What Is Red Spam?

I have come across many statements made in the comments of certain articles which they claimed as red spam. So I tried to search what does it mean in the entire websites but I cannot find a clue. Everybody knows what SPAM is, but have you heard about red spam?

Then I found one site, which is actually an email from someone to someone in Australia. The subject is Definitions of SPAM.

Here is the content....

White Spam (common definition) messages that look like created by computer programs. The receiver has the feeling he is not dealing with a human. Cold communication, but communication.

Pink Spam (common definition) spam that uses a human output. Spam that gives the receiver a feeling a real human is communicating something personally. In the end the writer (=sender) always wants something=money).

Red Spam (common definition) messages that plead for a cause, mostly send out by activists.

Brown Spam (common definition) Simple messages that target in most cases human shortcommings, how to loose weight, viagra, penis or breast enlargement, etc.

Black Spam (common definition) Spam that doesn't communicate, a good example is chinese messages send to people from countries that use different characters.

It made me laugh after I read it, I have no idea that there are so many colors in spam. What I really want to know is..Are these spams illegal? Can it be practiced in internet?

Comments? Anyone?

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