Concession" On Toll Concessions - Insulting The Common People

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Sunday, February 24, 2019
"Concession" On Toll Concessions - Insulting The Common People

The way this toll thing is being handled is perfectly reflective of how the country's economy has been messed up and screwed up.

Monopolies are involved. Malaysia is the only country in the world where the government(s) and their sychophants insist that monopolies are very good for you. It reminds me of this old ad for Guinness Stout.

Macam itu juga monopoli pun 'baik untok kita'.

This can become a new branch of economics - we can call it Malaysian Auta Economics. Maybe one day someone here will be awarded that "becoming even more elusive" Nobel Prize for discovering 'Malaysian Auta Economics'.

There have been some statements about the toll operators and the toll concessions over the past few days. The Semenyih elections are less than 10 days away. More incoherent pronouncements and announcements will be heard between now and then.

Folks, just like before, there are government sanctioned monopolies involved.
So you do not stand a chance.

Big corporates are involved in the toll roads - from the old crony connections.

If there are any goodies to be dished out, they will get taken care of first.
You and I will come last.
The Civil Servants who look for post retirement "directorships" in big companies are involved, in one way or another.
They have vested interests and you cannot trust them.
The peoples' interests, the interests of the economy as a whole is being put in the tong sampah.

I am referring these two reports in The Star and making my comments as I go along.


Rough road ahead for govt, say highway operators
govt has to navigate tough terrain to lower or abolish toll say concessionaires

(OSTB : Well of course that is what they will say. These are toll operators. They want to extract the maximum amount of 'compensation' from us the taxpayers.)

An official said no clauses in agreement to reduce or abolish toll charges
concessionaires have loans to service and other bills to pay
government cannot force them to abolish rates without compensation
compensation issue would definitely come into play.
Does country have enough money to compensate operators ?
the amount may run into billions?”

OSTB : I dont believe these buggers. The biggest elephant in the room is PLUS. To give you an idea of their twisted sense of entitlement - because that is what it is - they say they are the largest toll operator in South East Asia, and number 7th or 8th in the world. WRONG. They are the largest toll monopoly in South East Asia - they are the largest toll oppressor that makes the people poorer in South East Asia.

The concession went from 33 years plus another 12 years = 45 years !! (You can read it here.

Here is some trivia about the N-S Highway.

Of the 870 km or so of the North South Highway, the government built 370km at a cost of RM3.32b.
The land acquisition costs were fully borne by govt.
That is 42% of the N-S Highway.

UMNO company UEM (at that time) built the remaining 500km for RM3.5b.
Again the land acquisition cost was fully borne by the government.

Then the government even funded half (RM1.65b) of UEM's initial budget of RM3.5b.

Wow!! Baiknya kerajaan kita.

I recall the first round of financing for the N-S Highway was over RM1.0 billion.
Then there was a cost overrun and the second round of financing was about another RM2.0 billion, give or take a billion in total.

And the loans did not go beyond 15 years. This means the majority of the PLUS loans should have been paid off by about 2010. Hutang besar sudah bayar lah.

The whole highway did not cost more than RM9.0 billion for UEM / PLUS. Even if they had to repay the RM3.5b to the government for that 370km stretch (I doubt they paid back anything).

Then .. jeng ..jeng .. jeng .. listen to this. This is from 2007.

This is a Press Statement by YB Lim Guan Eng about Samy Velu claiming that the toll highways were worth RM500 BILLION !! Ayoyo Samy !

Datuk Samy Vellu must prove that he is telling the truth that it would cost the government RM 500 billion to buy over all highway companies when Plus Expressways Bhd's(PLUS) concession assets amount to only RM 8.8 billion in 2005

Press Statement

by Lim Guan Eng

(Petaling Jaya, Tuesday): Works Minister Datuk S. Samy Vellu must prove that he is telling the truth that it would cost the government RM 500 billion to buy over all highway companies when Plus Expressways Bhd's (PLUS) concession assets amount to only RM 8.8 billion in 2005. DAP can not understand how Samy arrived at this RM 500 billion to buy over all the highway companies when the construction cost of PLUS, the largest concessionaire which operates the North-South Highway, is only RM 8.8. billion.

The Star reported on 10 February 2007 that ,

"As at end 2005, Plus Expressways Bhd had RM8.8bil in concession assets. This mostly comprised expenditure (including interest charges) to build and upgrade the expressways and represented almost 99% of its non-current assets."

PLUS only spent RM 8.8 billion to complete the North-South Highway due to two reasons. One, a portion of it was already built and completed by the government and simply handed over to PLUS. Two, PLUS was completed in the 90s' when construction cost and materials was much cheaper and had not risen many times as now. Clearly PLUS has benefited greatly from such preferential contracts.

OSTB : Here is a 2010 study conducted by MAMPU on the total cost of taking over all the toll higways:

A 2010 study by the Performance Management and Delivery Unit estimated overall costs to take over all highways in the country to be RM383.3bil.

That total comprised costs to take over the highway concessionaires (RM45.2bil) and costs to abolish toll collection (RM338.1bil).

OSTB : This does not make sense. Of the RM383 billion, the highway concessions themselves only cost RM45.2b in total.

However a super extra RM338.1b is needed to abolish toll collection (compensate for loss in revenue lah) !! Banyak cantik.

So the N-S Highway cost a total RM8.8 BILLION.
Debt financing would not have exceeded RM4.0 Billion.

And jeng..jeng..jeng, for your information folks, when PLUS was listed its highest Market Capitalisation on the stock market never went beyond RM25 Billion.

This means if the government had RM25 billion, they could have just bought over the entire PLUS for RM25 billion.

Plus the government is still the major shareholder in PLUS.

So how did you get RM338 billion, RM500 billion (ok ok for all 29 toll companies) when your market capitalisation for PLUS (for example) never went beyond RM25 billion??

PLUS is the single largest toll operator.
The other 28 are kuchi rat toll operators.
Are you saying the kuchi rats are worth RM238b - RM25b = RM213 BILLION ??
Or RM500b (Samy Velu's figure) - RM25b = RM475b ??
Are you all also Malay Studies graduates?

Dec 12 last year, government froze toll hikes for 21 highways
paid RM972mil compensation

no toll for motorcyclists along Penang Bridge, Second Link RM20mil

freeze toll hikes for Class 5 vehicles and buses on eight highways.
cost government RM1.68mil annually

MRCB rec­eived RM1.325bil settlement for JB East­ern Dispersal Link Expressway.

A 2010 study by the Performance Management and Delivery Unit estimated overall costs to take over all highways in the country to be RM383.3bil.

That total comprised costs to take over the highway concessionaires (RM45.2bil) and costs to abolish toll collection (RM338.1bil).

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/02/23/rough-road-ahead-for-govt-say-highway-operators/#8v2w7U5P1J5ALM2o.99

OSTB : Ok there are legal structures.
The government is the largest shareholder in PLUS.
And the government has the power of legislation.
The government can pass laws.


The government can build new alternative highways.
Or just 'announce' the building of new highways.
Or build flyovers and add extra lanes to existing roads to be as good as or better than the toll highways.
The toll operators will immediately get on their knees.
Jangan main. I would do this.

The government can introduce special taxes for the toll road companies.
Cannot? Why cannot?
The government has special taxes on gambling (Genting), cigarettes and liquor.
So what is so special about the toll operators?

Want to be more nasty?
The government can levy a 'revenue tax' on toll highway operators.
(Again if we can levy special taxes on cigarrettes and liquor, then we can levy special taxes on toll operators)

Then take these tax receipts and use it to compensate for lower tolls.
No one will rugi. No one will commit suicide.
That is rule no. 1.

But long, long before that do you know what will happen?
Those arrogantly stupid figures like RM338 billion, RM500 billion etc will come tumbling down. That is what will happen.

Dont play-play with the power of the government.
But only if it is a good government.
If the government is also populated by pirates, then this will not work.
The people will get screwed.
This is what is happening now - under the Pakatan government.
Do read on.

Here is more news from The Star.
About insulting the common people.

Christmas coming very early for Gamuda.

Government talks with Gamuda to negotiate acquisition of four highways
(LDP), (SPRINT), (KESAS) and SMART Tunnel.
Upon successful takeover Govt intends to abolish existing toll

(OSTB : On these four highways. What about the N-S Hiway?)

However, “congestion charge” equivalent to existing toll during 6-hour “peak” period
“off-peak” periods 11pm - 5am, travel on highway for free
other ‘normal’ travelling hours, discounts up to 30% compared to existing toll
“congestion charge” used for operations, maintenance, repay borrowings

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/02/23/government-in-talks-with-gamuda-to-take-over-four-toll-concessions/#eswpXhFcT6WkzZ0t.99

(OSTB : So what happened to Baru Bian's toll concession study supposed to be ready by June 2019? Baru Bian the Works Minister has been short circuited.

My point is - if the government wants to, the government CAN SHORT CIRCUIT ANYTHING.


And which highways are we talking about here?






But .. .. .Alamak !! Its back to square one isnt it?

First you take taxpayers money and give Gamuda an early Christmas present.

Then you get the taxpayers to suffer "congestion charge" aka suffer the same toll rates - FOR SIX HOURS DURING PEAK PERIODS DAILY.

YAB / YABhg / YB / whoever lah - its like this ok.

School starts at 7 am.
Parents send their kids to school about that time.
That is why it is called the PEAK PERIOD.

Parents are not going to wake up their children at 4 AM and send them to school BEFORE 5 AM JUST TO AVOID PAYING TOLL on the Gamuda highway !!



Government offices start work at 8 AM.
The private sector starts work at 9 AM.
Banks open at 9:30 AM.

There is no point for Civil Servants, private sector employees, business people who have banking matters to do - to start traveling before 5 AM just to NOT pay toll. Jabatan kerajaan tak buka sehingga 8 PAGI. Businesses start at 9 AM. Banks open at 9:30 AM.

Then you are saying these people will still pay PEAK PERIOD TOLLS - 'CONGESTION CHARGES'.

So as far as the rakyat is concerned there will be no change.
They still suffer the same tolls at PEAK PERIODS.

“off-peak” periods 11pm - 5am, travel on highway for free

(OSTB : Thank you very much. Have you informed Count Dracula? I am informed that Count Dracula usually travels between these times. He will be most happy and will certainly vote for you at the next elections. I have no wish to join Count Dracula. For a simple reason - between 11pm and 5am I am usually asleep at home.)

other ‘normal’ travelling hours, discounts up to 30% compared to existing toll

What is the meaning of this "up to 30%" ?
5%? 10%
Does this apply to the N-S Highway?
Please answer Yes or No?
That is the biggest elephant in the room.


The real issue is company valuation.
How much do you value these toll operators?

The toll operators are possibly using simple arithmentic.
My net +ve cashflow is say RM1.0 B per year.
My concession ends in 2030 - 11 years away.

So 11 yrs x RM1 billion = RM11b.
Plus my assets RM8b = RM19b.
Throw in a premium = RM5.0b
Throw in my debts = RM xx
Total say = RM24++ billion.

This is where THREE factors have a big say in HOW TO VALUE THESE TOLL OPERATORS

1. Please refer my list of NASTY THINGS the government can do.
2. The government is the largest shareholder (in PLUS)
3. Where do the pirates sit? Inside government, outside government, one foot here, one foot there?

The issues become clearer when the peoples' interests take pre-eminence.
Obviously they are not.
Syed Akbar Ali at 10:16:00 AM
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AnonymousSunday, February 24, 2019 10:23:00 AM


Apa punya news la... patutnya waktu orang pergi kerja la bagi tol free. Ini waktu orang pergi clubbing kau bg free tol !!


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When People Do Not Know What Is Bad For Them By OutSyed The Box

OutSyed The Box

Monday, February 11, 2019

There is so much crap in this world. There is crap everywhere.
There are many kinds of crap. Two examples are permanent crap and temporary crap.

Temporary crap could be a situation that you got yourself into (a career choice, wrong employer, bad business decision, weak economic condition, wrong choice of life partner, wrong choice of friends, trouble causing family / relatives etc). These things are all 'temporary' in nature - or should be temporary in nature - provided you know how to work your way out. Or you know how to find a solution. In other words solutions exist. That is what I call 'temporary crap'. There is a way out.

My first business venture started 30 years ago. It took off with a bang. Then an anchor tenant where I was located went bust and the business died in that area. I could not move location because I was short of capital. I was also alone - my wife was attending university and was also busy taking care of our young family at that time.

No big deal. Youth was still on my side and I saw what I had to do. I simply plotted my way out. There was a solution and I could see the solution. So I went back to work in banking and stuck with a banking career. But I always had my eye on business. It took us 10 years to reorganise our capital and resources and get into business again. We started our gold jewellery business in 1998 and this time my wife was fully involved. From there we went on to do property plus I also continued with my own corporate career. Then writing books also was an added bonus - which I did not expect. Now youth is not on my side but there are still plenty of things to do. Plus you can be Prime Minister at age 93.

Ok lets get back to talking about crap again. Permanent crap is also about the same as that list of temporary crap I have mentioned above. However you must add religion to permanent crap. In my personal view religion is satanic. Ajaran syaitan par excellence. But permanent crap becomes permanent crap ONLY when YOU (yes I am referring to you) do not know HOW to get yourself out of the permanent crap.

Your situation (yes I am referring to you again) becomes worse - becomes entombed in crap as hard as concrete - when

a. you do NOT KNOW that you are stuck in permanent crap
b. when you think that the permanent crap that you are stuck in is your god's gift to you.

You are actually in very deep shit. That is being stuck in real permanent crap with no way of you being able to crawl out of this crappy situation.

It is conventional wisdom that 'the customer knows best'. I do not agree with this at all. The customer rarely knows what is best or even what is good for them. If you do not believe me just count ALL THOSE things that you bought that :

1. you really do not need, they are just lying around your house
2. do not work or do not produce the results that you thought they would. (I bought a motorised tiller - to break up the soil in our garden, but our soil is clay soil and hard as concrete. The motorised tiller just bounces off the hard clay. Never mind we can use it on our compost heap - to toss it over.)

So the customer (or consumer) rarely knows best. This is my view. A good product becomes successful because the inventor, manufacturer or engineer just happened to hit on the right design or right recipe and taste.

In the same way, to justify a democracy the saying goes that 'the voters always know best'. This is a highly disputable statement. What the voter thinks is best for them may not even be good at all for humanity. It could even be evil (meaning really bad).

The voter will only know best if

1. the voter is sufficiently educated to think critically and logically
2. is not frightened by 'negative repercussions'
3. does not believe in black magic
4. does not believe in hocus pocus religion
5. does not believe in satanic religion
6. is not swayed too much by racial and religious prejudices

Can you find such a voter in Malaysia ? There are not enough of such voters. So the voters actually do not know what is best for them.

This is where we need absolutely good and capable leadership. Those with fake degrees and others who support or defend people with fake degrees are just not leaders. They are just fools.

We need leadership that has good principles and good moral values that are universal. One example of a good moral value is to know that faking a university degree or defending a fake university degree is an immoral thing to do.

If you are still confused about this very simple point, on top of your beliefs in superstition, blackmagic and satanic religion - then you are just a vampire that has escaped from hell. Sadly there are many of you in this country and in this world.

While poor Buffy is just one person.

This walkabout was triggered by a comment in the earlier post :

Anonymous said...

"With a systematic agenda that is pro-rakyat" ... “reform”?

Let's not talk about "reform" to gain rural Malay votes. It won’t work. They don't understand what reform is all about. They will vote for you if they are fed with money. The super moron was doing this. It’s still “money talks” to many of these folks.

Umno and PAS can forget Sabah and Sarawak.

Be smart in politics. For PH to win big, re-delineate the electoral boundaries. This must be done before the next GE. MUST. Many of the constituencies are presently disproportionately represented. Tony Pua has over 150 000 voters in his constituency (split into 3 or 4). There are constituencies having less than 30 000 voters to favour BN before the GE14. This is just absurd.

Monday, February 11, 2019 12:17:00 PM

Note this point : They don't understand what reform is all about.

I think this is a prime example of being in a "permanent crap" situation. They do not even know they are stuck in the crap.

In an earlier post where I complained (again and again as I have been doing since 1995 or earlier) that we are paying three or four times the world market prices for cars. Meaning that is NOT A GOOD thing to do.

One commenter said that lowering the prices of cars would only increase the number of cars on the roads. The commenter was obviously happy or not concerned that Malaysians are paying three or four times the world market prices for their cars and vehicles. These are the people in that permanent crap situation. They cannot even begin to understand that they are in permanent crap.

Paying market prices for cars and vehicles will NOT increase the number of cars on the roads. A husband and wife living in an apartment with just one parking spot are not going to buy a second or third or fourth car just because car prices are more realistic and reasonable. They will have to pay extra road tax, pay extra for service, maintenance, car wash etc for the extra cars. They will still make do with just one car. The difference is that for the same amount of money they have been forced to pay they will now own a bigger, better quality and safer car. Instead of paying RM1000 per month for a tin can, they can now own an Accord or a lower end Mercedes Benz. That is the difference.

Cik Minah who runs her nasi lemak stall from the back of her Nissan Vanette is not going to buy TWO or THREE more Nissan Vanettes just because the prices of Nissan Vanettes have come down. She still needs only ONE Nissan Vanette to run her nasi lemak business. But a cheaper Nissan Vanette means that Cik Minah pays less monthly instalment and therefore she can now save more money and use the extra savings to put down a deposit for that medium cost apartment that is now only affordable to many Chinese and other non Malays.

Boleh faham ke brader? Why are you folks so dumb?

The other example is the Bernas monopoly on rice. This has caused the price of rice to be so high in Malaysia. As I said before even that poor quality 20% or so broken rice is selling for almost RM3.00 per kilo. As I have said I have seen Chinese people buy this low quality rice and cook it (with pet food) and feed it to dogs. (This was at an animal shelter where we went to tolong sikit.)

But this is the same low quality rice that is being bought and eaten by the Malay people.

Now if you remove the Bernas monopoly on rice and open up the rice market to full competition, then it is most likely that the poor people, including many Malay people (who can still only afford to pay about RM3 per kilo for rice) will suddenly discover that now their RM3.00 can buy beras wangi Vietnam or beras panjang Thailand !! Or better - who knows.

So even though their income remains the same - meaning they still only have RM3.00 to buy rice - but the difference is that now with the same RM3.00 they do not have to eat "beras kualiti anjing". They can eat a better quality rice. Faham tak brader?

Or, if they still want to buy that low quality 20% broken rice, then they will discover that the price of that low quality 20% broken rice has fallen to reflect its real market value. Maybe that low quality 20% broken rice will now sell at only RM2.00 per kilo. No more RM3.00 per kilo.

So even there the consumer saves money. The money they save can be used to buy other things that they could not buy before - for example a medium cost apartment that previously was only affordable to Chinese and other non Malays.

To make a long story short what I am saying is that YOU (yes you brader) are poor because you are stupid. You do not seem to understand what is good for you.

When you cannot think logically and critically you will not know that you are in a situation of permanent crap.
Syed Akbar Ali at 2:20:00 PM

AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 2:42:00 PM
U fail to mention, other countries can survive with their public transport unlike malaysia everyone needs a car/bike to move around

i think im dumb - nirvana-


AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 3:26:00 PM
Another permanent crap is bahasa melayu mampu jadi bahasa antarabangsa. Because of this crap, generations after generations of anak melayu cannot speak orang putih. Then tokay cina in private sector kena blame for not employing malays. Then gomen gotta take in malays in perkhidmatan awam, now abt 1.6mil orang.


AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 9:50:00 PM
Chinese also terok. Born and raised in Malaysia still cannot speak Melayu ... This is equally bad.


AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 4:44:00 PM
Truthfully we got CRAPPED now that PH turns out to be BN 2.0. PH better clean up its mess or else you will be destined to be a 1 term ruling party. Not voting for BN either but hope other political parties will surface to do the fighting for Malaysians. It's refreshing to see PSM leading the way in filing police report against those who blatantly stripped out Kledang Hill in Ipoh till BOTAK. RULE OF LAW prevails and heads must roll for those found guilty (send them to jail, no ifs or buts). This Malaysia Baru will not tolerate those nonsense that was rampant under BN or PH. Enuf said!!!


AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 4:55:00 PM
Dengan senario politik malaysia hari ni aku pening nak pilih menatang mana satu, satu bekas geng penyamun, satu geng kuat tunggang agama dan satu lagi kuat kencing... Poning den dibuatnyoo...hahahaa...

Apasal pemimpin Islam yang sgt tawaduk duk duk yg tiap hari kutuk Sang Kapir Laknat ..Kapir Harbi ..tapi bermegah dgn kereta buatan kapir spt BMW, Audi, Porshe. Ikut cara X-Agong yang hanya nonggang LADA tangan kedua je .. Jiwa rakyat betul.

pbkg Makin ganas main agama kaum, apa lagi modal, semua penyamun tarbus ulat mau atok mampoih cepat,anak ikan masuk line, semua sandiwara beb, kalau atok lama, semua masuk Kira besi, kah kah kah, Ulat lagi mak darul ular...mesti pakai bmw baru khusyuk, bunyi luar tak masuk, setakat pakai proton hampeh...cermin Tak katup rapat kah kah kag...melayu islang


sickputMonday, February 11, 2019 5:16:00 PM
I cannot see any reform with dr m in charge. Or say under LGE.the last thing i would do is cancel the gst after najib's extravagance, but that was the first thing they did.so now, finance minister working doubly hard trying to cover the shortfall by introduving msny other taxes .
They shoukd have reduced car taxes instead of gst if pump priming the evonomy is what they wanted.


AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 5:25:00 PM
I agree with you on the beras monopoly. That should be dismantled yesterday. On the car prices, I agree that we should not pay overinflated price. All the crazy excise duties should be abolished yesterday. We Malaysians have suffered long enough just so a few AP Kings can accumulate easy money and become super rich at our expense.

Having said that I disagree that cheaper car price will not result in more cars on the road. Even that Chinese minister said that reduction in the excise/duty rates will not cause Government to lose income bcoz it will be covered by higher volume of car sales. Unless people buy cars just for show and just keep them in the house, higher sales volume means more cars on the road.

Syed, you think like rich people. Of course the rich who already own one car or more will not buy another one just becoz it is cheap (or maybe they will just to show off). Cheaper cars will encourage people who are currently using public transportation or motorbikes to buy cars (new or second hand).

Cheaper cars WILL increase traffic congestion. So my question is what is your solution to that? Build more roads? Improve PT so that people prefers to take PT than driving cars? Introduce petrol tax? Or just wait and see? What?

Let me reiterate just incase you think I disagree with your opinion re prices of cars in Malaysia. I agree that we should pay market prices. Our car prices are ridiculous. Would love to buy a brand new Merc for RM140k.


Lim Ann Wei PatrickMonday, February 11, 2019 5:30:00 PM
Agreed with Syed 100%.


AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 7:07:00 PM
Ratio Melayu kampung bahlol lebeh ramai lagi dari Melayu bijak pandai. Content suka hati asalkan ada nasi dan ikan kering, TV 3 utk melopong dengar ostat bercelak, surau mesjid dekat,sekolah cekai free, sekolah latihan mintak-sedekah lagi free, motorbike daredevil pillion-rider bersama 8 anak + bini(2). Sat lagi di campakkan BRIM1 kjaan maha murah hati. Beres!! Malaysia syurga ku. Ekonomi negara, keselamatan, masa depan anak cucu bkan masalah aku! Ignorance is bliss. Reti pancut dan rokok antara dua jari 24 jam je.


AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 7:43:00 PM
If you are a big housing developer, building condominiums in Malay areas and not getting other Malaysians wanting to buy in the area like Kerinchi, developers may not get good profit for the their projects. My take as non Malay population keep falling, developers will not build and sell condominiums of RM500,000+ because there is not enough non Malays buying these properties. Building in Malay areas may not generate enough profits to sustain their development projects. We are talking about 10 years from now which is pretty short time.
No developer wants to build and sell cheap properties and to people without purchasing power.


AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 8:19:00 PM
You have to put your weight/push downwards on the handlebar to enable the tiller to dig in (wet the soil first) n start tilling. If u dont, it wont work on any soil xcept sand but who would want to till sand! This is becoz the tiller has less weight compared to power. Something like power to weight ratio in car, bikes etc. Have been farming at the base of Gunung Datuk 4 a few yrs now. Tanah sawah has clay in it.


AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 9:15:00 PM
Build tall poshy apartments with shitty infrastructure to support it. Roads below and leading into it are narrow and always cramped up with stalls or cars parking like they own the place- some more got samseng indian jaga charging??? Many buildings are just so close to one another you can see whats going on in the bedrooms across!! Haphazard planning and for sure some people in certain sector making big time money out of it. Lost cause!


AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 9:42:00 PM
kita pun sama jugak bahlaol penakut
cakap macam pandai tapi tak mau jadi pemimpin
tm ni dah hilang semangat jati diri tuannya
semua mau cipat tak reti sobar
nak jadi maju konon



AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 9:43:00 PM
"Can you find such a voter in Malaysia ? There are not enough of such voters. "

They were all gerrymandered into ridiculous 6-figure constituencies like Tony Pua's.


AnonymousMonday, February 11, 2019 10:59:00 PM
i'd rather the govt reduce car price than subsidise fuel.


parameswaraTuesday, February 12, 2019 1:47:00 AM
Baru dengar berita (ada saya yang baru tau)

Si Adnan Mansor (tada tengku) hantar anak 13 tahun belajar kat Ostrolia. Mak ai. terpekik melolong Bahasa, Jiwa, Bangsa. Kononnye budak budak di malaysia harus belajar semua mata pelajaran dalam Bahasa Malaysia - tapi anak sendiri pergi ostrlai baca dalam bahasa inggeris. Sama seperti geng2 dia kesemua anak2 di hnatar overseas. Pasal nak membodohkan orang sendiri tak mau ajar dalam bahasa inggeris. Poodah Adnan Mansor (tada tengku).



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OutSyed The Box

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Here is a recent article by Mariam Mokhtar. I am reproducing it in full. My comments are in blue.

*Seven Questions Malays Should Ask Their Leaders.*

By Mariam Mokhtar


Are we stupid or are you – our leaders – that after over half a century you have still not got it right?

(OSTB : It is the fault of the Malays. They did not read enough books and intelligent material on their own to understand that their leaders were the ones who were and still are - stupid. Unbelievably stupid. Yes the leaders were stupid but it is the Malays who put them there. Look at how many Malays still support Hadi, Najib and PAS.)

The Malays in Singapore are by and large better off than us yet they do not have Bumiputraism. Why not learn from them?

(OSTB : The Singapore Malays are now becoming success stories who can outcompete the Chinese. Highly successful bankers in Singapore are Malays. Top real estate professionals in Singapore are Malays. And many more.)

The wealth gap intra the Malay community is much wider than that of the other communities. We have super rich Malays while most of us struggle to make ends meet.

(OSTB : Yes and no. There are no real wealthy Malays. All the so called wealthy Malays became wealthy on bumi projects, bumi contracts, government granted monopolies, taking up 30% bumi quota shares in successful Chinese and foreign owned companies, getting bumi quota shares in public listed companies etc. What does this mean? It means TWO things : 1. Only connected Malays - the elite - benefited from this wealth redistribution. 2. They cannot do it a second time. The children of these get-rich-quick Malays have not learned any business skills. So they cannot repeat the "false success" of their father's generation. The second and third generation will become poor again.)

Are these rich Malays so much cleverer or more hard working than the rest of us?
Or is it because *they have used their positions and connections to enrich themselves at our expense?*

(OSTB : My point exactly. Notice how many sons and daughters of UMNO/BN Ministers became 'big businessmen'. Now they are becoming bankrupt and exchange notes among themselves about going bankrupt during Friday prayers in the Bukit Damansara mosque.)


After all since the rich Malays can afford to support their children’s education why are they taking scholarships?

Every place they take means one less place for a poor student.

And how does giving us discount on buying shares help us? Most of us cannot understand the stock market and even if we did, we have no spare money to play the share market. This benefits the rich Malays but not us.

(OSTB : Now you are beginning to see. Many of these bumi policies have been crafted by the Malay elites - the 1st generation Ali Babas - to protect their own interests, ahead of the kampong Malays. You can see these Melayu elit at Bangsar Shopping Center, Bangsar Village, the Pavillion and also at the Bukit Damansara mosque on Fridays. Plus at the various clubs around town. And in Jakarta but that is getting less now. Duit sudah kurang.)

Same for housing we can only afford one house if at all, while the rich can buy many.

(OSTB : Why give a bumi discount for a Malay jutawan to buy a multi million Ringgit bungalow, semi D or upmarket condo? Where is the logic?)

Now if house purchase discounts were given strictly on the basis of needs and not race, then perhaps house prices can come down because of the lower holding cost for developers. This will benefit us.


How did the Chinese steal from us and how are they going to make us extinct? *Explain . . .!?!*

Are you not using them to scare us so that we run to you?

(OSTB : Here is my suggestion. Please make a huge statue of the Chinese and plant it on some high mountain top. If there were no Chinese, who would manufacture our underwear? Who would transport all the rice to our shops and markets? Who would plant, harvest and transport all our vegetables to our main markets? Who would catch, freeze and transport all our fish to the markets? Who would manufacture, market and transport all the cement, roof tiles, floor tiles, comcrete and steel that goes into making all our fantastically wonderful and world class houses? In Malaysia our modern houses are world class. Our taman perumahan, our new townships, our new urban centres are all world class.

An "average" property development in Malaysia.
World class. By Chinese developers.


(OSTB : Every year there are 70,000 [and increasing] Malay students in Chinese schools. Over the past 20 years more than ONE MILLION Malay students have graduated from Chinese schools. The number is increasing.)

Why is religion so much an element in our schools. Should we not have more time on subjects that prepare our children for the workplace – to cari makan?

And if as you keep telling us that we have the best education why are you sending your children to private schools and overseas universities?

(OSTB : They are lying. They know that the sekolah kebangsaan system has failed miserably. The children become more bodoh after going to sekolah kebangsaan.)

Why are our universities ranked so low?

We want good public universities led by good vice chancellors; we don’t care about his race. Yet you play politics with our children’s future by not appointing the best, but using race as a criteria.

(OSTB : The public universities are pusat propaganda ketuanan Melayu. Intelligence, IQ and ability are not too important. Race, religion, strange reinterpretation of history etc are more important than knowledge.)




I hear that in Indonesia there are siblings of different faiths in the same family.
That *a Muslim can marry a Christian without either converting from their religion*

*Explain Al Baqara 256: There is no compulsion in religion.*

And why do you think we are we so weak in our faith that we can be so easily confused, or influenced by the sign of the cross, or Christians celebrating their festivals that you forbid us to even convey our festive greetings to them? Or not allow them to enjoy their Oktober Fest as we consider it haram. Who are you/we to impose our beliefs on others. How did we become so intolerant?

*Why is it that you make a fuss of how our women (or other women) dress and trivial matters like that;*

*yet you close your eyes to the corruption that goes on?*
*You say nothing about how our leaders have cheated us*

*Has your silence been bought by the fat pay you get????*

(OSTB : Do not disturb them. Mereka sedang melanc _ p.)


Is it to keep us dependent on you? Are you afraid that if we can think for ourselves and stand on our own feet without you we can make up our minds what is good or bad?

(OSTB : Foolish people are easier to manage.)


Is it the less extreme and more tolerant Islam in their day? My grandmother did not wear a tudung yet she is a good Muslim. My grandfather sat in the coffeeshops with his Chinese and Indian kakis and no one made a fuss.

*Have you brainwashed us to hate the non-Malays?*

I do not care about race; and religion is a personal matter – between me and Allah. I do not want to be used as a pawn to *further your own selfish agenda.*
All I want is a good job and peace and harmony. I want a good education for my children so that they too can have a bright future.

I look at our Malay brothers in Sarawak and Sabah and envy them for their racial harmony and how they enjoy each other.

My grandfather tells me that we were like that once. I want to be like that again.

It is not the non-Malays who do not want to mix with us. *It’s us who want to be exclusive and that works to our detriment.*

Don’t play racial politics with our lives so you can divide and rule, and enrich yourself at our expense.

You can fool some of us all the time and all us some of the time, but you cannot fool all of us all the time.

*Explain why you have failed after 60 years of trying.*

(OSTB : The point that you are missing Mariam Mokhtar is that the Malays are becoming less and less relevant to the rest of the world around them.

Its like this.

For example they are becoming intolerant of ALL other religions. This means to ALL other religions, the Malays are not relevant to their lives. A Hindu, Buddhist etc will discover that the Malay / Muslim is less and less relevant to them.

Another example. The Malays are becoming more intolerant towards dogs. This means even to ALL dogs, the Malays are not relevant to their doggy lives. A dog will live a better life if there are no Malays anywhere near it.

Malays are becoming less tolerant of other races in the country. This means that as far as ALL other races are concerned the Malays are becoming less and less relevant to their lives.

Malays are saying do not wish Merry Christmas. This means that Malays are becoming less relevant when it comes to celebrating Christmas dinners and Christmas parties. Christmas parties and christmas dinners will just have to get along WITHOUT Malays. Its as simple as that.

Public universities are becoming less and less relevant to non Malay academics and scholars. If you want to be a vice chancellor or top academic (by merit) in a public university, and you are NOT a Malay - then you have no chance or little chance of being promoted up. So public universities become less relevant for merit based scholarship.

So little by little - the Malays have made themselves less and less relevant to the real world.

This is part of what some of the unthinking called 'BUILDING MALAYSIA IN OUR OWN MOULD'.

I call this mould the Cap Tah_ Ayam. The Chicken Shit mould.

After 49 years (since 1970) of this Chicken Shit mould, the shit has really hit the fan.

They have become incurably stupid and non competitive.
But they think they are incurably clever and super competitive.

They think they are capable of working hard. Ha ha ha.

So today, after 49 years, some of the progressive thinkers are beginning to see how deep is the shit that theyhave actually become stuck in.

But where were you 30 years ago?

Enjoying the spoils of the 30% bumi policy?
Tumpang satu kaki?
Buying your homes in Bukit Damansara?
On freebie money?

So what is the problem now?
Your house in Bukit Damansara has been on sale for the past six months and there are no takers?

Can you smell that?
Its the chicken shit.

Syed Akbar Ali at 12:19:00 PM

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