List of Condo For Sale/To Let in KL


Wangsa Maju Area
Lojing Heights, Sec. 5, 1570sf, 3r/2b - RM300K
Sri Lojing, Sec 10, 1600sf, 4r/3b - RM350K
Desa Villa, Sec 10, 1814sf, 3r/3b - RM500K
Desa Putra, 1400sf, 3+1r/2b - RM350K
Sri Kinabalu, Sec. 10, 1750sf, 4r/2b - RM250K
Villa Wangsamas, 1300sf, 3r/3b - RM285K

Other Areas
Bukit Antarabangsa, Bkt. Mewah Bungalow - 6,236sf, Built-up 3,500sf
6R/4B, RM1.59Mil
Tmn. Perwira, Ampang, 2-sty Bungalow - Freehold, 8,000sf, Built-up 4,000sf,
6R/4B, RM1.4Mil
Ukay Heights Bungalow, Ampang - 12,000sf, Built-up 5,000sf 4+1 Bedrooms,
Renovated, RM3.1Mil
Ukay Perdana Semi-D, Ampang - 4BR/2B, 4,400sf, RM690K
Keramat AU1 2-sty Terrace - 4r/3b, 20x75, Behind LRT Setiawangsa, RM475k
Seri Maya Jln. Jelatek - 1200sf, 3r/2b - RM450K

Seri Maya Condo, Jln. Jelatek - 1,200sf, RM3,800
Beverly Heights Semi D, Ampang- Low density, Club house facilities, RM11,000

For viewing, pls. call 019-3063180

Owners, if you wish to sale or rent your house in Wangsa Maju, Keramat, Jln. Jelatek, Jln. Gurney or Wangsa Melawati...do not hesitate to contact me!


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