YOURSAY 'Unlike BN, he doesn't need to blackmail the Indians to support Pakatan in GE13 to discontinue the Batu Caves condo project.'

Selangor cancels Batu Caves condo project

your sayMoontime: I applaud the decision by the state government to cancel the condominium project in Batu Caves.

I doubt it very much if the conclusion would be the same had Selangor been under BN. With its sheer arrogance and extreme stupidity plus an unholy alliance with money, power and greed, the project would have gone on.

To those of you who thought BN might still have a chance to retake Selangor, think again.

Fair Play: PM Najib Razak said that BN would cancel the project if the rakyat support BN to recapture Selangor. Dear MB Khalid Ibrahim, you just delivered the knock-out punch.

Apache: Great job, Tan Sri Khalid, unlike BN you don't need to blackmail the Indians to support Pakatan Rakyat in GE13 to discontinue the project.

Please keep up the good work you have done for Selangor and Selangorians.

Anonymous #92553906: From a shaky start, Khalid has emerged as a mature and outstanding leader. We are proud of you.

You took the time and went through the proper process in making your decisions. One is on water concessionaire Syabas and other is this Batu Caves condo. I pray to Lord Muruga to bless you and Pakatan with success in the coming elections.

Mahashitla: Syabas MB Khalid and Pakatan, you are the true representatives of the rakyat - honest and hardworking, and taking the rakyat's interests seriously.

Now we don't need a BN victory to undo an environmentally unfriendly BN-approved project. Pakatan has proven that they can do a better and honest job than the corrupt BN. It deserves our support for another term.

Cala: What is the lesson learned from Dolomite's Batu Caves condominium project? To me, this kind of fiasco can repeat itself many times if the local authority is not sensitive towards the societal needs of local residents.

But how can they be if they are not elected by the people? Thus, if the alternative coalition were to run the federal government, they should consider reviving local elections, as was done before in the pre-1970s.

Abuminable: Thank you Khalid. You are the first Selangor MB the rakyat truly admire and respect, especially for the impressive balancing act you have managed between the old corrupt ways and the new concept of what accountable and democratic governance ought to be. I, for one, am very proud of your accomplishments, sir.

Alfa: Khalid has shown many a times how final decisions were made after getting and intelligently analysing the facts.

John Goh TC: Batu Caves is a world treasure. Pakatan should submit the application to United Nations to make it a world heritage.

Dolomite: We were not given chance to have our say

Disgusted: Dolomite, it was BN and MIC which raised the issue of the project - even though they were the ones who had approved it and given all the necessary permits for it, they turned the tables and put the blame squarely on the state Pakatan government.

PM Najib Razak in desperation even went on to say if the Indians support BN and they win back Selangor, he would cancel the project.

Therefore you are barking up the wrong tree. Go and take it up with your masters to whom you owe patronage for the project.

Opah: Condominium developer Dolomite has been vague all along about how this project was approved by Umno-MIC-MCA in the first place. So it has no grounds to act all innocent now.

Swipenter: Dolomite and its managing director Lew Choong Keong got played out by Umno, MIC and the Batu Caves temple committee. They made you a scapegoat in order to cast aspersions on the Selangor government, despite you looking after them all these years.

Ask yourself this simple question: Who stirred the hornet's nest?

It was unfortunate for you that GE12 did not favour Umno-BN, otherwise your project would be finished come GE13 and life would go on as usual in Batu Caves temple without a whisper about the project threatening the latter.

Jean Pierre: Cancelling approvals or permits given by previous government is not a good thing unless it had been obtained fraudulently or with criminal intent.

The present state government should have entertained the developer's plea for a dialogue. There has to be safeguards against arbitrary decisions. The developer has every right to take them to court.

Apache: Lew, what is there to say when Najib has also promised to scrap the project if BN takes over Selangor?

Both Pakatan and BN are of the same view that this project is to be cancelled. Thus, you should go after the previous BN councillors for taking you and your company for a ride.

AnakPuyu: If Lew thinks that he has been victmised by the Selangor government, then sue them (I would advise you to get the help of your masters, BN and MIC).

But in this case, Khalid has checkmated Najib, and Lew has been royally played out by BN and MIC.

Cala: Lew, perhaps you are a decent housing developer by Malaysian standards. If you have been unfairly treated by the Selangor government, I believe you can file an appeal against revocation of the development approval. Alternatively, you can seek redress in court.

Judging from past practices, the public have reasons not to trust housing developers, especially the super big ones. See how they run away from their responsibility of providing low-cost housing for the poor?

KSD: Lew, take this matter up with your cronies from BN. They raised this matter, not Pakatan. I am sure they are feeling pretty stupid over the whole fiasco.

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