YOURSAY 'Najib, despite the reassurance from your sycophants and political insiders of a resounding victory, you still haven't got the courage to announce the date.'

Don't 'jolok' me on GE date, says PM

your sayMoontime: Dear PM, we will always continue to pester you on the election date because despite the reassurance from your sycophants and political insiders of a resounding victory, you still haven't got the courage to announce the date.

Is it because your gut instincts knows that you will be sitting in the opposition bench later this year? Or worse still, not being in the Parliament at all but at the Bamboo River Resort?

You have the dubious distinction of being the most baggage laden PM Malaysia has ever seen. We, the rakyat just cannot wait to cast our votes and choose a better government.

Thisia: PM Najib Razak, you basically have got no guts to face the opposition. That is the only reason why you are not revealing the election date. You want to call for the election when the opposition is least prepared.

Learn from Australia - the ruling government has indicated the election date months before the election. This is so all parties can prepare for it. Well, what do Umno leaders know about being fair? Cheating, swindling, corruption are all in your blood.

Chipmunk: What Najib meant on why he couldn't give the date of GE13 was that he hasn't finished ‘joloking' the rakyat with BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) yet.

Look at Australian PM Julia Gillard, she has the guts to announce that the Australian election will be held on Sept 14, 2013.

Vote BN Out: Gillard said she reflected over the summer and thought it was not right for Australians to be forced into a guessing game about the elections.

Hello Najib, learn from this woman who has just announced the election date for the Australians, way in advance.

Stop Lynas Now: South Korea, Japan and the US had their elections breezed through like a country with a proper political system should. Here we are a third world country with a third world mentality, asking citizens not to ‘jolok'.

Jay Tan: What kind of prime minister do we have, using such low-class words like ‘jolok'. No wonder he is scared to debate with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Anonymous_40f4: A responsible government would never play guessing games with the election date. It puts off investors and creates problems for the rakyat.

The Syabas management has run the water company to the ground, and is now nearly bankrupt because of their incompetence. The federal government keeps pumping in money to keep their crony afloat.

Najib should hand over the water to the state instead.

Appum: What? Another RM120 million to a company that is going bankrupt and yet paying its CEO RM450,000 a month?

Furthermore, this company does not bother maintaining the water supply system, causing about two million people to be without water supply for months.

What we see Umno-BN is doing all the time is CCS (crony concession system) - to sustain, maintain and enrich their cronies. That is their expertise.

Cogito Ergo Sum: In the light of the spiralling mess by the Election Commission, you talk of elections? You have not even addressed this fundamental prerequisite of a democracy and yet you go about like the emperor with no clothes, as if everything is hunky-dory.

This is the height of dereliction of duty from someone at the top. You have lost it, sir. You may win the election, but you have lost the plot... a long time ago.

Sashi: What a cowardly statement. Najib, you are the worst PM ever that Malaysia has witnessed. You have no guts to face the public other than bribing them all the way.

Only in Malaysia can you play this sort of dirty game as you have a complete bunch of corrupt leaders who will dance to your tune.

Apapunboleh: It is the failure of BN that many households have to receive RM500. It is the result of its failed policies to uplift the economic well-being of its citizens. There is nothing to be proud of when its citizens have to beg for dole.

Alfka: BR1M stands for ‘Beri Rasuah 1Malaysia'.

Disgusted: "The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome becomes bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance." - Cicero 55 BC.

In giving out BR1M, Najib and Umno-BN is raising Malaysians to be beggars waiting for handouts month to month till the elections.

What the rakyat don't realise is that he is not giving out the excesses earned by the nation. Our national debt is almost RM500 billion and is rising.

This means the rakyat are the guarantors of the debt. When there is a call by creditors for payment, the rakyat will have to tighten our belts and the ruling government will have to raise taxes and rates. The rakyat should not be elated about all the money thrown to them.

Changeagent: I didn't know that we are "the champion in administering the country and help the people through increased tax collection".

The last time I checked, our federal government debt was standing at RM455.7 billion or 53.8 percent of GDP, perilously close to the statutory borrowing ceiling. Some sort of champion we are if have to rely on more borrowings to fund the BR1M handouts.

Zainal: So BR1M comes from the income tax collected. Therefore it is rakyat's money and not BN's money. Why then hand them to recipients in a BN function?

LJC: Mr PM, are you buying votes with RM500? After 50 years, the one indisputable BN success is keeping the people poor and ignorant. Kudos to you and BN. When will the Malaysian people learn that they are being taken in?

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