Numerology On Trayvon Martin Case

On February 26 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot
fatally by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida - a
case that has been on the front-pages for weeks.

Both Martin and Zimmerman had fateful numbers
activated between each other surrounding this tragic
event. This, of course, does not mean the events had to
unfold the way they did. Far from it. What happened
that night was an absolute tragedy. The numerology
shows WHY they met that day and how powerful the energy
between them was.

Trayvon Martin was born on February 5, 1995. (I don't
know his birth name, so I am going purely by his
birthday and current name.)

Martin's birthday adds up to a 31/4 Life Purpose -
giving him the gifts of innovation, out-of-the-box
thinking and intelligence.

Born on a 5 Day in 1995 imbues Trayvon's life with 5
energy - he loved exploration, adventure, risk,
freedom, travel and connecting with people. It made him

George Zimmerman was also born on a 5 Day, October 5,
1983. When two people share the same root number in a
birthday, there is an instant attraction.

Trayvon's 31/4 Life Purpose meant that he would
attract people, events and dates into his life that
also carry a 4 or 8 frequency. This is because, unlike
any other numbers, the numbers 4 and 8 have a unique
relationship. In combination with each other 4s or 8s
bring fateful, destined people and events.

For example, a person with a Day of Birth or Life
Purpose reducing to either 4 or 8 attracts both people
who have a 4 or 8 in their birthday, and people who
have a 4 or 8 current name number. (They also have
major events occur on 4 or 8 Days or Dates and often
live at addresses and have phone numbers that reduce to
4 or 8.)

A great example of this 4 and 8 magnetic attraction
can be seen with Michelle and Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama was born on January 17 - a 17/8 Day.

President Obama was born on August 4 - a 4 Day.

Both 'Michelle Obama' and 'Barack Obama' are current
name frequencies that add up to 17/8, the "Immortality

These 4s and 8s made their meeting and marriage feel
'fated' and 'destined.'

The 4 and 8 phenomenon continues to pop up for people
who have 4 or 8 birth numbers. For example, Barack
Obama was elected on November 4, 2008. For him it was a
22/4 Personal Year. Remember, he was born on the 4th, as
was the U.S. - an immediate connection there.

Note too that President Obama spoke about Trayvon Martin,
saying that he could have been his own son. They were
connected with their birth numbers.

Tip for the future: the next Presidential election in 2012 occurs
during what will be a 17/8 Personal Year for Obama.

Going back to Trayvon Martin's death on February 26, notice
first of all that this was a 26/8 Universal Day. We know now that
Trayvon's Life Purpose is 31/4, which was activated on that day.

Additionally, there were two more 4s and 8s that were triggered
for him personally:

1. Trayvon was experiencing a 22/4 Personal Day.

2. He was 17/8 years old.

So there was a big dose of magnetic, fateful 4 and 8
energy activated for Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012.

Not only that, Martin's 5 Day of Birth was triggered as well -
February a 14/5 Personal Month for Trayvon. 14/5 is
both the 'Media' Number and the number of risk and

There is more.

George Zimmerman also brought these numbers to the
table. In combination between two people and dates and
names, numbers carry much more potency.

1. February was a 22/4 Personal Month for Zimmerman.

2. His current name 'George Zimmerman' adds up to a
challenging 13/4.

3. His Destiny Number (based on his birth name) is 121,
which also reduces to 4.

Remember, both Trayvon and George were born on a 5 Day
- bringing even more magnetic energy to the table. Both
liked adventure and risk.

Trayvon and George's numbers really triggered each
other in combination throughout the month of February
and in particular on that day. In numerology, when the
same numbers show up repeatedly they magnify the moment
exponentially. As to HOW a person chooses to experience
that potent energy is completely up to them.

However, to make matters even more challenging in this
particular case, both Trayvon and George had very
difficult current name numbers...

The first thing I always do when checking on anyone is
to check his or her current name frequency.

When I saw Trayvon Martin's number, I sighed. 'Trayvon
Martin' adds up to 16/7.

16 current names describe someone with a crown on his
head being struck by lightning and falling from a high
place. In other words, this name number brings very
sudden ups and downs. Obviously it's not a number I
ever recommend for anyone.

George Zimmerman's 13/4 current name is also very

First of all, his name is considered karmic. 13 current names
attract upheaval so that new ground can be broken. 13 is
associated with power, which may not be used for selfish
reasons - otherwise it will bring destruction. With this number
there is a warning of the unknown and unexpected.

Some people can handle the power the number 13 brings,
most cannot.

You will not thrive under this number's influence if your
thoughts and actions preserve your ego at all costs.
13 is about constant transformation - life, death, rebirth -
and requires tremendous inner self-reflection.

Understanding this tragedy from the perspective of names,
dates and birth numbers reveals a common thread of risk
(numbers 5, 13 and 16), and karmic attraction coupled
with emotionally charged reactions (4s and 8s).

Could this incident have taken another route?

Yes, of course. Trayvon's death could have been avoided.
There is no doubt however, given the numbers, their meeting
was going to be intense.

May Trayvon Martin rest in peace.

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I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear