Numerology Destiny

1. Your potential in terms of money, status, support, marriage, relationship is in your birthday number. So if your have status/job potential in your DOB you make the most of it to make money. Not everyone has the wealth potential, some have only job/career potential, some have intellectual, some have many marriage potential, some have support potential (can be a leader/politician). Some have a mix of everything so they become jack of all trades. The potential as criminal can also be detected.

2. The life cycle number will determine the outcome of your life. Life cycle starts from age 0 up to 35, depends on your date of birth. Then it changes again every 9 years. Have you noticed that some people or drama series are popular about 9-10 years only, then they dissapear?

3. The right name will enhance whatever potential you have in your date of birth, and will double enhance the potential if your life cycle number is in sequence with the potential.

4. Some people have all the lucky numbers in date of birth, in life cycle and in name which make them rich and famous but sometimes they also have an illness or fatal destiny that comes with it.

5. Your house number is also important to enhance good or bad outcome. The Chinese are very particular about house number, some refuse to find new home after they get rich as they believe the house brings luck to them. Look at Warren Buffett, he is one of the top richest man in the world and yet he stays at the same old house. Why?

Note: This is my own hypothesis on chaldean numerology which I have done over 3 years of study.

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