Nissan Teana

The Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L

ETCM also unveiled its Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L. 1st of its kind in the D-segment, the Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L is equipped with a new safety feature – the Blind Spot Warning System, gives drivers enhanced situation awareness thus reducing the risk of collision. The Blind Spot Warning System uses two 24GHz radar sensors mounted inside the rear bumper to detect moving objects such as motorbikes, cars, trucks and lorries. Drivers will be alerted via the LED or Buzzer if potential threats enter the alert zone measuring 3 meters long and 3 meters wide.

Bringing its modern luxurious sophistication up a notch, the multiple award-winning Nissan TEANA features all-new black leather interior and sportier exterior styling.

The Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L is enhanced with a new front smoke grille, side sill covers, rear spoiler, front and rear bumper skirts for a sportier look to match the new bold black interior. Nissan TEANA’s artistic interior is given a fresh look and feel with a new wood trim, black 4-spoke leather steering and on-roof console illumination.

The Nissan TEANA has sold more than 8,000 units since its launch. It is currently the 2nd best selling model in the non-national executive luxury sedan market with a 16.3% market share.

The Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L is sure to delight consumers for a safer driving experience with its new safety feature - the Blind Spot Warning System. While also providing the driver with a pleasurable drive, the Updated 2013 Nissan TEANA 2.5L pampers the passengers with a luxurious and comfortable ride which makes it ideal for customers who appreciate work-life balance and a car that complements their lifestyle.

The Updated Nissan TEANA 2.5L is available in five attractive colour variants: Deep Amethyst Grey, Tungsten Silver, Sapphire Black, Chardonnay Gold and Brilliant White with an on-the-road price of RM173,100. In conjunction with the launch, customers will be able to enjoy 0% hire purchase interest rate for 12 months with savings up till RM8,888. This promo starts from now till 31st March 2013, applicable to TEANA only.

Citing the support of the media as a critical factor to Nissan’s success, Dato’ Dr Ang thanked the media during a media appreciation luncheon for their continuous interest in Nissan’s products and Tan Chong’s development all these years, particularly for the launch of Nissan ALMERA last year.

“From the pre-launch stage, to the media preview event and finally, when the Nissan ALMERA hit the road officially, the media has been providing our consumers critical reviews and feedbacks which have encouraged them to enquire and subsequently, order the car. Thank you for making Nissan ALMERA a success story, and well on its way to becoming an icon on the Malaysian road,” he added.


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