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AdSense Decoded is the latest in a line of products that claim to demonstrate how to greatly increase revenue through the use of Google’s AdSense program. Joel Comm, Michael Cheney, Liz Tomey, and others have made previous efforts. Evidently, none of these have proven to be the "silver bullet"; otherwise, there wouldn’t be a demand for new and better AdSense information.

Enter Dr. Patrick Hillenbrand, who has the credentials and experience of a very seasoned and savvy Internet entrepreneur. With an engineering degree from Sweden, he co-founded and managed what became the largest private IT-outsourcing company in Scandinavia before it was sold to a public company. Since 2000 he has completed an executive MBA in "Business Intelligence" and a Doctor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship at USC, Australia. Hillenbrand is a qualified Google Advertising Professional /Consultant, expert Ezine author, owner of another top-ranking ClickBank site, as well as the founding owner of a review site of online business opportunities.

In 2004, Dr. Hillenbrand started to focus on AdSense and now calls it "the biggest revenue machine on the internet". It wasn’t instant riches, however, as it took a full 2 years of intensive work, significant investments, and tests to "decode AdSense" before he made some remarkable discoveries that opened doors to profits he never thought possible.

Hillenbrand is now sharing his blue print for AdSense success in a series of videos entitled, "AdSense Decoded". Lest anyone think he is exploiting some questionable loophole or engaged in fraud, only accepted, "whitehat techniques" are discussed and demonstrated in the package.

The videos reveal ingenious, brand new AdSense methods that are so powerful as a new revenue model that a new term has been suggested for it - "AdSense Brokerage". Put into practice, it’s like a property broker suddenly having 100 properties to collect commissions from rather than just one. Dr. Hillenbrand made a list of things you DON’T need in order to make serious money with Google AdSense using his techniques:

- NO search engine presence
- NO returning, redirected, exchanged, or any other type of organic traffic
- NO expensive script or software
- NO back links
- NO Google Page Rank (PR)
- NO customers
- NO products
- NO affiliates
- NO email list
- NO down-line (it’s not MLM)
- NO programming skills

Some may say "this sounds like something I have heard about...'AdSense Arbitrage'...is it the same?" The answer is "No". AdSense Brokerage is far more rewarding as it operates with multiple ways of monetizing the internet traffic and importantly offers a lower risk/higher profit traffic strategy with wider traffic options.

It’s not nearly as academic as it sounds and the "AdSense Decoded" videos provide step-by-step blueprints. The complete series consists of 10 specially produced online videos (approximately 15 minutes each). Each video can be viewed independently as well as paused, stopped, rewound, reviewed, and watched again. "On demand" instant online video-based tutorials have proven to be the most user-friendly and effective way of learning online.

"AdSense Decoded" breaks down each content-packed section into a total "take-you-by-the-hand" series of lessons which provides the instructions for copying Dr. Hillenbrand’s proven methods on how to make money using his unique AdSense Brokerage program.

After being disappointed by previous programs promoted as "the answer", AdSense Decoded is the step-by-step video blueprint on how to instantly improve your current AdSense earnings that many have been waiting for. By using techniques previously known to only a handful of top AdSense Decoded earners, seasoned publishers and even "newbies" can harvest those well-earned AdSense profits.

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