Make Money Online With Pro-Adsense Tips

Another big tip just for you.....

A lot of us who are into adsense business know that to increase adsense earning potential, we got to increase that clickthrough rate. This is true when you have limited traffic going to your site. So it's crucial to get the most out of the available traffic that you are having.

But just how many of you have come across articles or websites teaching you about increasing your adsense clickthrough rate, talking about the same thing?

A lot right?

They tell you about blending your ads into the background, using text ads rather than image ads, reducing other advertisement distraction, upper fold ads placement and blah...blah...blah.

While these tactics are not wrong and in fact might help you to increase the adsense earnings in the long run, but nonetheless, there is another method that can be implemented which will work like gangbuster.

Once done correctly, you will typically notice a much higher clickthrough rate than the rest of the tactics you may have used.

This method simply requires you to deploy videos into your web pages.

And yes, you would employ the use of videos alongside your adsense pages!

In this method, what you need to do is to source out good relevant content videos from either youtube.com or video.google.com.

Getting the videos onto your web pages is just the matter of copy and paste the object codes onto your html source.

For instance, if you were to source out video content from youtube, you can highlight and copy the embedding codes from the 'embed' column on the top right corner.

Then you would paste the codes onto your web pages and voila you'll instantly have great content along side with multimedia rich videos.

But the real secret doesn't just stop here. You have to make the right placement for better clickthrough rate.

I would suggest that you modify the video border width and height from the codes to match with a 250X250 adsense ads which are place side by side with the video.

Using the example above, you can see not only you can provide the page with good content about the subject, but also the corresponding video on top of the page. Then the adsense ads which are residing next to the video are shown which aptly complement the whole subject.

This video usage was known to have increased the clickthrough rate as much as 100%.

Try it yourself and always remember to test the placement on your websites. You can always test by modifying the width and the height of the videos to match against different format of adsense ads, as well as blending with different kinds of colors.


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