Zi Wei Dou Shu - Another Branch of Bazi

Another branch of Bazi is called Zi Wei Dou Shu (Izi Wei). It is the study of 14 main energies in our life scattered among 12 Palaces which have a tremendous effect on us.

Zi Wei Dou Shu described the main energies in our destiny, our 2nd World (Life after age 30), our public relation, our luck, our finance and our job etc. It is a complete and accurate Natal Analysis based on our date of birth and particularly the time of birth.

There are 12 aspects in our life that make us who we are. These 12 aspect (also called Palaces) are very important for us to recognize the decade, the year, the month even the day that effect our lives.

The 12 palaces of our lives consist of

1. Destiny
2. Brothers/Siblings
3. Union/Spouse
4. Children
5. Finance
6. Health
7. Others/Public Relation/Travel
8. Friends
9. Vocation/Career
10. Real Estate/Inheritance
11. Luck/Karma
12. Parents

These palaces are sacred to us. Once we know the detail of these palaces, all the questions in our life will be answered and will become clearer.

But in order to understand how good or bad the energies affecting us, we need to know how is our luck from the luck pillar (Bazi). If we are lucky, all the good energies inside the decade will give us the good result and if we are not lucky, all those bad energies will come into the surface and make our life miserable.

Our destiny is the most vital part of our life which is also called Ming Gong. It tells perfectly WHO WE ARE. The second important part is the 2nd World or Shen Gong. Energies from the 2nd world will add to our destiny or take over from our original destiny after age 30.

While other palaces describe energies of our siblings, spouse, parents, friends or colleagues that we have. We can also find out the source of our money, our career and the size of our property. Not to forget the type illness affecting our body.

For example, the year 2007 is the year of Pig. If your Finance Palace is located in the PIG BOX, meaning that the year 2007 will have an effect on you in terms of MONEY. And if it happens to be in your decade cycle (i.e age 30-40) then this decade will affect you in terms of money.

Studying Izi Wei is the most challenging for me and also the most satisfying. I know things about the person which they themselves do not know. I know their secret, their weaknesses, their skills, their source of wealth, their illness, their most unlucky situation, their lucky people, their unlucky people, their inheritance and even their cause of death. It's scary but at the same time exciting. It is a good shield to protect ourself and also a good weapon to attack our enemy or to take revenge. That is why many Chinese or Indian Tycoons do not want to reveal their date of birth because if their enemies find out what are their weaknesses, they can launch an attack on them or sabotage them. Your date of birth is the key to find the secret of your life.

Do you want other people to know your secret that you yourself do not know?

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