Essential Tips For Winter Vacation

For winter, you need serious moisture. For face, hands, lips and all. You can bring a travel set but if you really are short of space and do not have an acne problem, bring with you a small jar of vaseline instead. You can apply on lips to prevent chapping. Use it on hands and feet to prevent chapping too. Apply a small amount all over your body right after patting yourself dry after a shower to lock in the moisture. If your skin can take it, apply a little all over your face to keep your face from drying. Bring along a lipstick in a rose or coral or peach that flatters you and use that as a cream blush (apply with finger tips) as well as a lipstick. Note: this is only for people who do not break out easily. Avoid using lipstick on cheeks if you are prone to pimples or have oily skin.

Let's start with your skincare and makeup.

Essential 1: Vaseline

Vaseline, Intensive Care, Cocoa Butter, 24.5 oz Bottle (Pack of 3)

Essential 2: A lipstick in a natural shade

Dr.Hauschka Lipsticks

Essential 3: thermal underwear/pants
What to wear? On any winter holiday, regardless of what you wear on the outside, you need thermal underwear or pants to lock in your body heat. Get at least 3 sets and some detergent (in a bottle with screw on cap to avoid leakage) to wash them between each wear. Or if you have no time for laundery, then bring a set for each day of your trip.

Tailored Thermal Pants

Essential 4: Your favourite jeans
Bring at least 2 pairs of jeans. One to wear, the other in the wash. Or your favourite bottom made of denim, wool or a thick, warm material. If you intend to engage in winter sports, get the necessary pants for your sport.

Lee Women Natural Fit Bootcut Jean - Black 305-8308

Essential 5: A jersey dress
For times you want to dress like a girl, nothing beats a jersey dress. Get warm that is warm and wear tights with your dress to keep your legs from freezing out.

American Apparel Women's Fine Jersey Sleeveless T-Shirt Dress

Essential 6: A warm jacket with a touch of fur.
Faux fur or the real thing, You decide. That fur jacket adds a luxurious element to your look. It might get you past that snooty bouncer so your holiday wouldn't be spoiled because of dress coat rules.

Women's Lamb Shearling Vest with Toscana Fur Trim

Essential 7:A pair of thick heeled boots.
You might be warm from head to you ankles but if your feet aren't protected by thick soles from the snow or ice beneath, the cold could make you miserable.

Sorel Women's Tootega Boot

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