Once Upon A Time In Shah Alam.

I used to work in one of the big hotels in Shah Alam before PKR took over Selangor and almost big shots who checked in there or had functions there claimed to be YBs, and they get angry if we dont greet them YB. I loathe all UMNO YB's in Selangor then, they were all snobbish including their children, their grand children and their great grand children! Poorah!!

Malaysian Citizenship For Vote Scam

YOURSAY 'They will now have to share the cake with the millions of instant bumiputeras from the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.'

Pakistani gets countryman blue IC in 20 days

your sayTehTarik: The biggest losers in this citizenship-for-vote scandal will be the bumiputeras. They will now have to share the cake with the millions of instant bumiputeras from the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

This means greater competition for schools, scholarships, jobs, housing, business, hospital beds, etc, etc. It baffles many how the local bumiputeras can still continue to vote for Umno-BN when they have sold bumi rights to millions of foreigners.

The Malays should realise that many of these instant bumiputeras are already competing for jobs and other services with the local population. Most of the stalls in Chow Kit are run by Indonesian bumis.

Government maternity beds are overcrowded with Indonesian bumi babies. Many of the Filipino and Pakistani bumis from Sabah are already in the Klang Valley working as security guards and taxi drivers, again competing with local bumis.

Soon the children of these instant bumis will be vying for scholarships and jobs.

Indeed, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has committed the greatest act of treason against both the Sabah bumi population as well as the local Malays.

I Love Recond Scorpene: This is a great embarrassment to the entire nation - easy citizenship. Go to Dubai, you will never get it even if one of your children is born on the arid sands of UAE.

Go to the United States, you will have to interviewed left, right and centre and same goes in Australia and New Zealand.

It makes Malaysia look like a haunt for easy ICs (identity cards) and yet I have friends who have been staying here for almost 20 years and still have to renew their permits annually.

CHY: It is easier for a Pakistani, Indian, Indonesian and Filipino to be issued a MyKad in Sabah than it is for a legitimate Peninsular Malaysian like me to be allowed to stay there.

How ironic and what treachery it is for it to happen in Malaysia.

Black Mamba: They get their IC faster than our employment probation. What a nauseating scandal.

We have to make sure that all BN ministers with knowledge of Project IC are arrested and put behind bars when Pakatan Rakyat comes to power. Clean up this nonsense once and for all.
Dude: The politicians involved in these sickening episodes are cheats, betrayers to the people and traitors to the country. They should be sent to jail for life for the harm they have done to Malaysia.

Keneoh: The true citizens of Malaysia have been betrayed by the most evil regime for 50 over years. The electoral roll is now padded with illegals so that they can remain in power.

Everybody must go out to vote for Pakatan to counteract this in the coming GE.
NRD made Indian national a citizen using false SD

Boiling Mud: So they make unqualified foreigners instant citizens.

No wonder that these days there are far too many foreigners sitting at the 'five-foot ways' and near shopping malls begging for money - some of them are actually mental cases that should be kept in the mental hospitals in their own homelands, and some exhibiting grotesque open sores with the hope of winning sympathy.

Meanwhile, waiting in line for years to gain the rightful citizenship are thousands of qualified foreign spouses of Malaysians with professional skills to contribute to nation building. The politicians in Bolehland certainly know how to screw up their own country.

Kgen: Other countries pick the best and brightest foreigners to be given citizenship. Malaysia grants citizenship to uneducated and unskilled foreigners freely as long as they are Muslims and are willing to put an ‘X' in the right place.

Meanwhile, skilled and educated Malaysians flee the country and spouses of Malaysians who are professionals find it hard to get permanent residency or citizenship.

So we are exchanging skilled people for unskilled people. No wonder the country is falling further and further behind our neighbours. Soon we will be exporting maids to Indonesia.

Fair&Just: You reap what you sow. Such ease of obtaining citizenship will breed rakyat with questionable loyalty to king and country.

Bolehland can go down the road to decay and destruction as a result of problems and troubles from its highly volatile society and vulnerability to intrusion of foreign interference.

Starr: This hardly sounds like what Mahathir has said - that his action to sanction the grant of citizenship to illegals was justified because they have been living in this country for 20-30 years.

Mahathir's 'blanket' justification is far from the reality on the ground. Indeed, his reasoning is simply untenable, unbelievable and devoid of any merit.

Thetruth: Now we know why they created a law that do not allowed the voters list prepared by the Election Commission to be challenged in the court.

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It's A Knock-Out Punch To Najib

Khalid delivers knock-out punch with condo decision
8:47AM Jan 26, 2013 
YOURSAY 'Unlike BN, he doesn't need to blackmail the Indians to support Pakatan in GE13 to discontinue the Batu Caves condo project.'

Selangor cancels Batu Caves condo project

your sayMoontime: I applaud the decision by the state government to cancel the condominium project in Batu Caves.

I doubt it very much if the conclusion would be the same had Selangor been under BN. With its sheer arrogance and extreme stupidity plus an unholy alliance with money, power and greed, the project would have gone on.

To those of you who thought BN might still have a chance to retake Selangor, think again.

Fair Play: PM Najib Razak said that BN would cancel the project if the rakyat support BN to recapture Selangor. Dear MB Khalid Ibrahim, you just delivered the knock-out punch.

Apache: Great job, Tan Sri Khalid, unlike BN you don't need to blackmail the Indians to support Pakatan Rakyat in GE13 to discontinue the project.

Please keep up the good work you have done for Selangor and Selangorians.

Anonymous #92553906: From a shaky start, Khalid has emerged as a mature and outstanding leader. We are proud of you.

You took the time and went through the proper process in making your decisions. One is on water concessionaire Syabas and other is this Batu Caves condo. I pray to Lord Muruga to bless you and Pakatan with success in the coming elections.

Mahashitla: Syabas MB Khalid and Pakatan, you are the true representatives of the rakyat - honest and hardworking, and taking the rakyat's interests seriously.

Now we don't need a BN victory to undo an environmentally unfriendly BN-approved project. Pakatan has proven that they can do a better and honest job than the corrupt BN. It deserves our support for another term.

Cala: What is the lesson learned from Dolomite's Batu Caves condominium project? To me, this kind of fiasco can repeat itself many times if the local authority is not sensitive towards the societal needs of local residents.

But how can they be if they are not elected by the people? Thus, if the alternative coalition were to run the federal government, they should consider reviving local elections, as was done before in the pre-1970s.

Abuminable: Thank you Khalid. You are the first Selangor MB the rakyat truly admire and respect, especially for the impressive balancing act you have managed between the old corrupt ways and the new concept of what accountable and democratic governance ought to be. I, for one, am very proud of your accomplishments, sir.

Alfa: Khalid has shown many a times how final decisions were made after getting and intelligently analysing the facts.

John Goh TC: Batu Caves is a world treasure. Pakatan should submit the application to United Nations to make it a world heritage.

Dolomite: We were not given chance to have our say

Disgusted: Dolomite, it was BN and MIC which raised the issue of the project - even though they were the ones who had approved it and given all the necessary permits for it, they turned the tables and put the blame squarely on the state Pakatan government.

PM Najib Razak in desperation even went on to say if the Indians support BN and they win back Selangor, he would cancel the project.

Therefore you are barking up the wrong tree. Go and take it up with your masters to whom you owe patronage for the project.

Opah: Condominium developer Dolomite has been vague all along about how this project was approved by Umno-MIC-MCA in the first place. So it has no grounds to act all innocent now.

Swipenter: Dolomite and its managing director Lew Choong Keong got played out by Umno, MIC and the Batu Caves temple committee. They made you a scapegoat in order to cast aspersions on the Selangor government, despite you looking after them all these years.

Ask yourself this simple question: Who stirred the hornet's nest?

It was unfortunate for you that GE12 did not favour Umno-BN, otherwise your project would be finished come GE13 and life would go on as usual in Batu Caves temple without a whisper about the project threatening the latter.

Jean Pierre: Cancelling approvals or permits given by previous government is not a good thing unless it had been obtained fraudulently or with criminal intent.

The present state government should have entertained the developer's plea for a dialogue. There has to be safeguards against arbitrary decisions. The developer has every right to take them to court.

Apache: Lew, what is there to say when Najib has also promised to scrap the project if BN takes over Selangor?

Both Pakatan and BN are of the same view that this project is to be cancelled. Thus, you should go after the previous BN councillors for taking you and your company for a ride.

AnakPuyu: If Lew thinks that he has been victmised by the Selangor government, then sue them (I would advise you to get the help of your masters, BN and MIC).

But in this case, Khalid has checkmated Najib, and Lew has been royally played out by BN and MIC.

Cala: Lew, perhaps you are a decent housing developer by Malaysian standards. If you have been unfairly treated by the Selangor government, I believe you can file an appeal against revocation of the development approval. Alternatively, you can seek redress in court.

Judging from past practices, the public have reasons not to trust housing developers, especially the super big ones. See how they run away from their responsibility of providing low-cost housing for the poor?

KSD: Lew, take this matter up with your cronies from BN. They raised this matter, not Pakatan. I am sure they are feeling pretty stupid over the whole fiasco.

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Selangor Government To Beat Syabas' Leakage

We beat Alam Flora wastage, Syabas' leakage next'

COMMENT The last thing anyone suffering extensively from the recent water cuts wants to hear is more excuses or people in power pointing fingers, blaming each other.

I won't pretend - this article has very clear views over who and what is behind these water cuts.

Nevertheless, the goal of this piece is more to argue - on the basis of empirical evidence, not mere rhetoric - that despite this unhappy mire, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It occurred to me recently that one of the best ways to understand and contextualise the water problems in 2013 is to look at the rubbish collection problems in Selangor in 2012.

How Selangor beat Alam Flora

In 2012, the time came to renegotiate the contract between Selangor's local councils and Alam Flora. These contracts were ,of course, remnants of the pre-2008 BN Selangor government.

NONETwo characteristics played a significant role in bringing Khalid Ibrahim to where he is today - financially, professionally, and politically.
The first is the ability to recognise when something is unjust and unfair. The second is a burning desire to do something about it.

The Alam Flora contracts were exactly that: unjust and unfair. For purposes of simplification, let's imagine: let's say ultimately, Ah Seng is the man who collects the rubbish from in front of your house.

The rubbish collection problems last year can be boiled down to this question: how many layers of contractors are there between the state government and Ah Seng?

The simple answer before 2012 was: far too many. Any business man knows, the more the contractors and subcontractors, the higher the costs - after all, everyone needs a slice of the pie, correct?

Khalid was not having any more of this.
There was a fair price to be paid, and damned if he was going to spend one cent more of the people's money than was actually needed to get the job done. He insisted that Alam Flora lowered their prices.

Arrogantly assuming that Selangor couldn't possibly do without them, Alam Flora then decided to take a hardline approach and started playing some high stakes poker - refusing to budge and declaring their intent to defend to the death their high prices.

NONEKhalid said that in that case, thank you very much Alam Flora, your services will no longer be required.
He then directed all the local councils to directly take over rubbish collection duties with immediate effect. From now on, there was to be zero to one layer/s between Ah Seng and his paymaster.

The fallout and transition pains were serious. Added to the steep (re)learning curve local councils had to endure in dealing directly with rubbish collectors, there were numerous reports of sabotage - mounds of rubbish mysteriously appearing out of nowhere, rubbish collectors being intimidated by gangsters, and so on.

It seemed like someone was trying to force Khalid back to the negotiation table on his knees.

They had, however, another thing coming.

As he has done most of his professional and political career, Khalid stuck to his guns, put his faith in the high level of professionalism he insisted on from civil servants, and rode out the storm.

segambut dap mp community problems 130208 garbageThere were casualties, no doubt. Even the most hardcore Pakatan Rakyat supporter can be expected to be in a foul mood when garbage is piling up on his streets.

Wavering however, was not an option - there was to be no alternative to success. Every day, various committees vigorously pursued solution after solution for the never ending multitude of problems that kept popping up.

It did not happen as fast as everyone would like, but that success did in fact come - today, we hear little to no complaints about rubbish collection. Things have gone back to normal.

Well, not completely normal - the state government saved a staggering RM 100 million a year by eliminating Alam Flora as a redundant middle man.

These savings were immediately pumped back to the rakyat by reducing assessment rates for low cost housing by 25% - substantial savings for low income earners.

Syabas the next Alam Flora?

What lessons from the Alam Flora case can we apply to what's happening with Syabas?

The first is the similarities in the crony experience. Both Alam Flora and Syabas were companies that got fat when BN controlled both the federal and state governments.
Cronyism, inflated contracts, non-adherence to concessionaire terms became the order of the day, and fat cats got used to opulent lifestyles.

It may surprise some to learn that water privatisation is an exercise deemed by the BN themselves in 2006 to be a complete failure.

azlanThe federal government passed a law called the Water Services Industry Act 2006, which was intended to deprivatise water industries throughout the country.
This process was successfully concluded in a number of BN-held states such as Malacca and Johor.

BN changed their position however, in Selangor after 2008. As usual, principles took a back seat to profits, and BN started singing a different tune.

Deprivatising the water industry in Selangor no longer became an option because it was seen by BN as surrendering a cash cow to someone who wasn't them.

What ensued for the next 4 years was a stalemate. The existing laws make it such that Selangor cannot unilaterally take over Syabas, but also that Syabas cannot do very much without the approval of the state government.

While unable yet to force the takeover, Khalid has also gone out of his way to block as much unethical profiteering by Syabas as possible - including by preventing absolutely unjustifiable hikes in water tariffs, which may have almost doubled by now otherwise.

Feeling the pinch, Syabas is clearly desperately missing the good old days, where it was easy to turn mind boggling profits at the expense of the rakyat and the state government.

NONEThat desperation has turned into desperate acts. As has been written before, when you control all the water taps, it's easy for directly or indirectly caused water cuts to conveniently happen at expedient times. I for one, am catching a whiff of bullying and intimidation.
Just like Alam Flora, Syabas looks like it wants to try a little hardball, and take a seat at that high stakes poker game.

No doubt, whenever water cuts happen, every BN politician and spinmeister will inevitably mention Langat 2 - as if this multibillion white elephant that will take years to finish will solve any of our current water problems.

Syabas and their BN sponsors have been whining about Langat 2 for years, swearing on their lives that it's not a waste of money or a kickback laced megaproject, but instead the only way to ensure enough water for Selangor.

Khalid's response? "The way Syabas mismanages everything, even 20 Langat 2's wouldn't solve our water problems."

Is there any reason he or the rest of us should mistrust Syabas or its management when it comes to question of what is and isn't a waste of money?

Firstly, Syabas' non-revenue water (NRW) stands at 33%. That means a third of the water it processes is unaccounted for and wasted (which would be just as high, regardless of new sources of raw water such as Langat 2).

Syabas has failed for years to bring this percentage down. How do other cities/states do in terms of NRW? Dhaka, Bangladesh - 29% (we should think about that, the next time we make fun of Bangladeshis), Eastern Manila - 11%, Germany - 7%, Denmark - 6%, and Singapore - 5%.

Syabas also spent millions of ringgit buying pipes from Indonesia. Sourcing such resources internationally was in the first place against the terms of the concession.
It did not help that these pipes were bought from an Indonesian company conveniently owned by the Syabas chairman himself.

NONEIf you have forgotten who that chairman is, you can always check the huge sign atop the Syabas headquarters, named - in grand Middle Eastern dictator style - after the chairman himself, Wisma Rozali (Ismail) (left).
This is the same ex- Umno Selangor treasurer who pays himself RM425,000 a month, and then claims that Syabas was not given enough money by the state government to fix its infrastructure.

Khalid once remarked at a press conference: "If they have no money, they shouldn't be in business."
Indeed, to lend money to a company that has lost it consistently, you'd have to have the intelligence level of, well, the BN federal government.
Comparing the financial performance of Syabas and the federal government to that of the Selangor government, we see that Selangor has already completely outperformed them in every imaginable financial sphere - increase in financial reserves, elimination of debt, a balanced versus deficit budgets, as well as elimination of corruption, wastage and leakage.

Who would you rather have running the water industry?

No to bullying and intimidation

When it comes to business and public funds, Khalid Ibrahim is not the kind of man you want to have a staring contest with.

Just as it beat Alam Flora's wastage, the Selangor government has every intention of similarly beating Syabas' leakage.
Just like in the Alam Flora case, we may have to brace for a painful interim, but with a real hope of better water management for future generations.

NONEIn the meantime, the Selangor government knows, of course, that first and foremost, people must be supplied with regular water.
When water was cut, it was not accusations that were sent out first, but water trucks from neighbouring local councils.
Just like in the rubbish collection crisis, select individuals and committees were tasked to daily solution oriented responses to any crisis that emerged.

When others try to force their hand, Selangor is ever ready to remind them that there are always other options available to the well-prepared.

Ultimately, when what is at stake is the financial and natural resources that rightfully belong to the rakyat, as well as efficient, sustainable, and just management of the water industry for the good of our children and grandchildren, there will be no giving in to bullying and intimidation.

NATHANIEL TAN is a consultant to the Selangor state government. He feels the story with the animals is the better story.


The End For Super BN Era

The era of super-majority gov't is over
10:27AM Jan 23, 2013 
YOURSAY 'Voters are wiser today and do not wish to see a return to the autocratic ways of super-majority governments.'

'BN won't get two-thirds majority in polls'

your sayGerard Lourdesamy: GE13 is too close to call in my assessment. May be even a hung Parliament. Whatever the outcome, PM Najib Razak is out.

A slim BN majority may not translate to forming the government because East Malaysian MPs may jump ship to Pakatan Rakyat or declare themselves independent but pro-Pakatan.

A slim majority for Pakatan will expose them to tremendous offers of bribery and intimidation from BN to jump ship.

But I think politics as it is, we will see Pakatan MPs staying put because they too want to experience the largesse, benefits and privileges of being in government - something that has eluded them since 1957.

Either way, neither coalition is going to get a two-third majority because the Malaysian voters are wiser today and do not wish to see a return to the autocratic ways of super-majority governments.

LittleGiant: Never mind about all these studies and opinion polls. The rakyat should ensure that the next general election is conducted absolutely fair and clean.

That way, Pakatan could surely return to parliament with a bigger majority and BN denied the two-third majority again.

Dappy: Universiti Malaya Centre for Democracy and Elections (Umcedel) director Mohammad Redzuan Othman is very brave to voice his thoughts. His frankness may cause him to be suspended too. I admire his courage to speak the truth.

Fairnessforall: The thought of BN winning and Muhyiddin Yassin becoming our PM frightens me. Do we want to take the risk?

The phantom voters issue is a reality, the only thing is how many phantom voters can they register and will it be enough for them to cheat and win.

I hope the people will vote wisely and ensure that Pakatan is given a chance to show us what they can do, and whether they are better than BN.

Haveagreatday: It's not very good news if it's just Najib having to step down. If as expected that ‘I am a Malay first chap' takes over, the rakyat can be sure even more repressive actions against freedom and civil rights will be taken.

So, all of us who are pro-change must walk that extra mile. We must throw in all the strength we can muster to help push the Umnoputras out of Putrajaya. Otherwise, the scale will be tipped even more against the agenda for change.

Rahman: BN will win between 130 and 140 parliamentary seats against Pakatan's 80 to 90 seats.

A two-third majority requires 148 seats. In the present circumstances, such a BN victory is commendable. There is no necessity for Najib to vacate his office. After all, he is the most hard-working BN campaigner.

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim will continue biting his nails.

Ourvotesdecide!: What cannot be denied is the fact that after the last (the 12th) general election, more Malaysian voters had become politically aware - of their rights as well as the issues affecting our country.

The voters have also become increasingly critical, analytical and more discerning. So there should be more votes for Pakatan and less for BN this coming general election.

Whatever goodies the BN distributed now, the voters know they are from their (taxpayers) money (not BN money) and these are distributed to buy their votes. Voters are not getting stupid but smarter.

Anonymous_4031: It will be an uphill battle for BN to even get the same number of seats as 2008 polls if we take into account the massive anti-Lynas protest, Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 and the recent People's Uprising rally.

The turnouts were even bigger than those of pre-2008 GE rallies when Bersih 1.0 and Hindraf held their demonstrations. Based on the groundswell revolt, we should see an even bigger tsunami than that experienced in 2008.

Thus the seats status quo is a mild form of being polite to BN. The voters this time are itching to go to the polling booths and register their voice of dissatisfaction.

BN is likely to lose big this time, and is even likely to be kicked out of Putrajaya. The people will rise as one and show to the world who is king.

Jiminy Qrikert: So far, all these political research studies either only tell us exaggerated lies or something we already know.

Let me tell you something you don't know. At 58 percent popularity for Najib, Umno-BN will only receive 42 percent of the popular vote. But the most recent figure was 63 percent in favour of Najib. That will translate to 45 percent popular vote.

Whatever the case, Najib is history. So is Umno-BN. Pakatan will win.

FellowMalaysian: Mohammad Redzuan's assessment and conclusion that it will be almost impossible for BN to win a two-third majority in GE13 comes as no surprise to us who are vigilant on matters affecting voters' sentiment.
Umcedel has accurately identified some major reasons that led to this conclusion. Coupled with the very latest shocking disclosure of the blunders and atrocities committed by Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his coteries in the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on citizenship-for-votes, this may just tilt the balance in favour of the opposition.

Najib is walking on thin ice and whether BN emerges victorious or loses, his position will be damned.

Multi Racial: The question is not about BN winning but Pakatan's winning margin. It depends on whether BN cheat or not.

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Survey puts Pakatan 5pct behind BN for Putrajaya

Survey puts Pakatan 5pct behind BN for Putrajaya
Pakatan Rakyat stands just five percent behind BN in popular votes, according to a recent face-to-face survey conducted in the peninsula.

The survey of 1,409 respondents conducted between Dec 26 and Jan 11 by the Universiti Malaya Centre for Democracy and Elections (Umcedel) gives BN a 42 percent chance of retaining Putrajaya, while Pakatan received 37 percent, with a high 21 percent still undecided.
NONEAnd despite the decline in Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's popularity,  touching just 54 percent, the conclusion of the Umcedel team is that BN would retain Putrajaya.

"However, the longer the BN keeps holding back the election, the more detrimental it will be to the ruling coalition," Umcedel's Prof Mohd Redzuan Othman said today.

"There are the 21 percent who remained undecided in the survey. They are indecisive as to who would take Putrajaya and this would remain the battleground.

"However, we know the inclinations, but we cannot not reveal them here," said Mohd Redzuan, who earlier in the week stated BN is likely to retain Putrajaya, but not expected to garner a two-thirds majority.
NONEAccording to Umcedel's survey, Mohd Redzuan said the majority of the 21 percent who were undecided were Chinese (53 percent), first-time voters (48 percent) and university graduates (43 percent).

The question Umcedel had posed to the respondents was: "In suggesting that they are non-partisan, which parties do they think would win in the next general election and who would be in Putrajaya?"

However, he said that popular vote is not a clear indication as to which coalition would win in the coming general election, given widespread gerrymandering of seats.

In the 2008 general election, Pakatan won 49.6 percent of the popular vote but took a little over one-third of the parliamentary seats while BN bagged 50.4 percent of the popular vote, but won 63.1 percent of the seats.
Meanwhile, according to the poll, the hottest issues plaguing BN are concerns over its integrity and abuse of power.
Besides those, the other factors which may erode support towards BN are the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal, Lynas Advanced Material Plant (Lamp), efforts to reduce crime, failure to control price increase and also the coalition’s lengthy duration in running the country.

Meanwhile, the main issue plaguing Pakatan is the internal squabbling amongst the coalition partners.
Those polled also cited weaknesses in Pakatan-led state administrations, the dominance of DAP and non-Malays in Pakatan, as well as its fear of losing political power, as reasons which are turning voters away.

Selangor, Kelantan, Penang to go to Pakatan

NONEMohd Redzuan (left) also said he expects Pakatan to retain the states of Selangor, Kelantan and Penang.

On commenting on the political situation in Selangor, he said there is uncertainty in BN as to who will be the menteri besar should the ruling coalition succeed in wrestling back the state.

“However, those polled, including those working in public and private sectors, like what present Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim is doing.
"Initially in 2010, when the first poll was conducted, there was uncertainty as the Pakatan government was new.

“However, over time, the people can now compare the four years under Pakatan rule to the 50 or so years under BN, with regards to Selangor,” he said.

Similarly in Kelantan, while noting support for BN is catching up, he said the holding factor for PAS is present Menteri Besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

In giving an example, he said of 10 polled, six would say they support PAS, while the remaining four were BN supporters.

“But when we asked what if Nik Aziz were to run (for election), out of the same 10, nine would say they support Nik Aziz,” he said frankly.

BN has been mooting International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed as a possible menteri besar should they win in the state.

The poll also indicated that the Pakatan government has a huge lead compared to BN in Penang.

Sharapova beats Ekaterina

Melbourne: One of the most popular faces at the Australian Open, Maria Sharapova, has continued her domination with a straight sets victory over fellow Russian Ekaterina Makarova at the Melbourne Park here.

The beautiful Tennis sensation took to a 6-2, 6-2 quarterfinal victory and not only she has set up a semifinal encounter with former French Open champion Li Na but also saw a new record set by the World No.2. Sharapova lost only nine games in five matches.

Sharapova double-bagelled her first two matches 6-0, 6-0 and then beat Venus Williams 6-1, 6-3 and Kirsten Flipkens 6-1, 6-0, beating Monica Seles' Australian Open record of losing 12 games before the semifinal.

"To be honest, those are not the stats you want to be known for," Sharapova said, adding that she was more concerned about adding to her four Grand Slam titles.

Sharapova broke Makarova in the third game of the first set but Makarova immediately retrieved the break to level at 2-2.

But Makarova, who beat 15-time major champion Serena Williams in the fourth round at the Australian Open last year, dropped serve again before Sharapova tore through the remainder of the opening set and never looked back.

Sharapova's has got large number of fans here in Australia as well as they roar aloud for the lady during every match she plays here.


Too Many Illicit Money Outflow In Selangor Under BN

Imagine if Selangor was still under Umno
9:18AM Jan 6, 2013
YOURSAY 'Those Umnoputras and their cronies would have made their easy millions for doing nothing but shuffling the said land among themselves.'

'Najib abused power in defence centre award'

your sayFerdtan: Selangor Umno Wanita chief Raja Ropiaah Raja Abdullah is certainly an unsavoury businesswoman. By Umno's standard, she stands out exemplary - she had managed to outwit many men and/or businesses who have more experience in business circles.

Her victims are Deepak Jaikishan's AstaCanggih Sdn Bhd, GuppyUnip Sdn Bhd and the latest, Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera's (LTAT) and Boustead Holdings Bhd. Indeed, LTAT is more of a co-conspirator than a victim - the real victims are their shareholders, the army veterans.

Probably the problem started when BN lost Selangor state. The new Pakatan Rakyat government would not have approved the transfer of the land from Awan Megah to GuppyUnip as payment for construction of Puspahanas (National Defence Education Centre), and that created a problem for Raja Ropiaah.

I remember my businessman neighbour who told me that after the upset win by Pakatan in Selangor in 2008, many businessmen who had dealings with BN in the state faced financial difficulties as they cannot get the contracts that were promised.

OMG!!: A state Wanita Umno chief can make RM130 million so easily in one contract. One can imagine how much the higher-ups are making everyday. Little wonder the country is second to China in terms of outflow of illicit money.

Odin: Many extremely serious accusations have been hurled against PM Najib Razak. Were they baseless, he would have taken his accusers to court or, at the very least, publicly denied them.

But he has kept silent. His silence means that those accusations are with foundation. Any person in his position who is civilised and principled would have resigned and consigned himself into permanent obscurity.

That he has not done this clearly shows that he is morally reprehensible, is the most contemptible specimen of the human race, and definitely no better than the most base of felons incarcerated in the foulest of jails.

Apa Ini?: The level of corruption - pretty blatant Ali Baba deals involving the highest in the land - is mind-blowingly shameless.

Why are these people still above the law? It's because the legal institutions in Malaysia has been compromised for years. The courts no longer dispense justice and lawyers are the first to sell their soul to the highest bidder. Shame? What's that?

Anonymous #24936590: And Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said all Umno candidates have been clearedby the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)?

DontPlayGod: Giving dormant firms or even new firms specially formed for the project is nothing new. This has been going on for decades ever since the "negotiated tender" (another word for money-making enterprise) was introduced by Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The most fantastic step is that the new or dormant firm need not have any experience, manpower, or even their own capital to operate their business. The government will provide all the capital, maybe even expertise (provided by the third or fourth subcontractor).'

The crony sits back and enjoys the hundreds of millions rolling in. If the rakyat cannot see all this, then we are all finished. We are already on the brink of bankruptcy. Another five years of this and we will be worse off than Greece.

Cocomomo: None of these allegations of corruption are highlighted by the MSM (mainstream media).

The majority of the voters who will decide who rule our country do not know about such corruption and will continue to vote for the corrupted.

Abasir: According to Umno's business rules, the ability to perform according to the terms of a contract is never a criteria for selection.

That should explain the results of nearly every scandalous award by: collapsed stadiums, collapsed ceilings in courts, unstable flyovers, missing prisons, missing school laboratories... the list is endless.

But more interesting awards to incompetent and shady friends have emerged. NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) and PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) are significant here.

Now we have this RM100 million Puspahanas award to a dormant company. No wonder Mahathir is worried about a Pakatan takeover. Thieving opportunities may come to a grinding halt.

Khalid: No development on Bukit Raja land allowed

Anonymous #75854042: The state government has allocated state land to the Federal Land Commission, and it must ensure that the allotted land must be used for specific purpose.

How can such state lands be transferred and owned by private sector under the pretext of payment for a project.
If the federal government does not have budget to build the National Defence Education Centre and army training camps, the 223-acre of state land should be surrendered back to the Selangor government.

Paul Warren: Ropiaah did not need rescuing. It was not her land to begin with. She had not delivered anything. The land should have just gone back to whoever who transferred it to her.

It should have been forfeited for non-delivery on her part. The Bousted payment was just a pay off, like how you pay someone a bribe.

Ong Guan Sin: It is now easy to appreciate how the Pakatan state government of Selangor has been a pain in the neck of the corrupt BN government, and why BN is so determined to bring down the state government, by hook or by crook.

The ongoing so-called water crisis and water shortages in the Klang Valley is apparently part of a BN conspiracy. They would rather sacrifice the well-being of the rakyat and economic prospect of the state and country.

Swipenter: This kind of abuse of power and corruption has to stop somehow and only under Selangor Pakatan can this happen. Just imagine if Selangor was still under Umno. This opaque and shady deal would be covered up and sealed without much public scrutiny.

Those involved Umnoputras and their cronies would have make their easy tens of millions for doing nothing but shuffling the said land among themselves.

The original purpose of building army training camps would be forgotten and the land turned into commercial properties like factories and shop houses for them to make even more millions.

Boiling Mud: Checkmate Umno... Jolly good show, Mr Menteri Besar.

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Raja Ropiaah Land in Bukit Raja

PKR marks Ropiaah's land in symbolic move to block deal
In a symbolic move of their commitment to block a controversial land deal in Bukit Raja involving Selangor Umno Wanita chief Raja Ropiaah Raja Abdullah, Wanita PKR today paid a visit to the site, armed with a hammer and signboards.

NONELed by Wanita PKR chief Zuraida Kamaruddin, the group planted  a signboard on one of three plots of the land supposedly owned by Raja Ropiaah.

It reads: ‘Property of the Federal Land Commission: Trespassers will be prosecuted’.

The federal government had granted the land to Raja Ropiaah’s company Awan Megah Sdn Bhd as partial payment for it to construct the National Defence Training Centre (Puspahanas) for the Defence Ministry.

azlanHowever, the Puspahanas project remains incomplete but the plots in Bukit Raja became mired in controversy after Raja Ropiaah allegedly sold them to two different parties, including businessperson Deepak Jaikishan.

All this was despite the land being yet to be released by the Federal Land Commission to Raja Ropiaah.

In another surprise development, the Defence Ministry’s Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT)-owned Boustead Holdings Bhd announced December last year that it would purchase the Bukit Raja land from Raja Ropiaah.

“Right now the land is still with the government under the Federal Land Commission, so the government is trying to buy land that it already has. This is just for Raja Ropiaah to make easy money,” said Kota Raja MP Siti Mariah Mahmud, who was also present at the site.

The Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government had vowed that it would not allow the LTAT deal with Raja Ropiaah to go through as it would require the state’s approval.
'Land strategically located'
Klang municipal councillor Norain Eusoff, who was also at the scene, said the size of the land was 81 acres. Another 97 acres was sited north of it.

NONE"But there is another 45 acres and we are not sure where it exactly is. We will continue checking, but we are sure is very nearby. So, the total is 233 acres," Norian (left) said.

The land stands directly in the middle of the Klang and Shah Alam municipal border, she said, with this site coming under the jurisdiction of the Klang municipality, while a Toyota factory adjacent to it falls under Shah Alam.

To the east of the 81-acre plot are the booming townships of Desa Alam and Cahaya Alam, mostly comprising double-storey houses. The Maz International School is about 2km away from the land.

The site is also about 5km from i-City and Universiti Selangor (Unisel), with several shophouses and apartments under construction around the area. The New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) cuts through the area.

Zuraida, who is also Ampang MP, estimates the value of the land at RM380 million, if it is converted to residential status.

"The value can run into more than a billion ringgit if it is developed," she said.

However, Zuraida said, the Selangor government would not allow any such conversion, pointing out that the land was initially earmarked for a military camp and would remain so, regardless of the ongoing land deal.

She repeated her call to Raja Ropiaah to come clean on the matter, claiming that the Umno Wanita leader's company was not qualified to handle the Puspahanas project and it therefore should not receive the 223-acre land.

"Is this the new trend of Umno Wanita? The last time Shahrizat Abdul Jalil was a senator, she was embroiled the in the cow (National Feedlot Corporation) scandal. Now that Raja Ropiaah has replaced her as senator, a land scandal has emerged," Zuraida said.
VIDEO l 2.29 mins


BN Won't Get 2/3 Majority In Polls

'BN won't get two-thirds majority in polls'
2:17PM Jan 21, 2013 
It will be "impossible" for the BN to get a two-thirds parliamentary majority in the next general election - and this could lead to BN head and prime minister Najib Abdul Razak’s resignation, to a study says.

NONEThe Universiti Malaya Centre for Democracy and Elections (Umcedel) cited previous electoral records and current developments in arriving at this conclusion in its study.

Umcedel director Mohammad Redzuan Othman (left) told Malay daily Sinar Harianthat the BN would only maintain the status quo in the 13th general election “unless there are extraordinary things that we don't see such - as phantom voters - which we as researchers cannot study” 

“In the past general election, BN only garnered 47 percent of the popular vote in the peninsula, while Pakatan Rakyat won 49 percent. Nationwide, the BN only received 50.2 percent support,” Redzuan is quoted as saying.

pak lah istana negara meet agung on final day 020409 01“Former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's(right) popularity was over 70 percent when he entered the (2008) general election but Najib's popularity now is only 58 percent. So, it will be impossible for Najib to do better than Abdullah.”

Another factor is that Najib is the only premier who will be calling a general election without a redelineation exercise.

“Umno obtained the majority of its seats due to redelineation, not votes. This was proven when Abdullah obtained 64 percent of the popular vote but won 90 percent of the parliamentary seats (in 2004),” Redzuan said.

He noted that the convention in Umno is for a prime minister to resign should he fail to lead the BN to a two-thirds majority in the general election.

“It had happened to the first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, and to Abdullah. The same thing will happen to Najib...”

Merdeka Centre executive director Ibrahim Suffian, who shared this view, revealed that a survey by the independent pollster has similarly shown that it would be an uphill battle for BN to get a two-thirds majority this time around.

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Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

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