Testimonies On Google Adsense Free Ads

There are so many e-books and secrets techniques are up For Sale in the internet on how to make money from Google Adsense. Many claimed all of them are scammed. Only a small percentage claimed them as real, as these people actually do make money using the so-called Secret Techniques.

I personally think that all the techniques may work if there are many people click your ads. So how can we get the clicks? It is from 'The Traffic' which is back to the basic and the major thing on making money on the web. No Traffic, No Money, as simple as that.

So the secret technique that you should consider is 'How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Website?' Another word is that, the actual secret of making money in the internet is.....How to manipulate the search engine? Or...How to get people notice your site and click it?

From many advertisements on above, I found one that sells 'The secret on how to get free Google Ads...and its cost about $47 for that kind of information, which is so bullshit! Here are some of the testimonies from the ad.

Testimony 1
"I love your secret for placing PPC Google ads for free. I have grown my business now to earning for me a passive $600 a day profit! Before I was just getting by, but now using your secret technique for getting free pay-per-clicks at all search engines my business has been able to take off.

I am so grateful to you for releasing your secret to the rest of us who have been
struggling just to make a buck online.

Many, many thanks!”

Jordan Fuller

Testimony 2
"What can I say but way to go! I’ve been online since the big dot-com explosion of the mid-90s and have made just a tad of wealth, but never anything as of late like this (and thanks wholly to your secret method for getting PPCs free!)

My costs have always been rather high, and a tough balancing act to say the least. Now with your help I’ve been able to dissolve nearly $2 million a year that ordinarily would have gone towards advertising (but which now will go to profits!)

I was beginning to give up, but now I have the goose that lays golden eggs all day long thanks to you!"

Richard Cook

Testimony 3
"I made good on the Net last year, but didn’t get rich by any means. But THIS YEAR is very different as after applying your secret to getting highly targeted Google and Yahoo ads I have now boosted my advertising efforts to a much larger degree. This has had the effect that now I have built a most impressive inhouse customer list while selling more of my product line.

The combination of a larger database of customers and cashflow is very exciting to say the least. Thanks for opening the secret-of-secrets, at least as far as getting PPC’s is concerned."

David Oyahma

Those testimonials sound too good to be real. Actually nobody really has the real secret, not even the Famous Problogger. The real secret is...you just need to know a little bit about internet technical stuff and how to manipulate the search engine, that's all. So I guess, it is true that Adsense suck for bloggers, Adsense is shit and Google AdSense can fuck right off! Don’t you just hate stupid AdSense ads?


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