Some Basic History On Islam

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A friend shared this map with me. It is extremely interesting. Here is some "history".

In the scheme of things, the guys who created the sects appeared first.

1. Abu Hanifah of the Hanafi 80-150 Hijrah, from Kufa of Persian origins
2. Malik of the Malikis 93-179 Hijrah, an Arab
3. Shafie of the Shafies 150-204 Hijrah, an Arab
4. Ahmad of the Hanbalis 164-241 Hijrah from Baghdad of Persian origins

These were the earlier folks on the scene. Abu Hanifa and Malik appeared earliest ie within the 1st century Hijrah.

Then the guys who 'wrote' the hadith appeared :

1. Bukhari 194 - 256 H from Bokhara of Persian origins
2. Tarmizi 209-279 H from Tirmiz , also Persian
3. Ibn Majah 209-273 H, from Qazwin in Iran, also Persians
4. Abu Dawood 202-275 H from Sistan in Iran, also Persian
5. Nasai from Nasa, also Persian
6. Muslim 204-261 H from Neyshapur also Persian

So the earliest formulation of what we know today as the religion was actually done by the Persians. The Arabs had little intellectual tradition, even until today.

In the two lists above, the majority of the names are Persian. Even beyond these two lists there were numerous other "writers" who were also Persian.

Before the advent of Islam, many Persians were Zoroastrian fire worshippers. Their intellectual classes were most certainly also of the priestly classes.

Tabari was a Persian (tafseer Tabari)

Ghazali was a Persian (died 505 Hijrah)

Zamakshari was a Persian.

Ibnu Sinnah was Persian.

Al Sibawayh (the Arab grammarian) was Persian

Al Khwaraizmi was Persian

Al Razi was Persian

Just some trivia to keep in mind before you feel 'holier than thou'.

Article by Syed Akhbar Ali


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