Traffic Exchanges Don't Work?

There was a fuss about a month after joining a traffic exchange, a very big percentage of users come out with the phrase "Traffic Exchanges Don't Work".

According to people like Steve Ayling, it is not the exchanges fault and it’s not even the fault of the member. Most people are turned on to traffic exchanges by an up line member or the administration of some site or program that is going around the internet. When they are introduced to them though, people are told all you have to do is put your affiliate link in and start clicking and you will be rich in a matter of days.

This is a big mistake, actually it is more than that, it is a tragedy. It’s a tragedy, because that person is not going to get the results from traffic exchanges that were promised and will soon move on from them.

They will say traffic exchanges don’t work, that they make huge promises that they can’t keep, when in reality it was an outside program that made those promises. There is hope though, if you avoid making the above mistake you could join the thousands that answer Yes when ever they are asked if TE’s work.

There is a growing group of people that use traffic exchanges exclusively to build their business including William Brant. He also tired of others saying that the exchanges don’t work. He has broken down the most common mistakes that people make, mistakes that are keeping them from being successful, and written a report on how to identify and avoid them. Well, it's because he is selling the e-book for that part.

What are those mistakes, then? If the program has laid out all the techniques but still it does not work, well off course, it's not our mistake. Or maybe we are not so clever, we wrongly followed the steps required.

For me, the exchange will work but it will take longer time, unless you are a computer gick using all Black Hat SEO Techniques, then it will work successfully for your site.


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~Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear