Who Are The Popular Bloggers Making Big Money?

Well, as expected they are mostly men. Their blogs are ranking in higher position in Technorati and they are making Big Money!

Who are they? I have some list here and you may view their blogs and jugde yourself, why their blogs are so popular.

John Chow at JohnChow.com
Liew CF at Liewcf.com
ProBlogger at ProBlogger.net
Gobala Krishnan at GobalaKrishnan.com
and Guy Kawasaki (a new comer)

These men are making huge some of money from their blog through Google Adsense, Affiliate programs, Review Me, Vibrant IntelliTXT, TTZ Media, Text Link Ads, FeedBurner Ads, Direct Ad Sales, E-Books and other Free Stuff.

They are doing full-time blogging and they are really enjoying their life. I really envy these men, they are doing the things they like and at the same time earning money. They don't have to meet people like direct-selling or keep sending email-marketing with opt-in list that make people put them as spam, they just communicate with them through their blogs. It's really amazing, isn't it?

I hate working, so I'm trying so hard to achieve the same result like them, at least at par???...be the same level as them? and earning six figure income like Problogger, who claimed that is what he earns monthly from Google Adsense. Is it possible? Yes, I think it can be done, maybe by following some of their techniques and apply some of my own techniques.

And one more thing, these guys are very intelligent, full of marketing ideas and create their own techniques to get people to read their blog...including me. What they are writing in their blogs are all about computer stuff and internet, which bloggers need...like me.

Men are so different from women, they are more into facts intelligence while we are more into emotional intelligence.

But it is already proven that by using method of emotional intelligence can also bring success to big companies around the world.

So awesome! Check it out...
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Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
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