The Highest Pay Keywords For Adsense

Here are the most highest pay keywords Google pays for Adsense Ads. There is no obvious changes on the subjects like insurance and loan consolidation, but the highest pay keyword now is Austin Dwi - So very interesting!

But please note that this is not the amount per click for the advert, instead it is what Google charged to advertisers. So if somebody clicks the advert, you will still get higher percentage pay for it compare to other keywords.

$82.95 austin dwi
$78.28 school loan consolidation
$76.80 college loan consolidation
$75.07 car insurance quotes
$75.03 auto insurance quotes
$71.96 college consolidation
$70.83 massachusetts auto insurance quotes
$70.09 life ins quotes
$69.44 allstate insurance quote
$68.33 california dui lawyers
$67.97 chicago personal injury attorneys
$67.64 seattle dui lawyer
$67.21 sell structured settlement
$66.55 student consolidation
$66.31 term life insurance quote
$65.51 austin dwi attorney
$65.39 auto insurance quote
$65.08 seattle dui attorney
$63.50 student loan consolidation interest rate
$63.14 term insurance quote
$62.63 universal life insurance quote
$61.35 consolidate student loan
$61.35 consolidate loan student
$61.30 san diego dui attorney
$59.97 select quote life insurance


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