Increase Your Blog Visibility

To advertise your blog and to make more money from Google Adsense, you really need to have traffic as usual. But how to increase traffic?....Is to increase your blog visibility.

Many important factors have to be considered for your blog to be seen by the world. As there are billions of websites out there, how to make sure that your blog can reach them?

1. If you think by posting 10 articles is enough in your blog, well, it's not enough at all. If you really want to make other people read your blog, you really need to consider updating by posting regularly, either daily, once a week or twice a month. The velocity of your posting is the main key to increase its visibility.

2. You need to convert your website into new setting call the Feeds or RSS Feeds. The validity of your RSS Feed is the most crucial for your Blog. You can convert your web with Feedburner and get the RSS Url. And make sure that your Feed is valid.

3. Your Feeds should be in multiple formats such as RSS, XML, Atom, OPML or Myst because some directories only recognized certain format to create blog.

4. Make sure you do a proper submission of your blog to RSS and Feed Directories such as Yahoo!, Weblogs, blo.gs and Technorati.

5. Tagging your site with as many keywords as possible. The best is to have about four words tagging, because one word alone is not going to be enough. Don't just use keyword like marketing, internet, or income. Use words such as create money from blog, internet marketing made easy or generate income from blog. The chances of your blog to be appeared and get click is much higher with more keyword tagging.

6. Ping your blog to notify directories whenever you update the content of your blog. You can also ping your blog automatically with the provided script if you want.

7. If your blog has a Podcast, it will be an added advantage using RSS Feed. Many bloggers, advertiser, publishers are using Podcasting now, as there is an increase demand and is getting more popular in the internet market.

There are more additional best practices that are much too detailed which I will write in the future post. For now, the above will work for new bloggers as a kick start for your blog to become more visible to others.

Good Luck Always!


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Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
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~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear