and Yahoo ads I have now boosted my advertising efforts to a much larger degree. This has had the effect that now I have built a most impressive inhouse customer list while selling more of my product line.

The combination of a larger database of customers and cashflow is very exciting to say the least. Thanks for opening the secret-of-secrets, at least as far as getting PPC’s is concerned."

David Oyahma

Those testimonials sound too good to be real. Actually nobody really has the real secret, not even the Famous Problogger. The real secret is...you just need to know a little bit about internet technical stuff and how to manipulate the search engine, that's all. So I guess, it is true that Adsense suck for bloggers, Adsense is shit and Google AdSense can fuck right off! Don’t you just hate stupid AdSense ads?


Britney's Sock On Ebay

A white sock left with tyre marks after Britney Spears accidentally ran over a photographer's foot is going for more than $1,000 (€694) on eBay.

The item was left on the pavement after Spears, 25, drove over the photographer's foot as she left a medical centre in Los Angeles.

Now it is attracting big bucks from memorabilia-obsessed fans. The cash raised by the TMZ.com photographer will go towards the Children's Defence Fund.


Britney Spears Gains Visitation Rights

Britney Spears has regain visitation rights of her two sons Sean Preston, 2 and Jayden James , 1. They were spotted in the white Mercedes convertible with a court appointed monitor who was seated in the front seat, reports by People Magazine.


Britney Spears News & Art

Can You Handle Britney Spears?

Beauty With Nuts, that's Britney!

An Excellent Fine Art Of Britney Spears!

The 2nd Best Paintings Of Briney Spears

Date: Nov 1, 2007
News On Britney Spears - She will launch her new album "Blockout" due to be released on Nov, 13 2007. The album will feature songs like "Heaven on Earth," "Radar," "Piece of Me" and "Break the Ice," according to Billboard.


Make Money From Online Survey

If you have spent any significant amount of time on the Internet, you have probably been invited to participate in an online survey. You might have overlooked the emails or not paid too much attention to them up to now. But maybe you should.

Did you know that there are Internet surfers who are earning hundreds of dollars per month and earning lucrative rewards points through their participation?

These individuals are aggressively signing up for surveys and methodically book marking the sites, while keeping track of their submissions in a very organized way. They find it pays off.

Now, you might be the type of individual who just wants to earn a little extra money. Or perhaps you want to accumulate points that can be redeemed for gifts or money? Either way, there is a level of participation with survey offers that is just right for you.

The biggest issue with survey offers is deciding which offers to participate with. A search for “survey offers” or “mystery shopping” in a major search engine will yield a huge number of results. It is difficult at that point to know which survey offers are the most ethical and offer the most potential based on the level of participation you are interested in.

Key Differences

It is important to differentiate between online survey offers, mystery shopping and secret shopper opportunities, since there are distinct differences.

Survey offers present the opportunity to fill out online surveys based upon feedback you can provide for products and services in which you are familiar with. Frequently these surveys are based upon the profile criteria that you establish with the marketing company at the time of registration.

Mystery or secret shoppers tend to visit business establishments, including movie theaters, restaurants and retail stores, to monitor the level or service based on criteria that you are given. These opportunities can also be very enjoyable since it is possible to visit restaurants for free food, see the latest movies, etc. Here, we will be focusing on the opportunities with online surveys.

How to Start

There are some important criteria to follow when selecting which survey offers you want to participate in.

Start by selecting a few sites that offer cash paid surveys and then read carefully what they are offering. Some sites will provide direct access to the marketing companies who process the surveys.

You will then have to browse the database and apply for the surveys you are interested in. Some sites act as intermediaries; that is, they are the “go between” bridging the actual marketing company or client making the offer, and you, the participant. These sites have agreements with large marketing companies from which they receive the surveys; they then distribute them through their registered users. In this case, you will have to passively wait for surveys to complete.

As mentioned before, keep in mind that not all paid surveys are actually cash paid surveys. Some surveys do not offer cash as a reward for completing them. You might receive a free product or a service; discounts at certain merchants, vouchers or coupons, or free trials.

There are also surveys that allow you to join a contest upon their completion. If you are not interested in these, it is better to make this decision yourself in advance to avoid disappointment later.

How to receive the cash?

Another important criterion to consider is how you will receive the cash and who is paying. If you have joined a mediator type of site, you are usually paid by that site, not the one you are doing the end survey for.

If you have joined a database of companies seeking survey participants, you are likely to be paid by the surveying company. Regardless of the details, you should be aware of the payment. Be sure to double check your contact details carefully. Then, make sure that your personal information to be used as stated in the contact matches what you originally submitted.

Unfortunately, there are fraudulent survey websites that would attempt to get you to participate in cash paid survey, for the sole purpose of receiving your personal financial information. Your personal financial information can later be sold to many other companies and you could end up receiving hundreds of unsolicited mail and SPAM emails.

Cash paid surveys are an extra source of funds and they can help you improve your lifestyle with no hassle, but it is important to do some homework in advance.

Labels: Wikipedia, Cash, Money Tree, Survey, Spam, Emails


Holiday In Britain

London is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has many tourist attraction with many places to visit and many historical buildings and castles to look forward to. Nobody feels regret coming to London, in fact, once you go there, you are long to come to London again.

Pic: Tower Bridge, London

Looking for accommodation in London is very easy. Many Hotels in London are offering special rates throughout the year. In fact, you may also get special deal on last minute booking. The best deal you can get is as low as GBP40 at 3 star York Hotel, London.

If you come to Britain, Manchester is one city that you should not miss to visit. The city offers variety of accommodation for you to stay according to your budget.Hotels in Manchester are ranged from 1 star up to 5 star facilities and you can get as low as GBP40 per room per night which is also offered all year round.

Pic: Manchester Central Library

Beside Manchester, Birmingham is also a good place to be included in your itinerary. It is the second largest city in Britain with total residents of 1 million. The major activity of this city is to held international conferences and events and the locals welcome all delegates who come here from all over the world. The delegates have many choices at Hotels in Birmingham which ranging from 4 star accommodation like Thistle Hotel Birmingham City to 2 star budget accommodation in Aston region.

Market Your Blog

Let me tell you the basic things you need to do to market products in your blog. First of all is to create traffic, no traffic no sales. One way to create traffic is through Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement, so you need to have a PPC tools and learn more about it. Just read on free PPC tools for beginners and learn how to start off with PPC using Google Adwords.

Secondly, your blog needs to be listed among the highest rank in the search engine as the chances are higher to get more clicks. So get the right SEO tools for your blog as it is very important for search engine optimization to create mass traffic.

But using SEO tools alone will not be enough to create search engine optimization especially with Google. As the internet evolved into a more sophisticated technology, the aspect of web marketing has also become more complicated and it gets tougher and tougher to gain links in Google. New strategies are coming into play so here are the search engine marketing hints for you to try to get text links for your blog.


Condo For Sale In Wangsa Maju

SOLD!! Don't Call Me.


Lojing Heights 1
2nd Floor, 1570sf, 3r/2b
Swimming Pool, 2 carpark, Low density, Near Carrefour

3 Units Available Now!

Details pls. call me at 019-3063180

Holiday In Australia

There are everything here for everyone. Choose your holiday dreams vacation for family trips, backpackers or escape to luxury romantic honeymoon either in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Which ever place you wish to stay, there are special accommodation deal cater for everybody's need.

Pic: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Choose your accommodation deals at Sydney Hotels where the range covers serviced apartments with fantastic value for your privacy with facilities for you, your guests and your family. They are located in many areas, but maybe the best deal for you can be found in Darling Harbour with spectacular view and many places for eating out. If you prefer to stay in boutique hotels, places like North Sydney, King Cross, Edgecliff and the lower North Shore will be great. Pick any hotel according to your budget needs or any luxury hotels if you want to treat yourself lavishly.

There are last minute deal at Melbourne Hotels. with variety of selection of Melbourne accommodation to suit the budget of most people's requirements. They have small hotels, boutique hotels and luxury hotels at affordable price for short stay or for long stay. And if you want to stay in serviced apartments (or condominium holiday rentals) with self-catering service, they also have it all the way up to 5 star, luxury hotel accommodation.

Brisbane is Australia's 3rd largest city and the capital of Queensland. It is around 1 hour north of Sydney, and 2 hours from Melbourne by plane. Prices at Brisbane hotels start from as little as AUD 65 from Brisbane Manor Hotel which is situated at 555 Gregory Terrace Bowen Hills Brisbane QLD 4006. 5 star Brisbane accommodation is available from AUD 139 in City at King George Square Cnr Roma & Ann Street Brisbane Queensland 4000 with Carlton Crest Hotel Brisbane.

So enjoy your stay in Australia!


Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success on the Internet

Are You Using The Four Letter Word?

The most powerful word in the marketing dictionary is made up of just four letters: F-R-E-E.

It doesn't matter what kind of product or service you're promoting, if you can use the word FREE in your advertising and marketing, then your response rates will shoot up.

People like FREE stuff. In fact, many people simply can't resist the word FREE!

The problem is, you can't use the word FREE unless you actually have something FREE to give, for example:

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These are all effective ways of introducing the magic word. However, the best FREE idea of all is the FREE ebook.

It doesn't matter what kind of product or service you sell, you can use FREE ebooks as a promotional tool to carry your advertising AND build your reputation.

By creating an ebook that is related to your product or service, and by giving that ebook away for FREE, you achieve three things in one go:

You give yourself a legitimate reason to use the word FREE in your advertising and promotion.

You generate FREE publicity for yourself by promoting your product or service from inside your FREE ebook. You build your credibility by making your book useful and relevant to your target market.

To get the most out of this great FREE promotional tool, keep these points in mind:

The ebook must be more than just a blatant ad for your product or service. This could damage your reputation rather than enhance it. Keep your self-promotion present without being 'in your face'.

The content of your book must be useful and relevant to your target market. There's no point in giving away a FREE ebook that contains Internet marketing articles written by other people, if you're promoting guitar lessons. You'd be much better off
doing a bit of research online and creating a short ebook on the history of guitar playing. After all, the primary aim of the FREE ebook is to build your reputation in the eyes of potential customers.

Encourage other webmasters/e-zine publishers to freely distribute your book to their visitors/readers. Be sure to state this clearly inside the book and anywhere you make the book available for download.

Offer to create customized versions of the ebook for those webmasters who want it. For example, you could place an ad for the webmaster's site on the cover page. This will encourage him/her to work harder at giving it away, thus spreading your message to more people.

Promote your FREE ebook by listing it on shareware sites and in ebook directories as well as on your own website and e-zine.

So, get busy. Ask yourself what it is that your target market is interested in. Make a book that feeds that interest and then start giving it away!

Michael Hopkins is a successful Ebook Publisher and author of 'Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success on the Internet'. Download your copy today at http://bizzydays.com

A Short Cut To Make Money Online Fast

Actually there is no short cut to make money online fast. It's all craps!


Zi Wei Dou Shu - Another Branch of Bazi

Another branch of Bazi is called Zi Wei Dou Shu (Izi Wei). It is the study of 14 main energies in our life scattered among 12 Palaces which have a tremendous effect on us.

Zi Wei Dou Shu described the main energies in our destiny, our 2nd World (Life after age 30), our public relation, our luck, our finance and our job etc. It is a complete and accurate Natal Analysis based on our date of birth and particularly the time of birth.

There are 12 aspects in our life that make us who we are. These 12 aspect (also called Palaces) are very important for us to recognize the decade, the year, the month even the day that effect our lives.

The 12 palaces of our lives consist of

1. Destiny
2. Brothers/Siblings
3. Union/Spouse
4. Children
5. Finance
6. Health
7. Others/Public Relation/Travel
8. Friends
9. Vocation/Career
10. Real Estate/Inheritance
11. Luck/Karma
12. Parents

These palaces are sacred to us. Once we know the detail of these palaces, all the questions in our life will be answered and will become clearer.

But in order to understand how good or bad the energies affecting us, we need to know how is our luck from the luck pillar (Bazi). If we are lucky, all the good energies inside the decade will give us the good result and if we are not lucky, all those bad energies will come into the surface and make our life miserable.

Our destiny is the most vital part of our life which is also called Ming Gong. It tells perfectly WHO WE ARE. The second important part is the 2nd World or Shen Gong. Energies from the 2nd world will add to our destiny or take over from our original destiny after age 30.

While other palaces describe energies of our siblings, spouse, parents, friends or colleagues that we have. We can also find out the source of our money, our career and the size of our property. Not to forget the type illness affecting our body.

For example, the year 2007 is the year of Pig. If your Finance Palace is located in the PIG BOX, meaning that the year 2007 will have an effect on you in terms of MONEY. And if it happens to be in your decade cycle (i.e age 30-40) then this decade will affect you in terms of money.

Studying Izi Wei is the most challenging for me and also the most satisfying. I know things about the person which they themselves do not know. I know their secret, their weaknesses, their skills, their source of wealth, their illness, their most unlucky situation, their lucky people, their unlucky people, their inheritance and even their cause of death. It's scary but at the same time exciting. It is a good shield to protect ourself and also a good weapon to attack our enemy or to take revenge. That is why many Chinese or Indian Tycoons do not want to reveal their date of birth because if their enemies find out what are their weaknesses, they can launch an attack on them or sabotage them. Your date of birth is the key to find the secret of your life.

Do you want other people to know your secret that you yourself do not know?

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Buy Flowers Online For Your Loved One On This Valentine's Day


Get To Know Britney Spears

Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American pop music singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and author. Spears has sold over seventy-six million records worldwide and amassed a US$150 million fortune. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) ranks her as the eighth best-selling female artist in American music history, having sold thirty-one million albums in the U.S.

Spears is best known for her studio albums, music videos, and songs such as "...Baby One More Time", "Oops!...I Did It Again", "I'm a Slave 4 U", "Toxic", for which she won a Grammy Award, and "Gimme More". In January 1999, Britney released her first studio album ...Baby One More Time, followed closely by the 2000 studio album Oops!... I Did It Again. Her third album Britney was released in November 2001, followed by a fourth album In The Zone in November 2003. The collection Greatest Hits: My Prerogative was released in November 2004. Her fifth album is scheduled to be released worldwide on November 12 and in the U.S. on November 13, 2007.

Spears's fame in the music industry has led her to experiment with other forms of media, including film and reality television. As an actress, she is most noted for her starring role in the 2002 movie Crossroads. Spears has also made guest appearances in various other movies and television programs.

Her success as a singer led her to several high-profile advertising deals and endorsements. Spears's marriage to back-up dancer Kevin Federline and the birth of her two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, put her music career on hold. The couple's divorce in November 2006 was highly publicized and followed by a legal battle for custody of their two children.

My Prediction Of Emmy Award 2007

Do you think this year will be The Sopranos again?

Last year Outstanding Drama Series were
* Grey’s Anatomy
* House
* The Sopranos
* 24 - WINNER
* The West Wing

Last Year Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series
* Christopher Meloni - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
* Denis Leary - Rescue Me
* Peter Krause - Six Feet Under
* Kiefer Sutherland

How about the year 2007?
Who do you think will walk away with the gold?
What about the best drama? The Sopranos or Heroes?
What about the best actress? Edie Falco - The Sopranos or Sally Field - Brothers & Sisters?
Who will be the best actor this year? James Gandolfini - The Sopranos or Hugh Laurie - House? Make your own prediction and cast your vote.



I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear