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They Cannot Make Muhyiddin Yassin Go Away

Part 1 : Months ago, in the earlier part of the year, I received some information about a smear campaign against Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. I sat down with the person who gave me the info and it was obvious that the whole thing was a script. Then we started laughing because the script was quite bizarre. I shared the info with some folks and then forgot about it.

Now, many months later the smear campaign is hitting the screens of the pre-paid bloggers, the bloggers for hire. And it is according to the earlier script.

First of all in true Malaysian style it involved a Statutory Declaration (whose contents were bizarre but we'll talk later about not talking about it) and Court petitions. In really true Malaysian style, there was Petition No. 1 and later No. 2, which was the amended version.

In Malaysia we have seen Statutory Declarations where someone first says 'Yes I did'. Then they amend it and say 'No I did not'.

In another more infamous Statutory Declaration, one guy said 'Yes she did it' then later he said, 'Did I say that? No I never said that, you are mistaken' or words to that effect.

In this episode, the 1st petition did not mention Muhyiddin. But his name has been added later. This can happen when you write a script, it may need amendments, especially when the script is fictional.

It is also bizarre because there are different parties involved and the huge stretch of time over which these things were supposed to have taken place.

In Malay, the saying goes "lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama". So it involves two parties a lembu and a sapi.

However in this case it was a 'lembu punya susu, kambing punya sakit, anjing pula dapat nama!' situation.

The person who is said to be 'involved' is not party to making the SD.
The person who made the SD was not party to what is being alleged.
Finally the party now challenging Muhyiddin to sue is that pre paid blogger who is a fugitive from the law, living overseas.
Reminds me of Grimm's fairy tale 'Town Musicians of Bremen' involving a rooster, a cat, a dog and a donkey. A most improbable story. Hence the fairy tale.

The legal people say that you cannot sue someone separately over allegations presented in another ongoing Court case. Lain padang, lain belalang lah kawan !

This means the challenge to sue is a non starter, it is just a publicity stunt. It is meant for the people who write the cheques. These are bloggers for hire remember. Money can buy loud words.

And here is an addendum. The latest news is that the Court case, where that Statutory Declaration is being presented, has been postponed pula to I dont know when.

Then there is the time period. For your information folks, Tan Sri Muhyiddin just passed his 69th birthday. He looks fit and in good shape. But the allegations allude to the time when Muhyiddin was Menteri Besar of Johor, Minister of Sports etc. That must be 25 years or 30 years ago. A quarter century ago.

Couldnt they dig up anything more current? Well there is a reason for that.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin is a regular 'home boy'. The sort of person who probably listened to his parents all the time. Not the Anwar Ibrahim type. Definitely not the Najib sort either. And can anyone even recall his wife's name? Not likely. She stays quietly in the background. (Her name is Noorainee Abdul Rahman). This is your regular family. One husband, one wife, one set of children in the house, maybe a cat hanging out near the kitchen and at least one old "favorite" car in the car porch.

To make a silly story even shorter Tan Sri Muhyiddin has outright denied the really silly allegations. My advice to Tan Sri Muhyiddin is do not even bother talking about these silly allegations. Soon they will start making even bigger fools of themselves. They may say that you planned to use Ros as an anchor for your rented yacht. You never know. Naikkan sauh bila berlabuh, naikkan labuh bila bersauh,

You will be wondering why I am not mentioning names or repeating the contents of the SD here. Well it is pretty sick. There is something really sick that the Statutory Declaration states about a strange pre-nuptial agreement. Yukky.

Plus the Quran says,

24:15 When you received it with your tongues and repeated with your mouths that of which you had no knowledge and thought it was insignificant while it was, in the sight of Allah, tremendous.

24:16 And why, when you heard it, did you not say, "It is not for us to speak of this. Exalted are You (Allah), this is a great slander"?

24:17 Allah warns you against returning to this type of conduct, forever, if you should be believers.

Well this is the Bulan Puasa as well. Literally Siyaam (sawm) means 'to restrain'.

Part 2 : The problem for the crooks is they cannot make Muhyiddin go away. The bigger problem is that they have indeed committed the crime. Therefore they must do time. It is just a question of time.

They have to operate on many fronts.

The world media is now against the crooks. The Wall Street Journal is after them. The WSJ has recently won an award for exposing them. They cannot shut down the WSJ.

Sarawak Report is a huge pain in the neck for the crooks. They have tried blocking Sarawak Report but it is not working. SR keeps exposing more detailed information that is obviously leaked from the inside.

As time passes, more media organisations are reporting that they are crooks. The international media has caught on to them.

Then they have to deal with Tun Dr Mahathir. Dr Mahathir is pressuring them on so many fronts. On his Blog, through the media, the signature campaigns etc. It is not over yet.

The fatal blow has already been delivered. Its too late. Those police reports made against them in HK, Switzerland, UK, Singapore etc have resulted in investigations and prosecutions. It is just the beginning. They cannot escape the Singapore AG's Chambers, the Swiss, the Luxembourg authorities etc. That is a one way street for them - a one way street down to the pits.

They also cannot remove Muhyiddin Yasin as the Deputy President of UMNO. A suspension, even until the next party election, is only a suspension. Suspensions can be lifted.

The suspension of Muhyiddin was also not done correctly. There was no show cause letter from the party's disciplinary board (Lembaga Disiplin). There was no mandatory investigation as required by the Lembaga Disiplin. The letter delivered by Tengku Mamak is not valid, according to party procedures. So they have broken their own rules. The suspension of Muhyiddin was not done properly. This is also hanging over them.

Plus Muhyiddin is not afraid of speaking up aganst their corruption. Muhyiddin did it once before against Abdullah Badawi. He has done it once more against the incumbent pirate.

Twice in his career Muhyiddin has led the charge to purge the party of corrupt leaders - this is a good track record. History will record Muhyiddin's boldness and courage.

When (not if) they are removed from their positions, it is Muhyiddin the Deputy President who will step up seamlessly and smoothly to lead the party. This is no rocket science. The Deputy steps up when the president steps down.

Hence Muhyiddin is the "Unknown Factor" that is no so unknown. Muhyiddin is lurking just below the surface. Muhyiddin is a real threat. They must destroy Muhyiddin at all costs. Hence the weird stories. They cannot think. So the imagination runs wild.

Making things worse for them is the bumbling and inept media team that is in charge of the disinformation and misinformation propaganda. They are at quite a loss - do not know what to do.

Recycling crappy stories and using the mainstream media to carry the funnier allegations is backfiring on them. People know it is all concocted.


I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear