What Is Fair Ads Network (FAN)?

This is their introduction....

Fair Ads Network (FAN) is a contextual ad network similar to Google AdWords/AdSense, Yahoo! YPN, Bidvertiser and many others, but what we've done differently was combine all the marketing mediums you have always dreamed of using all in one place. You'll be able to use text and image advertising, link ads, rich media (video & flash), CPM, CPA, and interstitials.

You'll also be able to build a passive and residual income. No other existing ad network is doing this.

With FAN, you can earn an income regardless of whether you register as an advertiser or a publisher. In fact, you can even register as both! You can even transfer your funds back and forth as you please! You'll have complete control over your money. Hey, it's your money, right? So you should be able to do what you want with it.

Stop waking up from nightmares thinking that your account just got closed!

We're not going to close your account for something you didn't do wrong. Even if you clicked on your own ad a million times, you'll be okay. Every single click produced by you will be voided. We've applied all possible technology to track all clicks depending on your and your visitor's GeoIP, browser, session on the site, when the click occured and how many times a particular ad was clicked. We'll know exactly what YOU did and what your visitors are doing. You can finally sleep better at night!

My Note: You don't have to worry about Invalid Clicks, because they will put a stop automatically for such activity after 12 hours. Your account won't be closed.

Block unwanted ads and irrelevant advertisers!

If your website is about shoes, it's not wise to have ads about dolls. If your product/business is about home improvement, you don't want your ads to be seen on a winery website. It only makes sense to have related ads on related websites.

With FAN, you will be able to decide on who best fits your criteria. If you don't want a certain category to show up, just don't select them. If your ad is being shown on a website you don't like, block it directly. If you don't like any of the websites the advertiser has, you can even block the advertiser!

Sounds horrible, we know, but it's all about being fair. We've heard of publishers wanting to block specific websites but the advertiser keeps coming out with new domains and it's hard to keep up with. Well, now you can block the advertiser or ad completely so you will have only the ads you want on your website.

FAN Ads are dynamically generated and delivered to your pages.

What we do is send out nanobots to get information from your website by crawling through all of your pages and keeping note of all the keywords of each page. Then, you will place our unique code on your pages. When a visitor stops by your website, it will generate an ad that is closely related to the keyword of the page.

We are serious about helping you increase your business regardless of whether you are an advertiser or a publisher. That is why we work so hard to unite you with your other half.

FAN has been carefully and strategically designed to keep everyone active and everyone making money with different but direct ways.

1. Just like any other ad network, you earn money by publishing the advertiser's ad and getting visitors to click on them. Nothing new, but what's different though is we've combined all the possible mediums of how to do it!

2. When you refer other advertisers to our service, you will earn 8% of every amount they fund into their account. So if they deposit $100, you earn $8. If they deposit $200, you get $16. Unlike many ad networks, that's on every deposit - forever!

3. When you refer other publishers to our service, you will earn $4 every time they reach $50 through publishing. For instance, if your referral earns $200 through publishing, you get a bonus of $16! If your referral earns $1,000, you get a bonus of $80!

Manage and control your ad networks.

We've also created an ad network manager where you can control who you want to deliver the ads to your website/blog. Even if we are not your number one provider, we'll respect that and allow you to do what you have to do to make a living. That's how fair we are! Even when we take our site down for maintenance, you will still make money. There's more to it and you really should read our FAQ to learn more about it.

Again, we are in prelaunch and accepting 8,220 members to participate in our Beta. Even if you don't think Google and YPN can't be beat, don't miss out on the opportunity to report it to your friends and family. We are partnering up with Ubid.com and also working out a deal with another company to gain a handfull of programmers who each have 10-15 years of programming experience. Get ready to say goodbye to the contextual ad networks you knew.

My Review: It sounds so much better than Adsense. They are still in pre-launch and there is no harm to register earlier. I would definitely switch to a better service because the fact is, there are so many restrictions in Adsense.

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(Earn Money Searching Websites)

I just received an email from the people of SlashMySearch.com which covers several key areas that brought to their attention by members. I have highlighted some crucial points made in their reply below:

We have been having a great month thanks to all of you! We would like to inform you of some updates. The sign-up page no longer displays the tax ID field. We have confirmed with our accountants that we can wait until a user reaches $600 in earnings to request this and only from people in the USA. So if you have it filled in already, you can keep it. It is still secured and protected. This was a concern for getting new signups and you should now be able to recruit more users easily.

We also now pay in E-Gold. We have been having many people from countries other than the USA signup which don't have PayPal accounts. Sending checks would take a long time so we now offer E-Gold. If you would like to get paid in E-Gold, sign in, choose E-Gold as your payment method and enter your E-Gold account number in the correct field.

This is truly awesome news indeed and boosted my confidence tremendously to say the least. So it is now CONFIRMED that International users can apply and be paid with E-Gold instead. I guess its time to place more focus in recruiting rather than finding more faults in them although I will still send in my suggestions as and when the need arises.

Once again if you have not signed-up... here is your chance to do so:

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