Switzerland Ski Holidays

Snow up your Life!

Not only is Switzerland home of beautiful alpine scenery like the Jungfrau region (Grindelwald), the Kantons also define themselves through famous skiing areas like Verbier, cosy ski holiday destinations and the beauty of untouched nature. Families will feel at home here being welcomed with the typical Swiss hospitality.

Wallis and western Switzerland: Impressive setting of the mountain peaks, snow and ice: Here the highest mountains of the Alps are located here – amongst them the king of the mountains – the Matterhorn. The most spacious glaciers of the Alps can be found here too. Snowy forests beneath a blue winter’s sky in contrast to the old wooden buildings.

Berner Oberland: Mountains of distinction – with nearly 4000 metres, spectacular view of the icy high mountain scenery.

Switzerland is well-known for excellent skiing areas with a rich histories. If you enjoy your winter holidays in Switzerland you will find lonely huts, skiing resorts without cars as well as luxurious flair.

Switzerland has 74 mountains towering above 4000 metres, 12 of which are located in the Wallis Alps, amongst them the world famous Matterhorn (4,478 m) with its glamorous skiing village Zermatt. Nearly as well known is the triumvirate of the Eiger (3,970 m), Mönch (4,107 m) and Jungfrau (4,158 m) in the Berner Oberland. Every year the famous Lauberhorn world cup ski race takes place here (Wengen). You can get to the Jungfrauen Joch (3..54 m), the highest train station of Europe, by cog railroad from Grindelwald.

The skiing region Les Portes du Soleil, located south from Lake Geneva, isn’t only a guarantee for skiing enjoyment (union of 12 Swiss districts), but is also, next to „Les Trois Vallées“ in France, the largest skiing region of the world and offers 650 kilometres of piste and 211 lifts.

In 1956 Switzerland achieved eminence at the Winter Olympics in St. Moritz. The famous skiing destination offers glamorous flair, as well as an excellent skiing area.

The Swiss have a great tradition in the production of sweets, confectionaries and chocolate. Inhabitants of the German-speaking part of Switzerland prefer milk chocolate, whereas the French speaking part of Switzerland enjoys dark chocolate most. The traditional shape of chocolate in Switzerland is the bar of chocolate.

The Swiss like a large variation of bread. Even small bakeries normally offer around dozen different kinds. The Italian- and French-speaking Swiss eat a lot of white bread; the German-speaking Swiss tend to go for brown bread. Of course cheese is an important part of the Swiss cuisine. The favourite cheese of the Swiss is the Gruyère from the Waadtländer Alps, closely followed by the Emmentaler with its big holes. The French-speaking Switzerland is home of the Cheese Fondue (Waadtland) and the Raclette (Wallis) which are still very popular in Switzerland.

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