Which Lucky Job Gives You Good Money?

It is very easy to find what is your lucky job actually. As a Feng Shui enthusiastic for 10 years, I have found out the best and easy solution to choose your suitable career and bring you luck and money through your favourite colors.

You may have many favourite colors but there is one and only color that you always choose since childhood until now. And that is your main lucky color.

Feng Shui basics are from the Five Elements Theory; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each element described colors on its own.

Fire : Red, Pink, Purple, Muroon
Earth : Cream, Khaki, Yellow, Orange
Metal : Gold, Silver, White
Water : Black, Grey
Wood : Brown, Green, Blue

And from this color, will derive the industry in which you should pursue for your career.

Fire Industry
Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Pilots, Air Hostess, Computer, Electronics, Energy, Petrol, Oil, Lighting, Gadgets, Financing, Remisier, Stock & Shares, Chef, Restaurant, Speech, Public Relations, Speaker, Forex, Sales, Fashion, Shoes, Begs, Glass, Plastic, Chemicals,

Earth Industry
Real Estate, Building Materials, Minerals, Stone Craft, Tiles, Marble, Antique, Trust Fund, Insurance, Recruitment, Human Resource, Accounting, Secretary, Accommodation, Maid Service, Crystal, Consultant, Farming, Leather, Massage,crystal,

Metal Industry
Armed Forces, Police, Lawyer, Jugde, Gold, Coin, Pewter, Grills, Aluminium, Automobile, Engineering, Silver, Security, Weapon,

Water Industry
Transportation, Courier, Tourism, Travel, Raring Fish, Mineral Water, Water Filter, Research Analyst, Mathematician, Scientist, Laundry, Shipping, Reporter, Detective, Money Changer, Pearl, Hotel, Super Market, Seafood, Fishermen, Spa, Swimming, Tele-communication, Astronomy, Trading, Import, Export, Cleaning, Rubbish Collector, Drinks, Pub, Snow, Ice, Driver,

Wood Industry
Carpenter, Fashion Designer, Clothing, Timber, Plantation, Furniture, Health, Herbal, Pharmacy, Training, Education, Hair Salon, Boutique, Cotton, Silk, Bookstore, Paper, Stationery,

So if you are already in the suitable industry, you must be making money now. You will also find that there is no obstacle in your job and you find easy to make money. If you find that you feel suffocated with your job or not making good money, you should consider to change your line.

Through experience with friends and relatives, the above is quite accurate. For example, one of my good friends likes muroon color, which is Fire, and in fact she is involved in plastic business and her business is quite good. You can try analyse it with your friends and find out whether they are truly in the right career.

Good luck and be prosper always!

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I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear