Faster Home Delivery Food Service In Australia

Delivery in as little as 60 minutes. Huge choice of restaurants to choose from.
All cuisines - Indian, Chinese, Italian / Pizza, Thai and more. Track all previous orders and re-order with a single click.

Great Corporate Benefits
Do your staff work back long hours? Are you looking for an easier way to manage after hours meal ordering? Menulog has created the ultimate online corporate meal ordering solution for your business.

How does it work?
Menulog allows employees to place a takeaway order online from hundreds of restaurants and have their meal delivered straight to their desk - without ever having to leave the office!

By linking each individual user to a central ordering account, Menulog can provide a corporate accounting program allowing businesses to monitor spending by all employees and effectively account for all food purchases.

Benefits to the company
Complete control - manage staff access and expenditure.
Reporting function - comprehensive reporting in real-time.
Time saving - eliminates the need for receipt collection and processing of tedious expense forms.
Happy employees - reward staff for working back late, or give them a salary-sacrifice option.

Benefits to the employees
Wide variety of choices - over 400 restaurants to choose from
Ease of use - we offer a simple ordering process, just choose your items and Menulog does the rest.
Saves time - with hundreds of menus in one location Menulog is a great time saving resource.


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