Nissan Teana

The Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L

ETCM also unveiled its Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L. 1st of its kind in the D-segment, the Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L is equipped with a new safety feature – the Blind Spot Warning System, gives drivers enhanced situation awareness thus reducing the risk of collision. The Blind Spot Warning System uses two 24GHz radar sensors mounted inside the rear bumper to detect moving objects such as motorbikes, cars, trucks and lorries. Drivers will be alerted via the LED or Buzzer if potential threats enter the alert zone measuring 3 meters long and 3 meters wide.

Bringing its modern luxurious sophistication up a notch, the multiple award-winning Nissan TEANA features all-new black leather interior and sportier exterior styling.

The Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L is enhanced with a new front smoke grille, side sill covers, rear spoiler, front and rear bumper skirts for a sportier look to match the new bold black interior. Nissan TEANA’s artistic interior is given a fresh look and feel with a new wood trim, black 4-spoke leather steering and on-roof console illumination.

The Nissan TEANA has sold more than 8,000 units since its launch. It is currently the 2nd best selling model in the non-national executive luxury sedan market with a 16.3% market share.

The Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L is sure to delight consumers for a safer driving experience with its new safety feature - the Blind Spot Warning System. While also providing the driver with a pleasurable drive, the Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L pampers the passengers with a luxurious and comfortable ride which makes it ideal for customers who appreciate work-life balance and a car that complements their lifestyle.

The Updated Nissan TEANA 2.5L is available in five attractive colour variants: Deep Amethyst Grey, Tungsten Silver, Sapphire Black, Chardonnay Gold and Brilliant White with an on-the-road price of RM173,100. In conjunction with the launch, customers will be able to enjoy 0% hire purchase interest rate for 12 months with savings up till RM8,888. This promo starts from now till 31st March 2013, applicable to TEANA only.

Citing the support of the media as a critical factor to Nissan’s success, Dato’ Dr Ang thanked the media during a media appreciation luncheon for their continuous interest in Nissan’s products and Tan Chong’s development all these years, particularly for the launch of Nissan ALMERA last year.

“From the pre-launch stage, to the media preview event and finally, when the Nissan ALMERA hit the road officially, the media has been providing our consumers critical reviews and feedbacks which have encouraged them to enquire and subsequently, order the car. Thank you for making Nissan ALMERA a success story, and well on its way to becoming an icon on the Malaysian road,” he added.

Numerology Name Number 5

Number 14 This number is a favorable number for business. Person with their name value as 14 will be always surrounded by mass and popularity, they will be extremely popular among masses. This number is special for many types of business, and provides a business where frequent interaction with people is necessary. WWE superstar Rock's name is 14 ! He was very popular all over the world, 14 is not as great as 23 or 32 or 41 but its a good number for business people.

Number 23 is called the royal star of the lion. It can be used by everyone, its compatible for person born on any date. 23 can be used in their name, i.e Deepa (name comes value 23) , can be used in their company's name, or players can wear their jersey as number 23. One can introduce number 23 in their life in many ways and become successful in the field they have used it. Sports persons with their jersey number 23 are said to be one of the best in their field as 23 has the power to propel a persons fame like anything. Having ones name as 23 makes them capable of achieving anything in life, all materialistic pleasures will be rendered to them. The ultimate power of 23 comes in field of politics, where person with name as 23 can excel in politics and defeat their opponents easily, its a number of masses which creates huge fan following and admiration for the person. The real life examples are many who have 23 in their names, or business or their profession and who have attained stardom among masses! Its truly a star number in the field of numerology.

Number 32 in numerology can bring together people of different personalities. 32 has a distinct quality of attracting masses towards them. Person with name 32 will propagate innovative ideas to the world, This number is a very powerful number and can easily propel even an ordinary person to a great heights. Person with name as 32 should go by what their heart says, if not then they would taste failure. Number 32 in numerology is considered to the zenith of knowledge, these people are considered to geniuses in their field and will possess great wisdom. Their youth and charm can defy the age.

Number 41 Another most powerful number in family of 5! One can witness world s most influential persons  in this number, like Fidel Castro, MG Ramachandran, George Bush, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie all are having their name as 41 in numerology. People will obey and follow the orders of the person with number 41 as their name. These people will enjoy enormous amount of fame and success, They will achieve things easily and will do anything for that. Male with this number may have more than one wife or usually have secret lovers. Apart from this number, there are other great numbers like 50 and 59 which belongs to number 5 in numerology, 8 born persons can keep any of this number as their name value.

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A Good Night Sleep

Avoid This Bed Placement.

The foot of your bed should not face the door. The Chi ‘s flow will disrupt your sleep.

For the same reason, your bed should not be placed on the same wall as the door.

Your bed should not be positioned under a window. The elements will prevent a peaceful rest.

Your bed should not be positioned between a doorway and window, or a combination thereof. The wind tunnel will cause a disturbance.

Your bed should not be placed on an angle. Having the solid support of the black turtle will make you feel more secure, preventing the boogeyman from lurking in the black crevices.

You should not sleep under ceiling beams. The beams cause Chi to create a ripple effect, the downward pressure impacting not only your sleep but also your health.

How To Cure Your Nervous Feeling

I have this disease all my life. I get nervous on everything – height, public speaking, interviewing for new jobs, waiting for a doctor calls in clinics, waiting for someone special, seeing the person I have a crush on, meeting my enemies, seating in a fast driving car, having an operation, giving birth, seeing dentist etc..etc. It is very stupid when you think of it having this sick feeling in your stomach for things that normal people do.

But I have discovered how to kill this sick feeling inside me for good, just recently. It’s not a pill or vitamins or any medical treatment, it is considered a spiritual treatment.

It is from Chinese medicine based on five elements. Nervous feeling is from fire element and because it is my unfavorable element it gives me sickness. In order to put out fire, you need water. So I need to drink more water everyday. Another way to kill fire in your body is to wear gold jewelry because metal can absorb the power of fire. Since metal is my lucky element, I decided to wear metal particularly Gold.

That’s it, all the nervous feeling are gone. I wear many gold jewelry now; rings, earrings, bracelet, gold chain, gold pendant, gold watches, as many as I can.

I don’t need medical treatment for this disease anymore. Why don’t you try them on your skin. Trust me it works. 

Nano White Spa

Price Range RM18.90 - RM89.90

Pakej Spa


Spa Massage
Body Scrub
Body Mask Whitening
Facial Serum Collagen Ultrasonik

Location: Tia Rosa, Nusari Biz, Bandar Sri Sendayan, Seremban, Malaysia
Please call 014-6603030 for appointment
Ladies Only!


Khasiat Buah Bagi Manusia

Makanan kesihatan dalam Islam.
 Ubi kentang seakan berbentuk buah pinggang, sebenarnya ia baik dalam penyeimbangan glycemic index pada diabetes.
 Bawang berbentuk seperti cell body.Ia juga bertindak sebagai pembersih dalaman kerana berperanan menyingkirkan bahan dalam badan yang tidak berguna lagi.
 Eggplant, Avocadoes dan Pears yang berbentuk sepeti cervix wanita. Hasil kajian membuktikan apabila wanita mengamalkan dalam masa seminggu, ianya dapat membantu dalam berat bayi sewaktu lahir dan juga mengelakkan cancer cervix.
 Buah oren dan citrus berbentuk seperti buah dada wanita sebenarnya membantu dalam kesihatan buah dada seperti memudahkan keluar masuk lymph.
 Minyak zaitun berfungsi dalam kesihatan ovari.
 Buah tomato mempunyai 4 bahagian, sama seperti jantung. Hasil kajian, tomato membantu dalam ksihatan jantung.
 Melihat pada bentuk garisan lobak, mempunyai garisan seperti iris, korang tentu sudah tahu fungsinya dalam kesihatan mata.
 Buah anggur berbentuk macam sel darah.Kelebihan mengamalkannya,ia membantu memvitilasi darah kita.
Buah walnut pula berbentuk semacam otak kita,punyai hemisphere kanan dan kiri juga cerebrum atas dan cerebellum bawah. Mnmbantu dalam transmit nueron pada otak kita. Kalau korang hendak tahu, neuron adalah mesej dari badan ke otak manusia.
 Kacang merah berbentuk ginjal juga membantu dalam kesihatan ginjal.
Buah ara yang dipenuhi biji membantu dalan peningkatan jumlah sperma.
Antara makanan yang diamalkan oleh Baginda=
  • susu , dapat membersihkan hati dari ‘kepanasan’.Selain itu memberi daya ingtan yang kuat.
  • madu , terlalu banyak kelebihan seperti menjaga kesihatan perut, menyihatkan rambut dan pembersih mulut. Sesuai diamalkna dengan campuran air suam ya kawan-kawan.
  • minyak ziaitun.
  • anggur.
  • buah delima , membersihkan diri dari setan selama 40 hari.
  • Air .


Kelantan Demands RM800 Millions From Petronas Yearly

Kelantan files injunction application against Petronas
Lawyers representing Kelantan senior state exco member Husam Musa today filed an interlocutory injunction against Petronas to stop paying oil royalty payments accorded to Kelantan to the federal government or its agents.

The application was filed through the firm of senior lawyer Tommy Thomas at the Kuala Lumpur High Court today.

In the interlocutory injunction application, the Kelantan government is seeking cash payment amounting to five percent of the value of petroleum, either on or off-shore in Kelantan, which is a subject matter in the on-going dispute filed by the state in 2010.

NONEHusam (second from left, in photo) is seeking an injunction to compel Petronas, with full disclosure, that cash payment for the Kelantan government be placed into a syariah-compliant account until further notice by the court.

He also wants an order to compel Petronas to prepare an account detailing past cash payments made by the national oil company to the federal government within 14 days of the order.

PAS-led Kelantan government had filed the suit against Petronas over oil royalty it claims the is owed to the state by the Federal government following the discovery of oil since 2004. It is seeking RM12 billion from the oil conglomerate.
‘Wang ehsan'
Husam in filing the application said Petronas president, Shamsul Azhar Abbas said last month it will soon pay the oil royalty payments to the federal government which will distribute it to the petroleum producing states as what they term as "wang ehsan".

"Kelantan is seeking oil royalty of RM800 million a year. We are concerned that Petronas will pay the money to the federal government and won't be able to pay us.

azlan"Hence, we want the money be placed in a bank account which is to be managed by the lawyers. We have also asked all exhibits/documents or accounts relating to the issue to be revealed to the state government," he said.

Husam is the exco member in charge of oil royalty.

In his supporting affidavit to the application, Husam said it was public knowledge that Petronas had retrieved oil off-shore from Kelantan.

"However, to date, Petronas has failed to provide any information on its exploration activities and the extent of its production of petroleum these areas. Further it has not made a single payment with respect to the petroleum."

This has resulted in the legal suit, filed by the Kelantan government.

Husam added that Kelantan further contends that the refusal of Petronas to disclose information on its off-shore exploration and to making payments to the state government amounted to serious breaches of the Kelantan Agreement, the Kelantan grant and the Petroleum Development Agreement.

He contended that the state had been unfairly discriminated by Petronas compared to other oil producing states of Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak where such agreements were identical yet payments were not made to Kelantan, which is led by the opposition.
"This is in violation of Article 8 of the federal constitution (with regards to equality and rights before the law).

Use votes as leverage for oil royalty, says Husam 

Iran Is Ready To Destroy Israel

The president of Iran is quoted in Cairo by the UPI on his continued commitment to the destruction of Israel.

Two en, the same vision. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad traveled to Cairo to gain support for Anti-Zionism.
Two en, the same vision. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad traveled to Cairo to gain support for Anti-Zionism.
The Iranian people are ready to destroy Israel, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on the sidelines of the Islamic summit in Cairo.

“The Iranian people are ready to march on Israel to destroy it if it launches an attack adventure against Iran.”

Also attending the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit in Cairo, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas thanked the Iranian president for supporting the Palestinian people.

Source: UPI:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "Death to Israel"

Ahmadinejad: Israel Will Disappear From Map


Secret Message

If you find yourself in a negative situation with someone in your life, take a few minutes each day to feel love within your heart for that person, and then send it out into the Universe. Just doing this one thing helps to remove any resentment, anger, or negativity towards that person.

Remember that feeling resentment, anger, or any negative emotion attracts it back to you. Feeling love attracts love back to you. What you are feeling for another, you are bringing to you.



Lirik/Tajuk Lagu: Asmaradana (OST Puteri Gunung Ledang)
Penyanyi/Artis: Tiara Jacquelina
Cinta adalah suci
Lahir dari jiwa
Menikam sanubari
Hati dalam lara
Cinta mistik abadi
Kekal selamanya
Musim berganti tapi
Wajah tak kan lupa
Mimpi berlari
Kemuncak destinasi murni
Asmaradana, Asmaradana
Kemuncak cinta
Asmaradana, Asmaradana
Cinta suci tak kenal
Harta atau rupa
Mereka jatuh dari
Raja hingga hamba
Biar api membara
Jadi penghalangnya
Ia tetap kagumi
Keagungan cinta
Bersama berdua
Kemuncak syurga di dunia

Artistry Salun & Spa



The heritage of the ARTISTRY brand started in the 1950’s with an entrepreneurial husband and wife team who went beyond boundaries to bring together science, nutrition and art to inspire revolutionary beauty breakthroughs. Today, ARTISTRY is still leading the way with the most scientifically advanced beauty solutions making it one of the world’s top five premium skincare brands. *
*Source Euromonitor International Limited; Beauty and Personal Care 2011, premium cosmetics and premium skincare category and subcategory; global 2010 value RSP.


From the rare fruits of the African plains to the potent botanicals of the Mediterranean shores, ARTISTRY finds the earth’s prized ingredients for superior skincare and anti-aging treatments. The ingredients are then rigorously tested to deliver on what they promise.
AFRICAN BOABAB FRUIT: Searching for the world’s precious ingredients, ARTISTRY uncovered the rare extract from the African Baobab Fruit, rich in antioxidants and proven to protect skin’s vibrancy.
LIFESIRT MEDITERRANEAN BOTANICAL: Imagining how to take anti-aging to new lengths, ARTISTRY brings LifeSirt, a life-extending Mediterranean botanical extract, to help skin resist the signs of aging and reprogram skin’s future for a dramatically youthful look.
MICRO-X6 PEPTIDE: ARTISTRY invents what’s next in anti-aging technology with the invention of our exclusive Micro-X6 Peptide, a hexapeptide that repairs skin protein damage. Its six amino acids increase natural collagen activity** and target wrinkles for smoother-looking skin now and into the future.


Our cosmetics offer advanced comprehensive foundation shades and modern, sophisticated color palettes. From skincare to color cosmetics, ARTISTRY discoveries bring your beauty forward, further than ever thought possible.
The inventive nature of his work brings to ARTISTRY the best, most forward-reaching technologies proven to make its beauty and skincare products highly effective.

Barry Wain Has Died

Barry Wain, author of Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times, has died in a Singapore hospital this morning, according to Hong Kong-based website Asia Sentinel.

In an obituary, Asia Sentinel described Wain, 69, as one of the finest, most dedicated foreign journalists to have worked in Asia, with a career in the region spanning more than 40 years.

The following is from Asia Sentinel:

Wain's last major published work, Malaysian Maverick, is ample testimony to his combination of in-depth research, fair judgement and willingness to confront his subject with some unpalatable truths.

NONEBarry, an Australian from Brisbane, worked for The Australian in Canberra before moving to Hong Kong where he worked on a local newspaper and then on the desk of the Far Eastern Economic Review.

He joined the Asian Wall Street Journalwhen it was established in 1976 and was soon posted as its correspondent in Kuala Lumpur and to Bangkok in the early 1980s.

During his time there he wrote, The Refused, a book about the plight of Vietnamese refugees. He later moved back to Hong Kong as managing editor of the Journal and subsequently became a roving correspondent and columnist focusing on Southeast Asia.

For the past several years he has been a scholar at the Institute for South East Asian Studies in Singapore.

His position as writer in residence enabled him to undertake the research for his book on Mahathir a work widely praised as the only balanced account of the career of one of Asia's leading and controversial political figures.

Wain was a fine tennis player as well as an amiable colleague who kept trim and fit. His death followed months of complications from what was supposed to be a routine operation earlier last year.

He is survived by his wife Yvonne and son David. He will be missed by his many former colleagues and by the readers who learned so much from his dedication as a journalist who combined hard work with high principles.


Najib Razak, We're Tired Of Waiting!

No PM has waited this long to call GE
9:03AM Feb 3, 2013
YOURSAY 'Najib, despite the reassurance from your sycophants and political insiders of a resounding victory, you still haven't got the courage to announce the date.'

Don't 'jolok' me on GE date, says PM

your sayMoontime: Dear PM, we will always continue to pester you on the election date because despite the reassurance from your sycophants and political insiders of a resounding victory, you still haven't got the courage to announce the date.

Is it because your gut instincts knows that you will be sitting in the opposition bench later this year? Or worse still, not being in the Parliament at all but at the Bamboo River Resort?

You have the dubious distinction of being the most baggage laden PM Malaysia has ever seen. We, the rakyat just cannot wait to cast our votes and choose a better government.

Thisia: PM Najib Razak, you basically have got no guts to face the opposition. That is the only reason why you are not revealing the election date. You want to call for the election when the opposition is least prepared.

Learn from Australia - the ruling government has indicated the election date months before the election. This is so all parties can prepare for it. Well, what do Umno leaders know about being fair? Cheating, swindling, corruption are all in your blood.

Chipmunk: What Najib meant on why he couldn't give the date of GE13 was that he hasn't finished ‘joloking' the rakyat with BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) yet.

Look at Australian PM Julia Gillard, she has the guts to announce that the Australian election will be held on Sept 14, 2013.

Vote BN Out: Gillard said she reflected over the summer and thought it was not right for Australians to be forced into a guessing game about the elections.

Hello Najib, learn from this woman who has just announced the election date for the Australians, way in advance.

Stop Lynas Now: South Korea, Japan and the US had their elections breezed through like a country with a proper political system should. Here we are a third world country with a third world mentality, asking citizens not to ‘jolok'.

Jay Tan: What kind of prime minister do we have, using such low-class words like ‘jolok'. No wonder he is scared to debate with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Anonymous_40f4: A responsible government would never play guessing games with the election date. It puts off investors and creates problems for the rakyat.

The Syabas management has run the water company to the ground, and is now nearly bankrupt because of their incompetence. The federal government keeps pumping in money to keep their crony afloat.

Najib should hand over the water to the state instead.

Appum: What? Another RM120 million to a company that is going bankrupt and yet paying its CEO RM450,000 a month?

Furthermore, this company does not bother maintaining the water supply system, causing about two million people to be without water supply for months.

What we see Umno-BN is doing all the time is CCS (crony concession system) - to sustain, maintain and enrich their cronies. That is their expertise.

Cogito Ergo Sum: In the light of the spiralling mess by the Election Commission, you talk of elections? You have not even addressed this fundamental prerequisite of a democracy and yet you go about like the emperor with no clothes, as if everything is hunky-dory.

This is the height of dereliction of duty from someone at the top. You have lost it, sir. You may win the election, but you have lost the plot... a long time ago.

Sashi: What a cowardly statement. Najib, you are the worst PM ever that Malaysia has witnessed. You have no guts to face the public other than bribing them all the way.

Only in Malaysia can you play this sort of dirty game as you have a complete bunch of corrupt leaders who will dance to your tune.

Apapunboleh: It is the failure of BN that many households have to receive RM500. It is the result of its failed policies to uplift the economic well-being of its citizens. There is nothing to be proud of when its citizens have to beg for dole.

Alfka: BR1M stands for ‘Beri Rasuah 1Malaysia'.

Disgusted: "The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome becomes bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance." - Cicero 55 BC.

In giving out BR1M, Najib and Umno-BN is raising Malaysians to be beggars waiting for handouts month to month till the elections.

What the rakyat don't realise is that he is not giving out the excesses earned by the nation. Our national debt is almost RM500 billion and is rising.

This means the rakyat are the guarantors of the debt. When there is a call by creditors for payment, the rakyat will have to tighten our belts and the ruling government will have to raise taxes and rates. The rakyat should not be elated about all the money thrown to them.

Changeagent: I didn't know that we are "the champion in administering the country and help the people through increased tax collection".

The last time I checked, our federal government debt was standing at RM455.7 billion or 53.8 percent of GDP, perilously close to the statutory borrowing ceiling. Some sort of champion we are if have to rely on more borrowings to fund the BR1M handouts.

Zainal: So BR1M comes from the income tax collected. Therefore it is rakyat's money and not BN's money. Why then hand them to recipients in a BN function?

LJC: Mr PM, are you buying votes with RM500? After 50 years, the one indisputable BN success is keeping the people poor and ignorant. Kudos to you and BN. When will the Malaysian people learn that they are being taken in?

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I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear