My Blog - 1st Ranking In Google?

I can’t believe it! I just checked Google today, and it’s really shocking! Just yesterday, my blog was located at page 12 at Google under the search ‘pro adsense’, but today it is at number 1, out of 1,8xx,xxx. It used to be problogger and other pro-seo or proadsense websites at the first 10 pages.

But now finally it’s me! I made it to the top at Google…..Wow!

Unfortunately, my blog is no where to be seen under the search ‘Adsense’ in Google, it’s really tough to achieve the top 10 pages under that particular search. There are about 39,xxx,xxx results came up……

Any word related to adsense is tough, because almost everybody is writing about Adsense in their sites i.e adsense work, make money from adsense, adsense pro, adsense sucks and even pro adsense.

But I don’t give up and never will. I will chase my dream until one of my blogs be at the 1st page either in Google or Yahoo under the search ‘Adsense’. Off course to be number 1, I don’t dream at all….. just to be able to get among the highest ranking position in search engines is already a big achievement for me….without paying a cent!

To all beginner bloggers, don’t give up to make your blogs visible to the world….Oh yes, I just started blogging from 21st Jan 2007. So it’s really a fast achievement for me.

I have followed all advise from top bloggers and they didn’t fail me. Go search in Google for 'pro adsense' now, see it for real.

Remember, always ping your site with Technorati.

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