Swiss Chocolate & Watches

The Swiss is famous for their chocolate but the overseas sales of chocolate is overshadowed by exports of Swiss-made watches. The annual sales of chocolate in 2005 is 1.526 million Swiss francs while Swiss watches export value in 2005 is 12.3 billion Swiss francs. The top five markets in value for swiss-made watches are the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy and France.

High Spirits Swiss Truffles

Another vital link between Swiss-made chocolates and watches is both are qualified with quality as being "Swiss-made". The term 'Swiss chocolate' label means that the mixture in the chocolate comprising cocoa beans, cocoa mixture, sugar and milk must be produced in Switzerland. Any partial processing such as packaging must be stated explicitly based on regular requirement of the clarity principle.

Every Swiss-made watch has a text printed on its dial. Such a labelling can only be used if Swiss-made components accounted for at least 50% of the total value without the cost of assembly factored in. The watch movement must also be assembled and inspected in Switzerland. Such requirement will ensure that some form of product 'guarantee' in terms of quality is assured. The trend now is for watches to look like 'chocolate', in the form of chocolate-colored dials.

Swiss-Made Watches

Kenneth Cole Men's Watch

Description: Add the perfect accent to your urban casual look with this sleek multi-function watch from Kenneth Cole's Reaction line. The rectangular steel case and bezel showcase a handsome brown dial with luminous baton hands, an Arabic numeral 12, and slender stick indicators. The chocolate dial also features a seconds hand and three subdials for day, date, and 24-hour time. The watch presents on a brown oily leather strap with a smooth tan interior and a steel buckle closure. It is water resistant and offers reliable quartz movement.

121TIME Watch-Grand Central Chronography

Description: Every 121Time watch is hand-assembled by certified watchmakers, and follows the Swiss quality standards. The Zenturio is a stylish watch with a classic design, crytal mineral material and chocolate dial. Ideal for those who expect comfort and aesthetic! A tribute to watchmaking traditions.


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Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
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