8 Easy Ways To Increase Your PageRank

Every two months Google will update pagerank and you can see the changes in your pagerank if you do something about it. If you have 1000 links pointing to one page of your site, it will get higher pagerank than the page having only 100 links pointing to it. The higher your pagerank, the higher is the chance of your site to make money. Having PR6 website is something that you should have because it is within reach in the search engine. So in this post, I will lay out for you the 8 easy ways to increase your pagerank.

Here are the tips for you to increase your pagerank faster without too much effort.

1. Submit your site to Free Search Engine Directories like Yahoo, Google and MSN.

2. Submit informative article contains 300-500 words to Article Directories so you can build many quality back links to your web page.

3. Leave comments on other people's blogs, that's the easiest way to get the back links. But do not spam!

4. Submit your post to Social Bookmarking sites like Diggs, Reddit and Propeller which is also good to get the back links.

5. Create post in forums relevant to your site with your signature link.

6. Exchange links with other websites which are relevant to yours.

7. Create links between your pages in your site, that will increase internal linking. Or just point many links into one page, this tells search engine that page is more important than others.

8. Do not simply point link to other websites because your site will get penalized by Google especially PAY PER PoŞT, because it happened to mine. Make sure you have more inbound link than outbound links to safeguard your pagerank.

So get start and build your pagerank now so you can see the increase in your pagerank on the next update.


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