Make Money with Domain Parking

Domain parking can be classified as monetized and non-monetized. In the former, ads are shown to visitors and the domain is 'monetized'. In the latter, an "Under Construction" or a "Coming Soon" message is put up on the domain. This a single page web site that people see when they type the domain name in a web browser. This is one quick way for getting an Internet presence. Domain names can be parked before a web site is ready for launching.

Another way to make money with domains is parking it with a domain parking company. Some companies offer you to park your domain for free and providing their advertisements, so when someone visits your domain, they will see advertisements placed by your sponsor. They also lists your name up for sale if you want to (also free). The only thing you have to do is forward your domain name to a specific address you will get when you register with these companies.

They provide all the ads you will display on your domain and no action on your behalf will need to be made except for forwarding your domain which is usually done at your registrar’s control panel. After setting up the domain forward the ads will be displayed automatically each time some one visits your domain.

If the visitor clicks on any of the advertisements, you will get paid a commission (which is always like five cents average per click depending on the domain’s name topic). So imagine having 10,000 visitors a day, and say 3,000 click on any ad.. You’ll get $150 just for doing nothing. Sounds great :) huh? Well.. It’s not so easy. In order to get thousands of visitors daily to your domain, you need to work hard on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and god knows what other things.

10k visits a day is a pretty decent number of visitors for a website. The point here is, if you get a pretty damn good name registered (good keyword) you should have little or no problem at all if you park your page with someone who pays for clicks; the most difficult task will be getting some traffic to the domain.

If you really want to make money with domain parking, you should register domains related to business. I’m talking about good names though. I personally own 6 business-related domains and in my experience with domain parking, business and banking domains pay around $0.35 - $1.20 per click! I have worked hard optimizing these domains; obviously those kinds of clicks are worth the hard work. I get around 400-500 visits per day on each domain and the click-through rate ranges from 18% to 25%, which is NOT bad at all.

Talking in dollars and cents, that’s around $65 - $100 per day. It took me around 9 months of Search Engine Optimization to get this kind of traffic, but again, much of its weight stands on the quality of your domain name.


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