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Online gambling is now has become more popular than any other games because people love the feeling of convenient, comfort, having fun and they can also make money altogether. The feeling of winning big money from playing online casino is the greatest feeling ever especially when it happens right from the safety and comfort of your own home. So if you are thinking about playing online casino, you need to prepare yourself well because everyone knows that gambling is a very risky game. It can cost you a fortune if you simply choose sites without any knowledge of their reputation just for the sake of having fun.

But you must also know that not all online casinos are equal. Which is why you need to know more details about online gambling from the online gambling guide so you can choose the appropriate casino. Gambling forum is the best place to start, offering news and recommended sites, safe for you to play your favorite games from video slots, blackjack, roulette to poker. And if you are a beginner, you can also play the free games and get familiarize with them before you want to put the real money. Choose their top pick sites as they are highly recommended with better bonuses offering to new comers. So, go have fun with your favorite games with a piece of mind!


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Market for online gambling is now worth more than six billion. According to some financial analyst, this industry will be worth triple than the current market by the year 2010. People are now more interested to play the online game at home rather than the actual game in Vegas, where they can save a lot of money on traveling and accommodation expenses. They are more concern about how to make things simple and convenient so they can enjoy and have fun playing casinos right from their home.

But gambling online has certain risk and it could cost you a fortune, if you do not know the basic things about playing casinos online. If you are a beginner, you need to know which sites have good reputation, which sites are the most popular and which sites are highly recommended by the expertise.

To find these sites, you need to go and look for gambling directories site. So here at casinos online, you can find details on that best sites and save your time on searching. At this site, you can find everything you want to know about your favorite games. They offer review, latest news and bonuses available for online casinos, bingos and poker rooms. They also have eleven years experience in this industry, and for that they can provide you with the best guide on the most popular as well as the best reputable sites for you to join. So take a look at casinos online and get the latest information on online gambling so you can enjoy the game better.

The Online Money Directories

If you love gambling online, you need to find sites which have good reputation in terms of SSL security and reliable softwares. Online casino directory is the best place to start. They offer review, guide, forum and news on many reputable casino and poker sites which they approved with strict rules.

You can choose any site from this database and play any game you love with confidence and having fun at the same time. You can also do advance search with the gambling directories and find out the latest strategies and information on any game sites. The best is to select games which have been highly recommended because these games will give you the much-needed insight and you are able to foresee things ahead of its time. By doing a thorough research on gambling directories will gain you some extensive knowledge of how the casinos and gambling co-exist.

The online gambling directories is always the best tool for any beginner with lots of information about gambling online. It is considered as your holy book before you start your journey into the online gambling world. In this new era of technology, we are very grateful that such information is available to us right at our finger tips.

The Power of Gold

Gold has the power to capture the energy of stone sets in it. For those who love wearing gold, they can feel the strength, the confidence feeling and the comfort it brings to them. Gold is a metal element and is in harmony with the Sun (Fire) which is particularly good for Leo sign.
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Gold is very popular as a gift on the 50th Wedding Anniversary and is considered as a Master Healer associated with the Heart Chakra. Gold has the healing power of the life force to help getting rid of the nervous feeling, heart problem and arthritis.
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It is believed that Gold can spur the regeneration of neurotransmitters in the brain to create logical thought. It also help the nervous system and to smooth the flow of blood throughout our body.
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Gold also has great emotional power to ease tension, the inferiority complex, angriness, awareness of one’s potential and bring peace and relaxation.
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It really works for me. I wear gold bracelet, gold rings, gold chain and gold pendant. No diamond or other stones, just pure gold. It helps me getting rid of the nervous feeling and heart problem, particularly.
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My PageRank Got Banned By Google


Last month I found out my pagerank went down from PR4 to PR3. I have work very hard to gain that rank so I was quite upset with the downgraded. I have tried to increase back my pagerank and done all the strategies required. But the worst has yet to come. Last week I checked my pagerank again with PR Checker but the result shocked me. My pagerank now is zero. How can it happened? I didn't get it.

After browsing some of the articles on the same topic, now I know why Google banned my site. It's because I got paid from blogging. I thought the point of having a blog is to make money, but Google penalize bloggers who make money from blogging. This is really bad. Writing articles or review about certain sites can help webmasters increase their search ranking and we will get paid writing positive things about their sites with link back to theirs. This is called win win situation.

Google hate what these bloggers doing. So now I don't really know what to do. Get paid blogging sites only approve sites which have high pagerank, but after you write the paid articles, your site will get PR0.

Having PR0 for my site is really a nightmare. Now I need to find how to get back the PR4 or higher rank for my site.


Casino Tours

If you plan to go to Las Vegas or to other places like Atlantic City or Bahamas to play casino, you should get the best guide on gambling casinos from online casinos. They offer gambling tours in all of the most popular destinations with the best customer service and great gaming experience.

As Vegas remains the major international city for gambling, hotels in Las Vegas have become more in demand to accommodate players from around the world. Booking through online casinos is a wise decision because they can help you to make your travel arrangements at the best hotels in Las Vegas like Paris, Bally's, Caesar's Palace, Flamingo, Harrah's and The Rio with special discount price.

Atlantic City is also a great place to have the best gambling experience. Reserve your booking with online casinos as they have a round trip airfare with good packages which include luxury accommodation at Taj Mahal, airport transfer and baggage handling. If you are a qualified player, you might have a chance to get a free trip because the price of the trip is based on your gambling activity.

Well, if you cannot wait to play your favorite games in Vegas or in Atlantic City, you can play them online at online casinos. They often have the best Vegas odds ever.


All Winners

There are many reasons why people love to gamble online, maybe because they can get the same thrill like playing in Vegas, or they can save money on traveling expenses or they just enjoy playing at home. But generally, people love playing online casinos because of the convenient factor and at the same time they can feel the thrill and the fun playing casinos online.

There is one important matter that everyone should consider before playing casinos online. It is not easy to find sites which have good reputation because many of them are scam sites. Being cheated by these scam sites is the last thing on our mind and we definitely don't want this to happen.

So the first thing you need to find is the best reputable site where you can make deposit and play with a piece of mind. AllWinners is just the right place to start. This site is full of information on online casino guide, has a very good reputation and with 10 years experience in this industry, making them the longest running online casino guides around.

You can find all sorts of information on how to avoid being scammed, directories and reviews of top casinos, lottery results in US and about free bonus money from this site. To determine which game you want to play either blackjack or slots craps, you need to know more about its popularity, its graphic and its reputation. So visit Allwinners to see which games are best for you.


Online Casino Suite

With the introduction of new era of digital technology, the world of gambling has changed drastically since. Now it is one of the major business online worth billions of dollars daily and it is still growing and gaining popularity among the people who love playing casinos, bingo or poker through the internet. There are many sites offering online casinos and online poker rooms for players who are unable to play the real live games, so finding the best reputable sites can be a hard task if you don't have any idea where to start.

Playing online casinos without a guideline is really a risk. Online Casino Suite is a good place to start. Here, you can find vital information about everything you want to know on gambling online as they are the experts in this industry. They also provide reviews of the best online casinos, poker and bingo games as well as free casino games for the beginners. You can also read the latest news on online casino news from their blog and get up-to-date information about the world of online gambling.

And if you feel skeptical to play online casinos with real money, you still can play them for free as they are many unlimited variety of games available with better odds and offers. These free games provide an advantage for you to familiarize with the software before you want to put a deposit and play them for real. Playing online casinos can really give the same fun and adventure feeling like the real game in Las Vegas, you just need to know the best site for you to make money and at the same time offer the best entertainment right at home.


Saving Money On Petrol

Are there ways to save money on petrol?

The price of petrol has been increased about 40% recently in Malaysia and it made many people feel outrage on the effect it can bring to consumer market. Everything will go up, the transportation service, food and domestic goods. As Malaysia is an oil producer, it shouldn't be any increase in the price, that's what people say, in fact the government should subsidize oil for its people.

Under the administration of the unpopular prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi , many things have happened to this country, and none of them are good. The people want him to step down but apparently he is deaf, it seems. He is the worst prime minister in the history of Malaysia and everybody prays he will be replaced soonest possible.

In the mean time, people are struggling to adjust their lives with the increase rate of petrol. They are trying to find ways to save money on goods. New steps are taken to replace the petrol with the NGV and many have to do some sacrifices like going to work using the public transportation and some switch from cars to motorcycles. Although the government promised to give people rebates for the oil increment but the allocation is still not enough especially for the poor.

It was quite a high increase on one shot and people are cursing the government everyday since the announcement. There will be chaos in the weeks to come and there will be demonstration events throughout the nation by the angry and the unsatisfied people of Malaysia.


Jennifer Aniston Photo Page

Jennifer Aniston - Lovely, Sexy, Cute, Childish And Hot. I just love her character playing Rachel in Friends.

Barack Obama Won the Democratic Presidential Nomination

Sen. Barack Obama claimed the Democratic nomination for president in a speech in Minnesota tonight -- an historic achievement that for the first time will place an African American at the top of a major political party's ticket. More...

Clinton in Denial of Obama Nomination. Why?
There's a cleft, perhaps even a political schizophrenia, within Hillary Clinton that explains her refusal on election night to recognize defeat. In the soothing scenario offered by James Carville, it will take a few days for the Clintons and her supporters to bring her campaign to a smooth landing after a long nasty ride. Another view from the CNN pundits is that she is leveraging Obama for an unknown agenda, including consideration as the vice presidential nominee. In both scenarios, Clinton is expected to do "what's right for the party and what's right for the country", which is interpreted to mean campaigning all-out for the Democratic ticket. More...

I Am Not a Bargaining Chip, I Am a Democrat!
Senator Clinton's speech last night was a justifiably proud recitation of her accomplishments over the course of this campaign, but it did not end right. She didn't do what she should have done. As hard and as painful as it might have been, she should have conceded, congratulated, endorsed and committed to Barack Obama. Therefore the next 48 hours are now as important to the future reputation of Hillary Clinton as the last year and a half have been. More...


Everest Poker

If you love playing poker online, there is no better place to play other than the everest poker. This site comes with multi-languages and cater for international players from all over the world. Players will feel comfortable and convenient playing poker using their own native languages and they can get the best satisfying global experience playing right from their homes.

You don't have to worry playing at everest poker because this is the most reputable site that you can trust. They have been working hard to build in the trust in the world of poker game and 'trust' truly is their secret of growth all these years.

As a new player, you will get a promotion everest poker bonus of $100 if you open an account. Once you deposit the money, your bonus will be converted into cash and you can withdraw them for real. And if you make a deposit within one week after your registration, you will get a free roll token and you will be put in the list to win from the New Depositors $1000 Cash Free roll which runs twice weekly. Another everest bonus you will get is the extra $50 from each friend you refer who opens an account and make a deposit. So, let's join everest poker today, why wait?

Online Sport Betting

People around the world have discovered that they can enjoy themselves and at the same time earn money through online sport betting. Gambling has been around for a long time and become part of human culture across the world. It become so popular with the birth of Monte Carlo casinos among the wealthy and to the Europeans especially. People are obsessed with gambling therefore it did not take long for online sports betting to become popular as well through the internet revolution.

Today there are hundreds of sites offering games for online sport betting and attract thousands of visitors to play. There are variety of options and betting types, often takes into account a range of terminology including lines, odds, and spreads, just to name a few. So it is very important to start with sports and teams you are familiar with, which can help you get the best grips. Understanding the finer points and make a bet on your favorite colleges football or basketball is the simple way to enjoy the games, from the comfort of your home.

For those who just want to start playing online sport betting, they can get vital information on updates or review about the betting sites from the gaming directory for the best sports gambling action. Many sites are offering exciting bonuses and assure 100% success but it is advisable to choose reliable sites with good track record.


I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear