Adsense Decoded – Scam Or Breakthrough

Adsense Decoded seems to offer credible methods to turning your Adsense business around - the magical kiss that turns you from an Adsense frog into an Adsense prince.

First of all, of course you cannot help but notice Patrick Hillenbrand’s earnings claims. They jump out of the page at you - $10,852 in the first month - and that without any natural “organic” search engine traffic. Obviously, he has an earnings disclaimer page that basically says that you may or may not get similar results, but the interest is there.

The next thing that hits you between the eyes is the fact that the program is in fact a series of videos, just ten in fact, and each one very short. Now, that is not what you would have expected from a course costing $117! But after further thought, you realize it is not the videos themselves that have the value, it is the information contained in them. If they really do give you an over-the-shoulder, step-by-step explanation of how to boost your Adsense earnings, then they could be worth more than ten times, or even over one hundred times as much.

Let’s have a quick look at what you can expect to learn. (More details are on the Adsense Decoded site here, so I will just give you a run down of the video lessons as an overview.)

Knowledge is Power: Knowledge of Adsense is Projecting Power

Pretty vague title here for the first video in the series, but it is basically reiterating that old adage that the knowledge of and application of the techniques you can learn through Adsense Decoded will have a dramatic effect on our Adsense earnings.

A bit of a weak start, possibly. This is more a kind of introduction than anything else. Let’s get into the meat!

The Most Profitable Ad Formats & Important Account Settings

Now we are getting into the nitty gritty. I would definitely like to know which are the best formats, and if I am doing anything wrong in my Adsense account settings, I definitely will want to plug the holes there. So here you can discover real tangible things you can do to boost your Adsense earnings.

Adsense Tracking That Puts You More in Control and Makes You More Money

I know from my day job that tracking is very important. That is what has helped me figure that only one third of the budget my company was spending on Adwords was getting the results we wanted.

These days there are many great tools to track visitors’ activities on your site, one of the most feature-rich being Google Analytics, which I am using on Adsense-Decoded-Review.com.

By using the free tracking tool Patrick recommends to track your Adsense ads, you can be sure that you are optimizing your unique site to make the most out of your visitors.

Preferred Adsense Ad Positioning Techniques

This video is where the claims of 50% click through rates come to the fore. It’s all about positioning your ads and then how you present them. Techniques he will mention will be things like blending the “look” of your ads into the overall design of the page are common knowledge, but Adsense Decoded shows you techniques that have been tested to destruction by the author to make huge profits. You can’t argue with real experimental results like that.

Adsense Composition Techniques Explode Your Earnings

You get into some real details on this video - fonts, colors, text sizes, borders, headlines. It looks like it could be a pain to get everything set up just right, but take the time and the results will follow.

You should also note that Adsense Decoded specifically mentions that you need to be careful with images in proximity to your Adsense units. There are still people out there promoting this method, even though it has been banned by Google for a while.

6 Powerful Recommendations to Increase Your Adsense Smart Pricing Position

Have you ever heard of “Smart Pricing”. What is it? The Adsense Decoded site even says that this is not something that Google has made any official statement about.

So what is it? Well it seems to be some sort of quality rating for your Adsense site. Crack this part of the Adsense code your Adsense earnings will break through into another level.

Adsense Wake-Up Calls: Most Profitable Ad Targeting & Targeted Content Creation

There is some controversy in this video as Patrick Hillenbrand sets other Adsense techniques in his sights and explains why they have no long-term future. There are so many so-called experts out there, it is good to be able to have the gold sifted for you by an expert.

How and Where to Source Instant and Highly Productive Adsense Traffic

Your site needs traffic. No traffic, and your ads will sit there lonely waiting for their first click. Building organic search engine traffic can take a long time, but remember that Adsense Decoded’s Dr. Patrick Hillenbrand claims that he made over $10,000 in one month without any search traffic at all. So where is he getting his visitors from? This video reveals his sources.

Adsense Plug & Earn Revenue Streams

Video nine is about monetizing your visitors in ways other than Adsense, but at the same time not overwhelming them with the traditional affiliate links. And finally there is this statement: “An easy but brilliant technique that allows you to get paid on every visitor…. guaranteed… up to five times per visitors & approved by Google.” Monetize every visitor? Get something from every visitor, and you can’t lose!.

Monetize Your Adsense Traffic Further

This video is perhaps a bit of a weak finish. Nothing like the concrete techniques promised in the previous ones, but who would turn their noses up at the idea of automating their Adsense income? And living in Japan, the idea of Adsense giving me stacks of airmiles as well is definitely appealing!

Do these videos really give you the inside track on Adsense riches? Follow my progress on the Adsense-Decoded-Review.com blog as I implement these strategies and see where they take me.

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Stephen Munday lives in Japan and is currently starting his own online business testing Adsense Decoded

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