Resepi Ikan Masak Stim

1 ekor ikan siakap atau kerapu
1 sudu besar sos ikan
1 1/2 cawan air
3 batang serai (diketuk)
Sedikit daun ketumbar atau daun sup

BAHAN B (Dihiris)
3 ulas bawang merah
2 ulas bawang putih
2 inci halia
1 cili hidup
5 cili api

# Bersihkan ikan dan sapu garam ke seluruh ikan
# Masukkan Bahan A dan Bahan B ke dalam kuali
# Masakkan ikan selama 8 minit dengan api kuat, terbalikkan ikan dan masak lagi selama 8 minit


Katy Perry Nice Shot

Katy Perry Divorced

By Tim Molloy

LOS ANGELES, Jan 15 (TheWrap.com) - Celebrities, take note: This is how you handle intrusions into your personal life.

Reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour tried gamely to ask Russell Brand on Sunday about his New Year's Eve divorce filing from Katy Perry. He went the intensely intellectual route, first euphemistically referring to the breakup as "events" and referencing Kurt Vonnegut.

"Well I suppose what you're doing is you're making the mistake of seeing time as linear," he told one questioner. "The brilliant American author Kurt Vonnegut, he'll tell ya that if you imagine reality as experienced simultaneously, events become redundant."

Moments later, the British comedian delivered the best "no comment" in the history of celebrity breakups.

"I don't want to further celebrate the overly elaborate, brittle plastic structures of nonsense that are constantly fired into our minds to distract us from what's really important," he said. "So if I'd done something actually newsworthy ... then I'd cover it. But if it was just more lacquered nonsense, designed to distract us from truth, then I would wisely ignore it."

That's what J. Lo and Marc Anthony should have said during an awkward joint appearance Saturday.

Brand kept reporters rolling with laughter during a panel for his upcoming FX series, "Strangely Uplifting," where he was also asked for his take on the Republican presidential candidates. He said of Mitt Romney: "He's so rich that even the one percent would seem to him like peasants."

He also commented on the shock over Marines urinating on Taliban corpses: "It is bad to wee on a dead body. But it's worse to kill a live one."

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A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne

Creator of The Secret and The Power

From The Secret Daily Teachings
Your life is a learning process - you can only become wiser from learning. Sometimes you might have to attract making a painful mistake to learn something important, but after the mistake you have far greater wisdom. Wisdom cannot be bought with money - it can only be acquired through living life. With wisdom comes strength, courage, knowing, and an ever-increasing peace.
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret... bringing joy to billions


Your Genesis Unveiled

With January 2012 beginning a powerful new year, it is
a good time to discover the amazing astro-numerology in
the story of Genesis.

Isn't it amazing the words "Genesis" and "Genetics"
both have the anagram 'GENES' embedded in them?

Genes carry your heredity, your history. Every living
organism is made up of genes. They contain the
information needed to build and nurture a living
organisms cells. Genes pass genetic traits on to

The book of Genesis contains the spiritual story of
creation for the Judeo-Christian culture.

GENESIS contains our spiritual GENES - literally and

Both "Genesis" and "Genetic" begin with the letter G.

G is the 7th letter of the Western alphabet. Of course
in Genesis it is written that the world was created in
7 days. This is figurative language embedding the
significance of number 7 into our culture.

The symbolic nature of number 7 permeates our daily

-- We have 7 days in our week.

-- There are 52 weeks in a year, and 52 adds up to 7
as well.

Our 52 playing cards are the basis for the Tarot cards
used today. The cards contain powerful
astro-numerological symbolism that permeate Earth's
natural cycles:

1. Note that there are 4 suits aligned with our 4

2. There are 13 cards in each suit, representing the
13 weeks of each season.

3. The 13 cards are also aligned with the 13 moon
cycles in a year.

4. There are 12 court cards aligned with the 12 months
in a year.

5. When you add all the cards up the grand total is
364. Of course there is the Joker card - which makes
365, the exact number of days in a year.

Did you know that the 52-card deck was originally used
as a calendar? Now you can see why!

The alignment of number 7 and the letter G gives us
clues to our spiritual origins.

In the bible, 7 symbolizes completeness and

7 resembles the lightning strike of Intuition. When
you 'intuit' your way through life, you are in direct
communication with the divine. Intuition is the key to
happiness in peace.

No surprise then that 7 symbolizes spirituality,
stillness, rest and looking within for answers.

Finally we come to the powerful letter G.

The image of G is a physical expression of the spiral.
Note that the word SPIRITUAL contains the word SPIRAL.

God and Goddess begin with letter G.

The wisdom of Grandparents - Grandpa and Grandpa -
begin with G. Great, Grand, Giant are Big G-words
denoting the grandness of life.

G symbolizes a spiral - the Geometric shape of our

Generations, Genes, Geometry and Gesture are all
expressions of eternal life and movement.

Geometry defines our physical universe, from the most
embryonic structure to the formation of Galaxies.

And isn't it interesting that Gesture is an integral
part of speaking? Children point before they speak.
Your gestures actually show more about your feelings
than your words.

The power behind the words in Genesis are
extraordinary as well.

Take some time and notice the letters in your own
Genesis - your Birth name. Each letter in your name
carries a symbolic message - your life story. When
combined with their corresponding numbers, the letters
in your birth name come alive with your spiritual
genesis - your genetic history.

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I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear